Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Musical match

While listening to the radio in the kitchen, I knocked over a drinking glass and it smashed on the floor. While I was sweeping up the pieces, the radio started playing 'Walking on Broken Glass' by Annie Lennox. I posted this on Facebook and a friend replied that she'd had a frying pan catch alight in her kitchen just as 'We Didn't Start the Fire' by Billy Joel struck up!

Art Imitating Life Imitating Art?

My parents named me Belle, an exceedingly uncommon name in the modern U.S. They were scientists and I grew up loving to read and feeling disconnected with most of my peers.

Chance Meeting in Marrakech

I am a geologist and I love to travel, so I often visit exotic locales for both work and pleasure. I have often fantasized about encountering someone I know on a trip like this, and then it actually happened! This past April I had the opportunity to visit Morocco as a teaching assistant for a field class. As our group was assembling after arriving in the Marrakech airport, a young woman walking by said "Hey! Were you in Dabney House?" I happened to be wearing a sweatshirt with the insignia of my (small) university residency house.

Small world

2003 - I was visiting "Jumping Cat Monastery" in the middle of Inle Lake, Myanmar, chatting with my traveling companion Luis and looking over the floating gardens. An older French guy left his group and came over to talk to us - asked if we were from Spain (we were speaking Spanish). Luis said yes, I said no, I was from the US. Where? Seattle. 'Ah, I know someone in Seattle!' he exclaimed. A close family friend in Lyon had a daughter who had emigrated to the US 20 years previously; he knew her well, and had visited her in Seattle several years before.

Not a chance its chance #4

A few minutes ago I was writing an email in which I mentioned my father died when he was 41 years old, of malaria which he'd contracted when he was stationed in Guam. It weakened his heart and heart surgery was not as easy to treat as it is now. I turned the tv on, to the noon news, just when Bill Gates was on the screen announcing, he was funding a drive to eliminate malaria. In the past few days, this kind of link up has happened several times.

Sitting next to somebody on a train

When I was a student in Cardiff I got the train back to my parents home in Hertfordshire. This required an intercity train to Paddington, then the tube to Liverpool Street to connect with the train to Bishop's Stortford. The train stopped at Bristol and a man in a formal work suit and briefcase boarded the train and sat in the seat opposite me. We exchanged hellos but nothing more and I returned to my book. We both got off the train at Paddington and drifted off into the busy Paddington station.

Birthday coincidences

I joined a small committee of 12 members of a local National Trust Centre and when we were arranging events in December, we discovered that three members of that committee (including me) all had birthdays on 8 December. I also have a twin sister so that made 4 people born on the same date. Other coincidences are: I went on a coach holiday to Austria and one of the group heard my NZ accent and said she had a cousin who lived in New Zealand and worked in sports broadcasting in Wellington.

One Too Many?

Whilst trying to cope with a co -writer's obsession*with coincidences l have suddenly been prey to a raft of the things - in variety and scale<br /> and not only are they (of course) pertinent but they seem to be revitalising me<br /> and I am nearly expecting them.<br /> So you will want at least one example:<br /> l work as a published author at home and move from task to task and very often just when `<br /> l get going on a new task the phone rings or a visitor arrives.<br /> One more: just as l was starting the task of writing this response m

Face Coincidences

Ever since I was younger I feel like I have a "type" of vision. The event is that someone would walk past me or I see someone in the distance that has the same features of someone I know, but ends of being someone else; and seconds later I see the person who I thought is was. This event has happened tons of times to me. Any thoughts?

suddently miss a friend or my parents

When suddenly I miss a friend or my parents due to long time no see, at the time of my hesitating to call to a friend or my parents, I will receive a phone call or a letter. It is amazing and coincident. I don't know why and can't get a answer.