Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

All the women in my life...

My mother, my ex-wife and my wife all share a birthday - May 30 (different years of course). How spooky is that?

Mother Mary Tatoo

I am 53 years old & recently got Two Tattoos' . Maria ( After my wife ) & Mia ( After my Grand Daughter ). I am a great believer in the Mother Mary and have been researching images of her , for my next and final tattoo. I eventually found the image that i wanted and decided to ask friends that have had Tattoos , to recommend me a very good Tattoo artist . Three artists were recommend to me and i was considering visiting them in due course .

A song for Caroline

My sister Caroline died a week ago. Since then I have been in daily contact with the husband who survives her, Digby. Yesterday he sent me an email explaining that he had found a piece of music that he intended to play at Caroline's funeral, and the story behind the choice. The music is the background to an advertisement for a building society, which he said had played regularly in recent weeks, and how it had grown to have a special meaning for the pair of them, while he was visiting her in hospital.

3 Generations of women die.

3 Generations of women in one family die on November 29...but different years. My great grandmother, my grandmother and my mother. All died on November 29. All had health issues to some degree...all involving the heart and kidneys.

New housemate (chosen at random) is twin sister of my ex's new girlfriend

I live in London and recently moved out of my houseshare. We advertised my room on and got a number of applicants. We chose someone to move in, who we didn't know and didn't have much information about beyond her profile. While helping her unpack, and chatting, we realised we had both previously lived in a different major city in the UK. In the same area. Then we found out we knew some of the same people. And then we found out that her twin sister is now going out with my ex.


My husband, my mom, and my cousin on my dad's side share athe same birthday, January 2. My son and I were born on the same date too March 28. I am the only female in the U.S with my name.

Race Finishing Coincidence

In September 2011 I took part in my second Great North Run with around 50,000 other runners. As I crossed the finish line a fellow runner (who I had not seen before) and I shared a friendly look of exhaustion. He exclaimed that he had managed to get under 2 hours for the first time and showed me his watch. We congratulated each other on the run and went on our own separate ways.<br /> In June 2012, nearly a year later, I took part in the Blaydon Race in which over 3500 runners took part. As I crossed the line the runner next to me showed me his watch with his time...

Childhood neighbor

I was on FB and a old friend from HS (class of 96) sent me a friends request. I accepted his request and noticed he was married to a woman that happened to be my neighbor back in (1984-1988). Being curious i started looking through her FB page and seen her dad, mother, sister and brother which brought back old memories of my childhood and the time spent playing in their yard and the few occasions her mother babysat me.


I being 34 had my first son at 25 and my daughter at 28 just meet someone special her husband died 4 years before I met her.but he has the same name as I her son was born the same year and her daughter was born the same year also this special woman is the age as my ex... 4 coincidences is just unbelievable

Same taxi driver in a city.

First arriving to Barcelona at (10-11 am) we took a taxi between the train station and the Hotel in the city center. The driver was a very funny guy and easy to remember. Later on the day (19 hrs), we stop for a taxi on the other side of the city to go back to the hotel... Same Driver, some vey unlikely in a city with 10481 taxis in the city (1). It was a fist for the taxi driver too. (1)