Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

my fathers robin reliant

I never listen to radio 2 only Radio 4. One day about 10 years ago Between 10 & 11 a.m. I tuned in to 2 by mistake. SimonBates was reading out readers tales of apology. It was about lads in Dagenham who overturned a Robin Reliant in a banjo ( A sort of Close) . The owner of the Car on finding it then knocked on their door & asked them would they mind helping him turn it over & he would buy them a drink--- even though he never went to the pub & had no idea they were the culprits. This was my Dad-- I remember him telling me about it .

American Cab

Three years ago I caught a taxi early in the morning to New Street train station. It was a new taxi model, and in the few minutes of the ride I was daydreaming about the older British black cabs. As we drew into the station my mind drifted further onto thinking about the old fashioned yellow Checker cabs from the 1950's and 60's in New York. I then walked into the station concourse where was parked a yellow Checker cab, which was advertising a new American range for Campbells!

mutual friend

My brother is six years my senior. Just married, my then husband and myself went to live in Bahrain for two years - related to his job. I knew a couple of people in his company, having previously worked for the same business. We lived on compounds then, and would on occasion be invited to workmates' compounds for bbqs etc. One particular BBQ/Darts match was in full swing.

Brittany Coincidence 1and 2 of 4

At a small family campsite at Beg-Meil,Brittany,in 1987 there was mutual recognition between myself and a young woman who was in the same aisle of tents.

passed away

My parents lived in Leicester all of there lives and were married for 57 years. both died on February 10th and were buried on February 14th. Mum in 1997 and Dad 4 years later in 2001

Six man bike

In 1976 my brother designed and built a 6 man bike for an Essex round Table group for fund raising activities. In 1988 he moved to the South Coast where he still lives. Thirty six years later In January 2011, myself, my daughters and fiances stayed with my brother over the weekend. My brother showed us the drawings, photos and plans for the bike 'How I wish i knew what became of that bike. I know it was ridden to Hamburg and used for all sorts of fund raising activities in this country.' were his last words on the subject that evening.


I commenced my career with Woolworths & in 1959 they sent me out to Barbados.Shortly after arriving I met a girl,Madeline & we became good friends. However in 1968 she left the Island with her girl friend for North America. From that date we have had no contact in any form & I had no idea what part of N.A. she had gone to. On tuesday last week I came across a small photo of her dated 1962 on the reverse. Understandably this brought back many happy memories. On friday my wife told me that there was an "overseas" call for me.

Met on an aeroplane

I was returning from Australia and had to change planes at Singapore. As I was settling into my seat, I saw a couple from my church, about 5 rows in front of me. They were even more surorised than I was; I did at least know they had been in Australia, but they had no idea that I had.


I bought a new green Renault 5 in 1974 from my local garage. I asked for the registration number 777 but was told by the garage that the number had been given to another new green Renault 5 the previous day so I had 778. A few months later after driving through France, and whilst waiting at the border with Spain before going through the Pyrenees I noticed that the car two places in front of me was the green Renault 777.

Family Birthdays

I knew somebody in Bristol years ago who had two sons, born a year apart on their father's birthday. She then produced twin girls. 3 birthdays between six people!