Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Universe trying to tell me something?

About two months before I was booked on a holiday last summer, an exercise machine I used on a daily basis broke. About a week later my car broke down. Then my desktop computer refused to perform and had to be replaced. Driving my father's car while my own was being repaired, I got a puncture. A few days later, I got my own car back... and got a puncture. I'm on the phone to my father lamenting that everything I owned was breaking, went into the bathroom and discovered the toilet seat had broken. Shorly after that, my landline broke and my mobile had to be replaced.

Mrs. F. V

Several years ago we flew to Australia with a stop over in Japan. The hotel we stayed in, in Kyoto had no. 326, our next hotel in Cairns had the no. 3246. Our next stop was in Melbourne and we stayed for a few nights in The Great Ocean Road area. Pur room no. was 4 the house was no. 4 and we hired a car which only had the No. 4. Someone suggested that we entered the lottery with these numbers, which we did. The numbers which came up were 2 3 4 32 39 and the star no. 44. I did actutally get 3 nos. together and received only 10\$ Australian.

birthday coincidence

Having purchased a small hotel in Morecambe in 1990 we needed to employ staff. The first recruit, for a post waiting on table, was a young lady who came with her mother for interview. She was just right for the job and it was offered to her. When taking personal details, it turned out that she had the same birthdate as myself, 1st April ! Later a second interview was carried out for an older person to assist with housekeeping duties and to help in the kitchen.

double coincidence

As children we lived in Hertfordshire. In due course my sister, Margaret, six years older than me, went to Teacher Training College in Liverpool, where her best friend and digs-mate was Hazel, whose family lived in Cheshire. My brother, ten years older than me, worked abroad for many years, but eventually returned and moved to Elston, a village near Newark in Nottinghamshire. Imagine Margaret's surprise on hearing this: 'That's where Hazel lives!' Meanwhile, I had moved to Dorset, where I met and married my boss.

Same couple three times!!!

On holiday in Castille, Spain from 13th to 25th October 2010 inclusive. Saturday 16th Salamanca - Met and talked to a Dutch couple whilst on the roof of the cathedral.

old love

In 1969 I met a boy and we went out very happily for a few years. We parted to go to separate universities. After uni we met up again and went out for a few more years, but it never really worked. In 1979 I met a person that I knew I would marry. When my old friend visited me a little while later I told him, and he just went away. In October 1982 my old friend had woken up in Bristol and decided that he would drive to Oxford to ask me to finally go to live with him. He arrived at my place of work in Oxford to be told that I was being married that afternoon. He left us in peace.

Continuing coincidences

As a young teenager my son fell in love with a girl a little younger than himself. He arranged for me to meet up with his mother as he was sure we would get along. We discovered that we were both the same age and were born on the same day. We both were on our second marriage and had each had two children, a girl first and then a boy, and both named our daughters Holly. Her name was Jane, which was my middle name and we were both stepmothers to children born to in the earlier marriages of our respective husbands. (and yes, we did get along very well).

Telephone Numbers

My Aunty Mary rang me up one day to tell me that she had just had a telephone installed. It was the first one that she had ever had and she was excited and was ringing round all her friends and relatives to tell them. I asked her to wait a moment while I fetched a pen and paper so that I could make a note of her number. She told me that there was no need for me to note the number since it was the same as mine. She lived in the Nottingham telephone area and I lived just over the border in Derby so we had different area codes. We did however have the same 7 digit land line number.

mrs w

During backpacking around europe the last place I visited was Paris. Whilst in Paris I went on the Eiffel tower to the top floor to walk straight into my younger cousin Sarah who was on her school trip to france. Neither of us had any idea that we were in the same country let alone in Paris. Not only that but we share the same birthday 27th of Febuary. Sarah was born on my 9th birthday. When we meet there we phoned our family straight away and no one could believe we were there at the same time. What are the odd's of that.

'telepathic' outburst

When I was a teenager and still living at home, I was watching the start of some kind of quiz show. The host was just about to introduce this male contestant when I had the urge to call out a name. So I said to my parents something like, "Brian Watson", just as the show's host said, "This evening ladies and gentleman we have with us Brian Watson..." I know I surprised myself, not to mention my parents, but we never discussed the amazing coincidence.