Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Shabby chic

Watching 'Take me out' which I had deferred to the repeat 1 hr later because of another programme clashing, one of the girl's suggested the reason she had chosen not to date the guy was because he had cleaned up too well and she preferred 'shabby chic' which was an odd and not oft used term. At the same time I was browsing ebay at the time and had selected 'vintage' items from the search options. One of the related searches presented was 'shabby chic' which I had never before noticed as an ebay search option!

Meet the midwife

My daughter in her gap year went to Kolkata to help in a neurosurgery unit. She stayed in an international hostel. On her first morning she was joined at breakfast by a lady who after some discussion turned out to be the first person who ever touched my daughter- the midwife who attended her birth 18 years before. They had never met in the interim. It does seem very surprising but the English midwife's husband was a geriatrician who had worked in the hospital in England where my daughter was born and was back in Kolkata visiting relatives.

Finding a book

Last week I was on holiday in Marrakech. Before I went away I loaded a book on to my kindle but when I arrived in Marrakech I realised I had only got the sample. I was unable to get the rest of it to download so I was disappointed as I had been looking forward to reading it. The day after I arrived was my birthday and I noticed a small collection of books in the reception area of the hotel that had been left by other guests. Only a few were in English, they were mainly French. I picked up a book and much to my surprise it was the book I had been trying to download.

different people same birthday

I was in a relationship with someone who I let abuse me (I could have made better choices to avoid that situation) when I was on a working holiday visa is Australia from 2012-2013. Recently, this past fall I met someone who has the same birthday as the other person. How can two people who share the same birthday be so different in terms of who they are?

Holiday in Kos

Hi, My name is Jo & a few years ago I took my daughter Charlotte to Kos for a two week vacation, leaving my son (Rhys) at home due to work commitments. The day we arrived at the hotel we went to the pool & claimed two sun beds, a couple (Chris & Chris) & their daughter Ashley (who was the same age as my daughter Charlotte) took the following three sun beds next to us & we started chatting & it became apparent that we were all there for the same two weeks & that they had also left their son (Adrian) behind due to work commitments.


my father in-laws 2 siblings who died on same date with his but different month and year

Meetings friends in unusual place!

I met two girls on holiday in the Balkans on a bus tour in July 2012. One was English (Layla, from London) and the other was an Australian (Jackie, from Melbourne). The Aussie was planning on moving to the UK. I should add I'm from Glasgow and am a schoolteacher. Anyway, in November 2013 I was asked at the last minute to join a school trip to Edinburgh Zoo (the only time I have ever been to that zoo and 50 miles from my school) At one point, at the meerkat enclosure (the zoo is fairly big) I was "attacked" by two people.

Chance meetings

I have two stories: No. 1: In the Summer of 1982 I travelled to Montepulciano in Italy by train to play in a music festival leaving my girlfriend in London. The journey was scheduled to last a couple of days. The day after I left my girlfriend met three string players who planned to go to Italy to busk as a string quartet (she was a violin player); and they invited her to join them.

New Year perceptual thinking

Scrolling in my sms inbox on 31st December, I wondered why had I received a happy new year message so much down the timeline to which I hadn't even replied. Only to find out that it was an old message from my friend that said "Happy to Hear"

what can happen to a girl in her hometown

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