Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Cats then baby

I adopted two cats in the mid-1990s. They became children to me as pets often do. I always had an inkling I wouldn't have children until they were gone. I met the man who was to become my husband. By then as I had had to move a few times, the cats had "retired" to live with my parents. One passed away but the other managed to hang on for four more years until the age of 19, when she had to be put down due to ill-health. The month after she passed away, in the next 'monthly cycle,' if you like, I fell pregnant at the age of 41 and gave birth to my son 9 months later.


One Saturday,2 Months ago, my wife and I watched,on DVD, an episode from' Hammer House of Horror' originally broadcast in the 70s. It was entitled 'The Mark of Satan' and it involved a Mortuary attendant ,new in his job, who becomes obsessed with the number 9.


Returning books to the local library, I was mistakenly told that I had another book "The Scorpian" outstanding, I had never heard of this book. A short while later, when visiting my brother, he showed me some books a friend had sent him from America, one of which was "The Scorpian".

Wrong bus route

When I was younger I used to walk to school each day there and back. One morning as I turned left off the busy main road down a quieter suburban street I was thinking to myself how quiet this street was. Further, I wondered why the bus didn't take this route as it would make the route a lot shorter. Lost in thought I considered that it must be rather nice for the residents not to have buses thundering up and down their street. No sooner had I thought this, a number 1 bus went racing passed me stopping me in my tracks dumbfounded.

unversity offer

My son applied to one Cambridge College, was put in the Winter Pool and next day received an offer from the college which I (his Mum) attended twenty-seven years ago.

time stood still

My partner was killed in an accident in May, 2007. Two policemen arrived to inform me of the terrible news, as sensitively as they possibly could, together with some of the details. It was absolute hell. As they tried to explain the circumstances, they gave the exact time of his death as 11.40am. I glanced up at my clock, which had stopped at 11.40am.

Ship diversion

My parents (in their sixties then) had travelled on a Fred Olsens cruise dep and returning from/into Tilbury. They had arranged taxi transfers from home in Chandlers Ford (Hants) to get here and back. On the day of their return I took my son to Southsea (not a place I wnent to often) to pick up an antique item from an Antique shop - and afterwards, prior to lunchtime, we took the opportunity to promenade on the nearby Southsea beach.

A Hong Kong / Hereford connection

A couple of close friends holidaying in Hong Kong took a Star ferry Crossing and found themselves sitting beside a friendly, middle-aged Chinese man with whom they soon began to converse. he asked them where they lived in England, and on hearing that it was Herefordshire he said that he knew it well. They were somewhat surprised, and then learnred that he had been articled, as a trainee Chartered Accountant, to one of the partners of a firm in Birmingham, and had been sent many times to Hereford on audit. That partner was me.


My wife and I cruise. One year we were on P&O's old Arcadia and my wife played shuffleboard in a team which included a particular lady. A few years later, at a different time of the year and on a ship in the Princess Cruises line, she went to play shuffleboard and met the same lady! Roger Kerr

Birthday coincidence

My mother gave birth to my eldest sister on 13 April 1949; she gave birth to my second sister on 13 April 1951; she gave birth to my brother on 13 April 1953. I was born two years later on 15 April 1955. My mother had no other children, so all four of her children were born in mid-April, three on the same day. My sister gave birth to my mother's only grandchild on 14 April 1983. There are several other contiguous date coincidences in our family including the fact that my father died on 27 March 1955 and my mother died on 25 March 2006 at 11 pm.