Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Dr Richard M

Some years ago I was listening to the Gymnopedie no1 by Erik Satie on a CD in my house and switched on to Classic FM where exactly the same piece of music was being played.

coincidence 20 years apart.

My sister and I both married men who are seven years our junior. Both our husbands' suffered two serious (life threatening) illnesses within the first two year of marriage. My sister was married in 1978 and I was married in 1998.

The same names

My parents are Ronald and Dorothy H (nee T). When my birth was registered the registrar was a lady by the name of Dorothy T-H. To have a mother who was Dorothy T who became Dorothy H and a registrar called Dorothy T-H has always seemed a strange coincidence to me. This occurred in late 1956 in Lancashire. Steve H


Many years ago I went on holiday with two girlfriends. On meeting up to travel to the airport we were all wearing identical grey trouser suits: same make, design, colour etc. Quite bizarre as we had not colluded in any way. We looked liked a girl band!

Time and the Conways (2)

I went to a charity performance of Time and the Conways by Priestley. The story was explained to me that Priestley was interested in Dunne's book Experiment with Time. I was not aware of the purpose of the play nor Dunne's theory about time. The next day I went to a jumble sale, as usual went to the book stall where my hand to fell directly on Dunne's book. I read the book, still have it, Can't make head nor tail of it.

Sometimes There is no choice but to learn Karmic lessons,- need not greedd

I lived in Melbourne and was freqently out of work . I saw an ad in the paper for models in Sydney On taking the Bus up there 13 hr journey I was extremly uncomfortable '' Tummy wobbles'' Anyhow the ad turned out to be a con.

Hospital Visit

Arriving at a large teaching hospital I asked the first nurse I saw where I could find the ward my daughter was in. It transpired she was the nurse allocated to the care of my daughter and took me straight to her

technical support

When I first started my Ph.D. I was working with a then new operating system along with another student and we were having some problems. One evening I stayed in the office to work on a problem after my colleague had gone home. After a few hours I wanted to ask my colleague a question so called his flat. Oddly, the phone didn't even ring before my colleague picked up. We started talking over the problem before it because clear that we were talking at very slightly crossed purposes.

Mrs C A Dawson

I ahve a twin sister living in Canada. Approx 18 years ago, I was working as an office manager at a company called AM International in Hemel Hempstead. One day, one of the company directors told me that the company was about to go through an official audit and one of the company auditors from our head office in Dallas would be visiting. I was asked if I would accomodate this auditor in my office area, and show her around, including tea & coffee, canteen, stationary supplies etc.

family meeting

In 1947 I went to Warwick from my parent's home in Worthing to apply for a course in Birmingham. There were a number of applicants. Luckily I was accepted and with another successful applicant we agreed to share digs. She had come from Spalding. Later in the year she rang to say she and her parents were staying in Eastbourne and could she and her mother come over to Worthing to meet up again. We chatted for a while then as conversation flagged I suggested they went down the garden to meet my father.