Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

music repeats

I recorded a whole load of solo oboe ident jungles for classic fm over twenty years ago. I tune in every so often at home or in the car,( a two hour journey weekly there and back in that time) but I rarely hear these particular jingles…maybe six to ten times over the last decade. This morning I put classic fm on, and they repeatedly keep playing one of 'my' jingles..six times I have heard it in the past two hours..there must be a hidden message for me to think about here.( Angels work in mysterious ways.)

pipe cutter

helping a friend to re-plumb bathroom. Saturday afternoon. Using his pipe cutter ( a tool no more then 30mm square) I noticed the cutting wheel was damaged and wasn't cutting the copper pipe very well. I promised I'd get a new one for him by Monday (my present to him). Sunday morning my son was playing an away game of football, 35 miles from home. He asked me to go with him.

Words and numbers coincidences.

Sometimes I have the TV running in the background when I am reading or doing a crossword, and over the last few years have found increasingly that just as I read a word, phrase or number, it is spoken on the TV. The words or phrases might, at a stretch of the imagination, be attributable to frequency of use, but the numbers are another matter. The types of broadcast could be news, documentaries, sometimes a film, and so forth, so there is no particular type of programme in which it occurs. There are phases when it happens more than at other times, but it is still a source of bemusement.

Birth Date Coincidence

Carolyn There is a strange connection with the number 23 in our family Both my mother and mother-in-law were born on the 23rd of the month My eldest daughter was born on the 3rd and my middle daughter on the 20th - added together = 23 My youngest was born on the 23rd My birthday is the 7th and my husband the 30th - 30-7 = 23!!

Pan Am Flight 103

This happened to my sister in law who was booked on an Air India flight out of Heathrow on Wednesday, 21 December 1988 to spend Christmas with her boyfriend in Alabama. The Air India flight was late in due to engine problems at its starting point so she was told she could rebook at no cost with either Pan Am or TWA. When she approached the 2 check-in desks which were near to each other, there was no one currently at the Pan Am desk so she turned instead to the TWA desk and re-booked on their flight. And the rest is history...

My royal family

My great grandmother was the same age as the queen mother. Her daughter, my grandmother is the same age as the queen. Her son, married my mum- who would be the same age as princess Diana. My sister and I are unfortunately just a bit younger than Harry and Wills but with the same age gap. I met my husband a few years ago and his mum mentioned the uncanny coincidence that he and his brother are the same age as Harry and Prince William. We got engaged in 2009 but the William and Kate beat us to it and got married just before we did.

chance meeting doubled

On holiday with friends who lived two or three streets away, we decided to go on a boat trip. Among passengers disembarking from the boat we were about to board were our next door neighbours. But, what we found really strange, was that these neighbours were also on holiday with friends - and their friends just happened to be the next door neighbours of our friends!

prophetic voice

Amazing, but entirely trivial.........A few weeks ago, I was engrossed in a crossword. The television was on, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but my daughter had left the room so no-one was watching. I was on my own. The solution to a clue appeared to be a word I rarely come across "barbels" and I was about to look up the spelling when a disembodied voice called out "barbels". It was Buffy's voice.....she was in a gym and was about to use the equipment. How's that for a co-incidence?

Uncanny numbers

I was born on 5.6.56. I received my BA degree on 7.7.77. I got married on Aug 17th 1981, but because it was a Jewish ceremony and the new "day" starts at sunset, then the marriage certificate said 18.8.81. Hmm..........

All the 17's

My mother passed away in 2005 and I remember, after the event, making a phonecall from my home to her private number and talking to my sister who was there at the time. The following morning I flew to England and the same evening I was myself sitting next to my mother's private phone in the nusing home. Just then my wife called my mother's number and we had a conversation. I thought nothing of all this until the phonebill arrived about a month later, back at home. Both calls lasted 17 minutes and 17 seconds............