Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Birthday coincidence

My name is Julia. My son, Matthew was born on Monday 11 September 2011 at Winchester Hospital at 21:45 as an emergency caesarean section by Dr England. The next day in the Maternity Ward corridor I spotted a close work colleague I had lost touch with for a few years. I was really shocked and even more so as Chris had given birth to a son on 11 September 2011, Alex, by emergency caesarean in the same operating room by Dr England directly after me. Also, my son, was born 2 weeks early (actual due date 24 September 2011) and Winchester was my chosen hospital.

amazing collisions

From 1960 to 1964 I was based at RAF Changi, Singapore. I played Rugby for the RAF and Joint Services. The best referee in Singapore was Neil Casey. Only snag, often when I broke from behind a scrum, Casey would get in my way and I'd collide with him. I left the RAF in '65 and emigrated to Canada. In 1969 I went with the Overseas Development Ministry team to Enugu, Nigeria during the :"Biafran" civil war. On a trip to Port Harcourt, I went into Levantis supermarket store for shopping. As I turned away from a counter, I collided with another shopper---who could it be ?

Strange telephone call/Chance meeting...

My partner and I were woken up by the telephone ringing in the early hours of a Monday morning in December 2011, it was 1.32am, I realised as I looked at my alarm clock. My first thoughts were about my parents, had something happened? My partner answered the phone and after a long pause, a man's voice on the line just said 'Sorry wrong number' and hung up. We looked at the call log and the number of the caller was unknown.

This was spooky

We live in greater Manchester. Recently we went to stockholme to join an American cruise ship touring the Baltic. On joining the ship we got in conversation with an English couple who live in Dorset. It turned out that many years ago they lived in the exact same house that we currently occupy! What are the chances of that?

Meeting on a train.

It is midwinter in 1976 - 77, it is snowing so hard that the train has ground to a halt. We are four in the carriage. Me and Bill a pleasant faced blonde woman and a foreign looking man. They smile but little is said. Half an hour later, boredom having set in we are chatting. I tell the man I lived in Greece for a couple of years.<br /> “Where?” he asks.<br /> “Athens.”<br /> “When were you there?’<br /> “62 - 64.”<br /> “I lived there then, where did you live?”<br /> “Kolonaki.”<br /> “Me to.

Weird in Bergen

My Mother, who lived in Formby, Merseyside died approximately 3 years ago but had some very good friends and Neighbours, Sheila and Charlie. They would keep an eye on her and make sure she was OK. After Mum died we were up from our home in Bedfordshire to sort out the sale of the house and had a good friendship with Sheila and Charlie. Once the house was sold we had a farewell meal with Sheila and Charlie and some of the other neighbours.

wedding dress

I live in Sunderland and when my son was to be married in Plymouth in the year 2000, I wanted to wear something quite different and special for the occasion. I had spoken to his future wife on the telephone but not seen her till the morning of the wedding at the registrar office. At no time had I spoken to my son or his future wife as to what she or I would be wearing on the day. Imagine the look on peoples faces when I, the mother of the groom turned up in the same outfit as the bride to be.

good morning

same as

Mrs. Deike Begg

I have written a book: Synchronicity -- The Promise of Coincidence, also known as meaningful coincidences (an acausal principle), first so coined by C.G Jung in 1929. You will find many story therein. There are already ample books on the subject. Bill Bryson is a good source. D. Begg

Mr Martin Riley

I had dropped off my daughter at Heathrow and had a few hours to kill before collecting my mother at the same airport Rather than spend the time at the airport as it was a bright summer morning I drove to WIndsor parked the car and went for a walk along the river.