Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Baking Coincidence

I was baking a Lemon Drizzle cake whilst listening to The Archers on Radio 4 during which Jill Archer announced she was baking a Lemon Drizzle Cake.

Words spoken and read

When reading & listening to the TV or radio I have quite often experienced a bizzare coincidence. As I am reading a word, at that precise moment, somebody will speak it. This doesn't happen if I try to make it happen - it only happens when I'm not thinking about it .The words have no pattern & could be a place name , a verb ( sometimes complex) or anything really .

Not a very big coincidence!

My mother started humming a song I has stuck in my head (but hadn't told her about) - I can only assume we had both heard it earlier and forgotten about it.

Coincidence from the Caribbean

In 1961 was seconded to the West Indies by ICI to help with the setting-up of a local paint factory in Trinidad. As part of my duties, I was sent to British Guiana (as it then was) for a couple of weeks and, while there, attended the round of parties which was then the accepted way of welcoming the occasional visitor. While at one such party I heard someone standing behind me say something is a voice which I instantly recognised.


Five years ago on a Nile cruise we shared a table with a couple from Cornwall, we live in Hertfordshire. We got on well, exchanged addresses and details and for the first time ever we followed up, and have met quite frequently since at each others homes and we are going on holiday together next month. During one of our visits to our amazement we found out that our friends new our son in law, and that both their children had been to school with him in Cornwall. We later found out that their son went to the same school as I did in Hertford and I had played rugby with his headmaster.

The universe continuously provides

I can't list all the times I have experienced coincidence, and often something in a positive, useful or good way: you lose something, but find something similar or equally useful.

Chance Meeting

At Wimbledon tennis this year my wife and I met a couple over a cup of tea during a rain break. We had never met before and chatted for about half an hour before going our separate ways. About a week later we were driving to Bristol (from our home in Reigate) to visit our daughter. We stopped at the services at Newbury for a coffee. I visited the mens toilets and found myself standing next to the very same man that we had met at Wimbledon. We said hello and it turned out that he was on his way from Oxford to Chichester. What are the chances of this happening?

Date of Death

Unfortunately, this is a tragic coincidence rather than one commemorating a happy event. My eldest daughter was given a gold signet ring belonging to her grandmother following that lady's death in 1989 aged 72. The ring was originally made for my daughters great-grandmother to commemorate the death of her father. The ring was inscribed with the lady's initials and the words "Father died 14 July 1904".

work colleague

My husband and I were camping on a small camp site in Somerset, about 10 years ago. The owner of the camp site asked where we came from, and said that his sister had moved to the same town in the Midlands 30 years previously, and still lived and worked there. He said that she had initially worked in the library there for a couple of years before taking a job in the housing office at the local council.

my fathers robin reliant

I never listen to radio 2 only Radio 4. One day about 10 years ago Between 10 & 11 a.m. I tuned in to 2 by mistake. SimonBates was reading out readers tales of apology. It was about lads in Dagenham who overturned a Robin Reliant in a banjo ( A sort of Close) . The owner of the Car on finding it then knocked on their door & asked them would they mind helping him turn it over & he would buy them a drink--- even though he never went to the pub & had no idea they were the culprits. This was my Dad-- I remember him telling me about it .