Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

same PIN number

a few weeks ago i asked my hubby to go to the cash machine for me, i passed him my card and reminded him of my PIN , to which my brother exclaimed - thats my pin number too!, we have our accounts with different banks and have both kept the pin the bank gave us

Open Church day at Mettingham suffolk

About two years ago - Mettingham Parish church ( Waveney Valley - nr. Beccles, Suffolk) held an open day with old village photographs and other miscellaneous old artefacts on display. I attended as did many other good folk on the open day. We were invited to sign the visitors book - which I did upon leaving the church. As I was leaving the porch - there was a chorus of shouting behind me - they were calling out my name ( Robin Richardson ). The man who was in the queue behind me - to also sign the visitors book was also a Robin Richardson.

turkey meeting

Many years ago I went on holiday to a small resort called Cesme. I met a young woman from London, she had left the Metropolitan Police and got a job working for a Doctor in Istanbul. Her name was Claire and mine is Carol and we are both Virgos. When her boss visited another country he would give her money to have a holiday anywhere in Turkey. 5 years later I sat on the sea front and said to a waiter " I wonder where Claire is now ?" "I'm here!" she said. standing right behaind my chair.

Mother and Mother in law

Recently my 84 year old mother unfortunately had the middle finger of her left hand amputated due to a blood circulation problem. One day, shortly after my mother's operation the phone rang. It was my wife's stepfather sounding pretty agitated. He told me that mother in law had been rushed into hospital the night before with some sort of virulent infection caused by a splinter she received whilst gardening the previous day. He said her arm had turned black and she was on various drips, and was in a bad way.

holiday acquaintances

In 1982, I was holidaying in Florida and met a couple of English guys in a bar in Key West. We got chatting and I told them that I was staying in the local Quality Inn motel and that it was very nice. We hung out for a couple of days and then went our separate ways. We all exchanged our addresses in England but did not expect to meet each other again in Florida. Twelve days later, after I'd driven all the way up the Gulf coast, across to Cape Kennedy, and down the Atlantic coast, I pulled into the Quality Inn in Fort Lauderdale to spend the night.

The New Job

Back in 1963, I was returning from Stoke Poges to my bachelor flat in London on a very wet rainy Sunday night and driving down the Earls Court Road I was obliged to stop at the pedestrian crossing outside Earls Court Underground Station. Glancing in my rear view mirror I was alarmed to see that the vehicle behind me, a three wheeled Meschersmit, was not going to stop in time and was skidding on the wet road.

Daria and the boy next door

In 1997 I went on an international youth work camp in Japan where one of the other participants was a girl called Daria. I saw Daria again in 2005, in Camden. I was with my then-boyfriend (now husband) Ted. Daria was with her then-boyfriend (now husband) Patrick. Patrick and Ted were next-door neighbours all through childhood and their parents still live next door to each other!

Two Chemical Disasters in my Family

I was working at the Flixborough chemical plant when it exploded in June 1974 killing 28 workers, the worst ever industrial disaster in Britain . When the re-built plant closed in 1982 I moved to the South of England where I eventually became a Consultant in major hazard prevention. When I finally retired in 2002, I started to write the first of two books on accident prevention which were later published. I also took an interest in Family History, exploring where my ancestors came from.

Strangers on a train ....

I was traveling up north from London on the East Coast Mainline. There was a young woman sitting opposite me and we had got chatting. She was a student, and just before our journey was about to end, I asked her if, since my car was in the station's car park, I could drop her off anywhere conveniently. She explained that she was changing to another local train and her father was collecting her at the end of that second train journey, but she told me that she had been born and brought up somwhere in the middle of my route.


When I was 18 I met a New Zealander in my home town of Southport Merseyside and when he moved to Perth Australia to live I went with him. One night we were meeting a group of our friends in a bar in the middle of Perth city centre. When we walked in I was absolutely stunned to meet a girl that a couple of years previously I had spent 12 months with at college in my hometown of Southport back in the UK. That in itself was a big "what's the chances of that" moment but then we found out that she was also the new girlfriend of one of our friends.