Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

same names

I'm not sure where to start so ill start with the Daniels, when I was 16 every boy I met, dated or went out with was called daniel, after 7 Daniels I met as follows:- 3 Ben's 2 Tony's 2 Jamie's 3 Ian's 4 David's I had two best friends called carly And currently at the moment I'm meeting Paul's and so far I have met 5 pauls. Also most men in my family have John as their middle name, including my son.


Read this word in a story for the first time yesterday and then today heard it several more times in a movie I was watching today.

Fourth foreign student killed in Brisbane in five months

This is a 'coincidence' in the news. Whilst undoubtedly a tragedy for the families and friends of the individuals involved, I'm appalled at the way the Australian media (including the ABC) are 'linking' the four separate murders of foreign students in Brisbane over a five month period. Especially since as far as I can tell the three previous murderers have been apprehended (or at least charges laid against three separate suspects). I was reminded of the analysis in The Norm Chronicles.

Same name

Ok when I was younger every man I met in a romantic sense was called dan or Daniel, after a lot of heart ache I decided I'd never date a dan again, after that every man I met was called Steve! After yet more heart ache I decided no more Steves and now currently I only meet men called Paul! This drives me insane, I have No idea why it happens but I can pretty much tell you know if I decide no more Paul's ill meet men all with a new name which will be the same until I decide no more. I find it really baffling.

Occurrences at inopportune moments

Driving down a little travelled country road, I see a runner is on the side of the road to my right. I go to swerve a little into the oncoming lane, to draw a little away from the runner, but just then another car is approaching in the opposite direction and I have to instead slow down as we meet three abreast, the runner, the other car and me. Then after passing the runner there isn't another car in sight and the road is once again empty of traffic.

Land and Sea around St Kilda

Back in the late 1960's I was in the British Army and was posted to the Royal Artillery rocket range in the Outer Hebrides. As a part of our duties we were expected to serve on Hirta, the major island in the St Kilda Archipelago, which is about 40 miles west of the Outer Hebrides. After a six-week stint on Hirta, I returned to Benbecula (the outer Hebridean island where the army camp was) and then immediately went on leave to my parent's home in Southampton.

An Eye for an Eye

Dear Professor, Hello. -I was fishing off Ardmore, on the coast of Ireland around 1976 with my Australian cousin. The seals had chased the mackerel in so instead of casting our rods and just waiting, as we'd normally do, we cast the rods and immediately reeled them (the rods) in; called strawk hauling (sp?), knowing that the German sprat ('a metal bait that swivels and glimmers when drawn through water') would affix itself to something, given the high number of fish who were just jumping out of the water. Sure enough it did, catching the eye of a mackerel.

4 same digits

I discovered that 2 of my friends use the same 4 digit number but in different sequence. Julia: 7211 Kasia: 2117 Alex: 7121 We are all from different countries and are close friends. What are the odds that we would all pick the same 4 digits? Thank you,

The Piano Man - Part 2

So to sum up the coincidence - I flew half way around the world and ran into a complete stranger playing a piano in a hotel lobby - who's daughter, as it turned out, had been working only ~ 3(vertical) meters away from me in an office building (half way around the world) for the past several years. I don't know what the odds of this coincidence might be ... but would think that it might be greater than winning the National Lottery.

The Piano Man

I was on a business trip in Mumbai, India and staying at a hotel. In the downstairs of the hotel was a large dining area and adjacent lobby. As I entered the area around dinner time, I heard and the saw a gentleman playing a piano. Eventually we started chatting and he asked me where I was from. I told him that I was Canadian and lived in Toronto. He said that he also spent time in Toronto and that his family was residing there presently. He asked me when I was returning back home and so I told him.