Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Koestler and his book on coincidence (1)

I was reading the book Coincidence in which Koestler recalls a coincidence about grasshoppers. The next day a grasshopper appeared on my work bench. Trivial but this incidence was followed by my son returning home from a temp' job handing me part of a letter signed by Koestler.He found it whilst destroying outdated documents. He knew I was reading the about coincidence and came across the letter by chance. I have the letter 25 years after the incident.

Birthdate coincidence

My partner of 29 years, on changing jobs two years ago and had to hand back his company mobile and get a new number. His new number ends 554926. I was born in 1955 at 4am in September on the 26th. Another odd coincidence Prior to my last visit my sister in South Africa asked if I wanted her, in my absence, to apply at our gym for a PIN Number for me to access the WIFI facility there, so I would be able to use the connection immediately on arrival.

Police, Skype and hospital numbers

I'm a police officer and my badge number is 2535. When my daughter moved to Leeds we both joined Skype to keep in touch and the registration number it gave us was 2535. Also, I'm 48 and recently had to have a minor operation. My hospital registration. Umber is 2535048.

Vietnam/st Margaret's Twickenham

While on a guided tour of Vietnam/Cambodia Nov 2011 with 40 complete strangers, talking to one of the group about where about in the UK we lived and used to live, I mentioned St Margarets Twickenham ,having lived there in the early 70's then thought no more about it. The next day a lady with our tour asked if it was me who had lived there and which street, I told her and she she too had lived in that street and then what number. You've guessed same house. Turns out she had bought the house from me back in 1976! What are the chances of that!

Coincidence meeting

I was moving with my wife and small twins to Liverpool, and called on my uncle, a farmer, and aunt, my father's sister, in Stroud, Gkoucestershire, before we left. If you see a man in Liverpool with one arm, they joked, he's an old friend. Give our regards to him. On our first Sunday in the city in 1958 my wife and I decided to walk with our children to nearby Sefton Park, and called in for a coffee. Sitting at a table was a man with one arm. Just for fun I approached him and asked him if he was, by name, the man my uncle and aunt knew. He was.

One Road

Between the ages of about 4 and 12 I lived in Mayfield Road, Weybridge in Surrey. This was a road with I guess around 30 houses. At the age of 25 we moved to a house in Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham. When we got to know our next door neighbours, we discovered that she had also lived in Mayfield Road, Weybridge, and what is more she recalled my elder sister. A few years later we got to know another couple in Sutton Coldfield and she had also lived in Mayfield Road, Weybridge but did not recall any of our family. Pat

A chain of eleven coincidences

I went on holiday to Crete with a student group in 1961. I was eighteen. We went to Knossos. It was very touristy. We persuaded our driver to take us somewhere less crowded. We drove 40 miles down the coast to a temple complex which was completely deserted, apart from an englishman aged about 35 and his pre-raphaelite-looking wife and two young children. We briefly exchanged greetings. Six months later, the same englishman climbed a stile into our garden in our isolated holiday house in Snowdonia where I was staying with a university friend.

Strange meeting

One day in the 1970's I was in a residential street in York during a day trip from Richmond. A party of schoolchildren approached from the opposite direction. I recognised the man in charge as someone who taught with me at Fairfield Boys High School in Sydney during 1964. He was now teaching in East Anglia, and was also on an excursion. We talked briefly.

Tattoo's & Scaring

On the 19th October 2008 (I know because I wrote this down) myself, my husband and another couple went to the Warren House Inn, near Mortonhampstead on Dartmoor for lunch. They have lots of interesting magazines there and my friend handed me one called 'Geography'.


We emigrated to South Africa in 1983, eventually we lived in the Weltevreden Park area of Roodeport in Jo'berg. My wife shopped at the Hyperama, which is located there. One day, a lady waiting at the checkout ran the trolly into my wife's heel. After much apology, they ended up chatting and went back to the house for coffee. Both families ended up great friends, and the couple became God parents to our daughter in 1987.