Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Death Coincidence

Four years ago my husbands uncle died on December 25th (Christmas day) the following year his cousin died in a horrible accident a week before Thanksgiving, the following year another ancle past on Christmas day and this year (2014) his maternal grandmother follow her two sons right just on Christmas. It is very sad for all of his family.

Birthday and names are the same

My husband and I are both born on 24th August 1981, a minute apart. His mother and my mother share the same name. Their mothers also share the same name. We met in highschool and were instantly drawn to each other and became best friends, but never romantically involved. After school we parted ways, went into other relationships but always thought of each other. We met up 4 years after school and instantly fell in love, left our currently relationships for each other and got married 6 months later.

3 numbers in a row

My father died young. A few years later my mother decided to move to the city and put her name down for a house being built in a new estate. More than a decade later, my youngest sister got married and moved out into her own house a few blocks away. Some years later, my mother, who by now had had plenty of free time to think about life's twists and turns, said to me: Isn't it remarkable? your father died on August 17; the house I moved into was at 18 Halldene Drive; and your sister's house is 19 Halldene Gardens!

George Boole lived at the same address

In 1968, In the first term of my MSc year ( I was studying Mathematics and Statistics) I rented a flat at 5 Grenville Place in Cork, Ireland. A few years later, a classmate of mine showed me the book 'An Investigation of the Laws of Thought, on Which are Founded The Mathematical Theories of Logic and Probabilities.' It was written by George Boole, the first professor of Mathematics at Queen's College Cork (now UCC).


I met a guy who is 4 years younger than me. We are officemates actually. We became closed to each other and at times when were together there is this weird feeling that I am looking on a mirror that I can see my self like my whole personality to him. After 2 months of being very close we discovered many things that are really bizzare about our lives. Like our partners both studied on the same school of the same course. That our anniversaries is June 28.

Wonder why

My husband died two years ago while I was pregnant with our daughter and since then have met nice guys. One in particular and I'm not sure it's my mind playing tricks or if the coincidence actually means something. So my husband went into the hospital October 30 and this new friend/guys birthday is October 30, I met my husband 8 mos after my brother died and I met this individual 8mos after my husbands death.

crazy ball

My son (age 3 at the time) kept tossing a bouncy ball at me. After a few times I tossed the ball into the kitchen. It bounced off a few things and landed right in my lap where my son had tossed it each time before.

Same dates

My son was born at home on February 9 in 1969. The midwife who brought him into the world was born on February 9 also, as was the maternity help who arrived the next day. </p> <p>My mother died exactly 100 years after my father was born, on December 19, 2002, which was also the day her own grandfather died in 1930.

Meeting a girl in the same town with the same birthday and year

I met a girl out in town who shared my birthday down to the year, we were both born on the 30th January 1973 and would make us both 41 now, i find this extremely bizarre as we got chatting and there was an instant attraction there and we have remained in contact and we still talk about it even curious as to what the odds of this would be.

Same job, same London flat

At work there were just two other people with the same job title as me in a large organisation. Talking to one of them, who was at least 10 years younger than me, about areas of London we'd lived in, we found out that we'd lived in exactly the same flat about 10 years apart. It wasn't close to the place of work and each of us had moved in only because we had known someone else living there (not a mutual acquaintance).