Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Time Traveller's Wife

I borrowed a copy of The Time Traveller's Wife from my local library in December 2006. Between Christmas and New Year I received a post-card to notify me that the book was due back to the library early in January and that another reader had placed a reservation on the book so renewal was not going to be an option. As I was only about half way through the book I had to devote extra time to my reading. I made good progress and at about 6pm on New Year's Eve, I started to read the final chapter of the book.

Baffled in Brazil

I went on holiday to Recife, Brazil last year having lived there 17 years ago without having been back since. One important reason for going back was to finally sort out some slightly mucky elements from my past which had contributed to my leaving - I had been spurred into action by having read a book called The Velvet Rage last year. I wanted to meet up with 2 Brazilians, Savio and Walter, both of whom I had been in a relationship with, but had lost touch with when I left the country (and was unable to track down on any social networking sites).

Communication coincidence

I was working in Locarno, Switzerland as a disc jockey and my girlfriend who made unique exotic leather handbags, lived in Neuchatel, also in Switzerland. Neuchatel is a three and a half hour drive – some three hundred kilometers away from Locarno on a very indirect route. I was missing my girlfriend and was hoping to see her over the weekend but there was a problem with the telephones and I was unable to confirm her coming.

Name & Date

My Grandfather George Thompson b. 1880 "Place unknown" had father named Henry, married Emily Thompson Nee BENNETT. 1st Child Violet A Thompson b. 09/10/1915 Newport Monmouthshire. { Details confirmed by certificates ] Trying to find George"s birthplace/family I came across the following ;- George Thompson b. 1879/1880 Father named Henry. married to a Minnie Louise Thompson Nee BENNETT , 1st Child Violet E Thompson b. 03/01/1915 Greys Essex.

matching dates

My husband and I met 11.04.1952 The house we bought and lived in for the past 52 years was purchased by the previous owners on 11.04.1952


My mum was on holiday in south whales, she was driving back and stopped at a small second hand book store in a village with her friend. they briefly browsed the books and then got into the car to return home. A few hours drive later, looking in her handbag she found she had accidentely stolen a book she'd picked up in the book shop, it was too far to go back and return it so she kept it. A few days later flicking through the book she saw a picture of herself as a teenage girl, one she didn't even know had been taken let alone know was in the book!

They follow us wherever we go!

Coincidences have always followed us where we have been and still do - I guess if you are gregarious and talk to people it is bound to happen. On a trip to China in 1996, there were 40 of us in agroup from all over the UK. One of the travellers asked me where we lived - after some generalisation he asked me the name of our village in Gloucestershire - when I told him he said his wife worked in the same village at the agricultural stores some 500 yards away from our home. When I asked where he lived he said Pittville in Cheltenham - somebody on the next table said where?

Across the pond

My friend & I were out for a drink one evening about 23 years ago, & I heard American voices behind us. Being the nosy type, I turned & asked what part of the USA the elderly couple were from. Their response was that I had probably not heard of Lincoln, Nebraska. To their surprise I told them that my daughter had recently started studying on a swimming scholarship at that very university. The man turned out be the architect who designed the building Allison was studying in!

Mrs B C

I have a daughter born on 16th November 1957 My son was born 3years and 3 minutes later 16th November 1960 My Father died on the 13th February 1983 my Mother died on the 13th February 2000 When I married my second husband in 1969 we realised that we had both been born in the same nursing home Twyford Lodge Willesden, although we lived in different areas and it took us 30 years to meet


My paternal grandfather was a pit pony master in a mine in Yorkshire. My wife's maternal grandfather was a pit pony master in a mine in South Wales. Both were long dead before we met and had no connection to each other in any way. Considering this is a fairly rare occupation it is rather odd but the coincidence ends there. I don't like horses but my wife loves them.