Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Pie Pie Pie !

On a hot summer day I was craving for some pie. Exactly 314 seconds later (3.14=π so 314=100π), a hundred pies fell out of the sky onto my head. Not to mention the fact that I wasn't able to eat any of'em , but it was an event bizarre as hell.

Actor Coincidence (part2)

Following the Art Hindle coincidence previously alluded to, having looked up The National Tree with Andrew McCarthy, the search results showed that Andrew had also appeared in another film called 'The Christmas Tree' which was had a similar type of story to the film I had looked up. I did not think too much about it until I got home today to find that very film on the tv. It's not even Christmas!

Summoned up storm!

Myself and husband, 18 month old son and brother in law went to Rudyard lake for the day because it was a beautiful Summer's day. We were out on the boating lake laughing and joking when I remarked how amazing it would be f it were to suddenly get stormy and we were to be stuck on the lake. Almost imediately a storm got up and we had to row to the edge and hang on while the man who owned the boating lake came out to rescue us. It was very amusing to us, but it made me think.

Honeymoon reunion

In 2008, Adrienne was a student at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas and went to Florence, Italy for a 6 week study abroad program. Kathryn, a student at George Washington University, enrolled in the same course and they were room mates during the six week stay in Florence. Adrienne was born and raised in Northwest Kansas. Jill, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After the six week study abroad program ended, neither girl contacted each other.

Actor coincidence

Shortly following the Paul le Mat/Fool coincidence, I happened to be watching The Invaders starring Roy Thinnes. I had made a special effort to catch this on tv as my partner was off work and had not known of the series or of Roy and I had urged her to take note of the classic series and of who he was. During the ad break, we happened to be talking about 'The National Tree' starring Andrew McCarthy, and I was checking online who played his father in the movie, thinking it was Art Hindle. Later, that afternoon,I had swapped channels to see 'Satan's school for Girls'.

Wet Feet

Last month I purchased two gallons of tea. As I walked to my car, one slipped from hand and I dropped it. The plastic gallon container busted and tea went all over my feet. Twenty minutes later, I opened the refrigerator at home and a wine bottle fell and shattered. Once again, my feet were wet. Three hours pass. My husband places a beer on the hood of his truck. It slides down onto the garage floor. For the third time that day, my feet were wet.

Freaky Friday

Last Friday, I went to lunch with two co-workers at a Chinese restaurant. While we were reading our fortune cookies, the lights flickered. We all laughed and mentioned the movie, Freaky Friday. Seven hours later, I checked into a hotel, which only had thirty-eight channels. Freaky Friday was the movie playing on the movie channel.

The Fool

I happened to be watching BEYOND BELIEF on tv showing a sequence about a man who was supposed to be a werewolf. The actor playing the man I thought I recognised as Paul le Mat. I checked online and under the images it also showed a curious figure with 'le Mat' underneath it,which was apparently the tarot card 'fool'. No coincidence there. But the previous night I had been stood upon a local hill contemplating my personal circumstances and the words of a song my dad used to sing to me when I was a boy came into my head: 'The fool on the hill'

Moving to Santa Fe

At age 19 I began a road trip that lasted 19 years. The first 19 years of my life I lived on the east coast of the US, on Cape Cod. This "road trip" kept me in the US west for 19 years. I like to say my friends went to college & I went to the school of life. As I traveled back "home" to live, as a 38 year old, I was awed by the perfect balance of 19 years in the east & 19 years west, coming full circle, with endless "coincidences" in the middle. When I departed Cape Cod I had a BF named Johannah.

Same address

I process event bookings and have just dealt with one that has exactly the same first line in the address as my own