Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

News of Ben

My wife and I lived in a large village in the Gezeira province of Sudan about 5 hours south of Khartoum. We were teachers in the secondary schools. We rented a house in the centre of the village. Since cooking was done on charcoal we sometimes bought sandwiches from the football club rather than spend an hour lighting the stove. One evening we had visitors and we were eating our sandwiches and chatting away. The topic was nearly always family as this is so important in Sudan.

Ms M Lee

Actually three In 1986 I took over a research post from a man who had the same birthday as me. My daughter married a man whose birthday is on the anniversary of her father's/my husband's death. On 14th Jan, I spoke to a friend who had just returned from a holiday that I had planned to join her on. My plans had to change. She went ahead and we spoke on her return this weekend. She told me that, at the swimming pool in her hotel, she had met the twin-sisters of my university room mate. She did not know this room-mate.

address coincidence

A colleague and myself were chatting one day a few years a go, about where we first started work. We now work in Somerset, but discovered that back in 1987 we were both living in East Croydon and used to go to the same pub, The Cartoon.

Strange words coinciding

Recently more and more I have noticed that as I have been writing, reading or saying words they have simultaneously cropped up . Just the other evening I was looking at my bookcase and got the notion to pull out an old red book. It was a copy of Black Beauty I was given as a little girl, nearly 50 years ago. As I started to read the first paragraph I read"water-lilies" and a split second after that I heard the narrator on a tv nature show saying "water-lilies"

Husband's Lover

Three years ago my husband left me for another woman. He was a self employed saddler. When later clearing out the garage I came across an old telephone notepad, it was over ten years old. On the page it was open was a message from the woman who would become his lover many years in the future.

Horror story.

During my teens I experienced a couple of nervous breakdowns which involved me seeing psychiatrists. My first one was Dr.Franks, when I lived up north in Blackburn in 1991. Imagine how terrifying, during my second major period of (already heightened anxiety & paranoia) when I met my new psychiatrist in South East London later that year & discovered he was Dr Stein!

Mr R W-S

Traveling to Hong Kong with my daughter I pointed out to her that her initials H K were apt - then when we were sat on the flight we noticed that we were in seats H and K but incredibly after our first dinner that evening in Hong Kong we came out of the restaurant and Helen said to me " can you believe this Dad" pointing to the steel grate casings in the pavement - they were simply stamped in raised lettering HK WS (her full initials) - Hong Kong Water System !


got a second game the other day from asdas "dante's inferno" took it home turned on me ps3 and to my surprize see one of me mates playing its a old game and was not expecting that.


Regarding the article in the Mail on Sunday, 15 Jan. 12. I would like to tell you about the following two examples of coincidence that I have experienced. Returning home from work one Thursday- evening in the mid-eighties, I left the A1 to enter my village. Parked on the slip road was an old Cortina towing an even older caravan decorated in a lurid lime green colour. That weekend, about 70 miles away, I was walking along a remote country lane in Norfolk. Parked on the verge was the same car and caravan.

Borthday and weight

My daughter Holly (now 17) was born on 7th November and weighed 7 pounds and 11 ounces.