Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


I was serving a customer in my shop and she looked so familiar I was sure I knew her from years before. She wasn't from the area and after discussing where we'd each lived and when, there was no likelihood of us ever having met. Before establishing this I had told her the area I'd lived in as a child, she told me that her mother and stepfather had just moved to that part of Liverpool.

Long lost friend and chance encounters

I was living in Bristol, visited my family in Liverpool, birthday event, went to a night club I only visited that once. Met a colleague I'd worked with in Ipswich 6 years earlier. She never went to nightclubs but this exception was for a special works event. A few days later I visited her home, on the bus on the way there I asked a passenger if she knew the road and when I should get off. She said her closest friend used to live in that road. She went on to tell me how special that friend was and that she spent the last 6 months of her life in a nursing home.

incredible musical coincidence

Just watched the 'tails you win....' t.v programme (very interesting) and it prompted me to share this with you: A few years ago I had music playing quietly on my hi-fi and my girlfriend was behind me on the sofa on her laptop. I realised she was humming along to the music perfectly in tune and time. This continued for about 16 bars (i'm a musician) until i turned round to tell her (jokingly!) to shut up as i was trying to record a mix and i thought she was doing it to put me off.

Three Grand-Children born in the same month of the same year

I am one of five children, and my brother, sister and myself all had daughters born in the month of January 1986. My older sister was born on the 13th January and her daughter was born on the 5th January 1986 both Capricorn's. My older brother (born in September) daughter was born on the 18th January 1986, and I was born on the 6th February and my daughter was born on the 28th January both Antiquarian's. Neither one of us knew we were going to have children born in the same month of the same year.

50% left handed

My gran had five kids. The first had three boys, the second had two boys, the third had two girls, the fourth had two girls and the fifth had one girl and one boy. Each of her five children had one left handed child, and one right handed. Unfortunately I don't know about the very first grandchild.

Same birthday with my husband

I come from Eastern Finland, my husband from the west.We both went to study at the university in Turku.We met there, started dating and got married. We found out that we share a same birthday: 25th October. My husband is 9 years older than me. I was born in 1954 and he was born in 1945.

A face in the crowd.

I was watching the 1988 convention, and the nominee for vice president was introduced: Dan Quayle from my home state. His face was large on the screen, a face I'd not seen yet but at a glance I saw an amazing similarity to my daughter's ex-boy friend, they could be brothers. The camera shifted to the crowd suddenly, to a person in the enormous crowd, the former boyfriend I'd just thought 'looked like' Dan Quayle. He wore the hat of a representative and I later asked if he'd been in the crowd.

Dialed wrong number got right person

Professor: Sir, Back in 1986 (or 1987) I dialed what I thought was my Aunt Jean's telephone number in Lakehurst, New Jersey 657-6710 (or something like that) only to have a woman answer the telephone who (not surprisingly to me) sounded exactly like my Aunt Jean. It was her friend who sounded remarkably like my Aunt Jean. The woman who answered the telephone said my name "Tommy" and continued with, '...I'll get her for you.' OK, so a woman who sounded like Aunt Jean answered Aunt Jean's telephone, or so I thought.

Tracing a man, tracing a Picture

I am researching a miniature portrait ca. 1797 (mother and child) done in Edinburgh, the lady having a connection to South Carolina - but also to an Australian descendent and beyond. A book published in Melbourne in 1978 carries a photograph of a portrait of man, the lady’s husband, recording this portrait in the possession of the late John Grigg who died in 2001 and whose papers sold by Quaritch in 2002 are at the Bodleian and also at the collection in Sydney that I am going to study in October.

Freud was haunted by certain numbers.

LETTERS FROM FREUD TO Jung (From Memories, Dreams and Reflections) Vienna. IX, Berggasse 19 April 16, 1909 ......"Now I shall exercise the privilege of my years to turn loquacious and tell you about one more matter between heaven and earth which cannot be understood. A few years ago I took it into my head that I would die between the ages of 61 and 62, which at that time seemed to leave me a decent period of grace.