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Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Why? By recording your coincidence stories here, you can help him build a picture of what kinds of coincidences are out there and which ones seem to ‘get to’ us the most. Your coincidence stories can also help him explore the scientific explanations which may account for them – whether by doing the maths to calculate the chances of a coincidence, or speculating on the weird and wonderful workings of our brains.

Coincidences tend to be ‘surprising matches’ – sometimes they are lucky, sometimes unlucky, sometimes just mind-boggling. To help you recall the coincidences that have happened in your life, here’s a list of some common types of coincidence:

  • Surprising repetitions: for instance when you’ve had not contact with someone for ages, then find two connections to them very close together in time. Or when over several years multiple members of the same family are born with the same birthday. Or even a repetition of a really rare event – like winning the lottery twice, or your life being saved twice by the same person!
  • Simultaneous events: for example when two people phone each other at exactly the same time.
  • Parallel lives: such as when two people in a small group find they share a birthday or an unusual name, or when two people discover their lives match each other in bizarre details.
  • Uncanny patterns: imagine picking letters in Scrabble that spell your name.
  • Unlikely chains of events: perhaps you lost your false teeth overboard and found them inside a fish you caught twenty years later?

If anything coincidental has happened to you - anything that made you stop and say "well, what were the chances of that..?" - then please record your story in the form below! Please try to keep your story personal - about you or someone you know. The only thing we'd ask you to steer clear of are premonitions or déjà vu, purely because - whilst fascinating - they're quite common and also difficult to analyse.

You could also tell us about coincidences in the news, but please provide a link to a reliable source!

Title: two or three words that give a simple description of your story, eg ‘old friend’ or ‘birthday coincidence’
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Werewolves and silver

I was sitting on a late bus home during the winter months, and it was already dark and I was half asleep. I realised it was a full moon that night, and my sleepy mind wandered to werewolves. I opened my eyes, and the first thing I saw was a truck going the other way with the words "Silver Bullet" emblazoned on the front of the cabin.

Numbers & Names

In November 2013 I bought a bungalow in Eastbourne, it is number 145 in the road, the price was £145k, when I called the selling agent for an appointment to view it prior to buying I was given 1.45pm. In January 2014 I met a lady in Manila and expect to marry her in January 2015. She owns a house there, number of house in the avenue is 145. Initials to her name are LRM. My initials are LRM.

My Ex

My partner and I broke up and it was final. I left the state for a month to regroup. When I came back I started meeting him on the road everyday and usually multiple times a day. It didn't matter the time of day. No matter when I left my house, morning, noon, or night we met on the road. This went on for10 months. It was almost creepy. It has slowed down now to once or twice a week. I don't know what it all means or meant???.

Dr. Graham Hussey

My father was an acting sergeant during World War 1 in the RAMC number 1143 A quarter of a century later at the outbreak of World II, as a civilian he was given a National Identity number EKPA 1143

Fancy Meeting You Here!

I published an article about coincidences at a few years ago. Hope this is of interest. I enjoyed the article about coincidences in the recent FOCUS magazine!


Stoupa Coincidences For some years we have been holidaying in Stoupa, a small village in the Mani, Peloponnese. Our favourite cafe/bar, Patriko, is run by Christina (same name as me), who is also the organiser of the local volunteer Fire and Rescue Service. Last year she introduced us to an English volunteer, who invited us to the fire station, which is in the next village. In the store-room were some helmets which, we were told, were a donation from the Notts (where we live) Fire Service. Why? Because another volunteer came from there.

Old colleague in small tour group

On a recent holiday in Florence my wife and I booked a visit to the Vasari Corridor, which is a narrow passageway built between the Uffizi (north of the river Arno) and the Pitti Palace (south of the river). Because it is so narrow they only groups of a dozen visitors at a time. In our group, by chance, was a former colleague with whom I had worked 17 years ago and with whom I had had no other contact.

Cousins with the same Birthday

My husband has four cousins. The first child of one of the cousins was born on 30th March. Nine years later, my daughter was born on 30th March. One year later, another of his cousins had a child on 30th March. That's 2/8 cousins with the same birthday and they share it with their second cousin!

Same Name and numbers in our birthdates with my partner

I started to date and my partner was born on 5/3 and I am born 3/5. And we both share the same Name, I have a short "nickname", Alec but my real name is Alejandro, and her name is Alexandra (the same in english) and she has a nick name: Ale.

"I am that which throws sand in your eye."

This happened 35 years ago at work: a strange thought occurred into my mind early in the morning: "I am that which throws sand in your eye." Spontaneous thought such as this was a new thing to me, I noticed it, was curious then amused. A co-worker came over and during the conversation he mentioned having been in a war zone during a sand storm during WW2. Wind was so powerful that he still had some sand particles embedded in his body( his thigh and buttocks) that occasionally bothered him. I had not mentioned my thought but his story formed no association with it.