Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

We'll meet again!

My brother Horace Dale (RAF) of 83 Heathcote Road, Miles Green, Stoke on Trent, was walking down a street in Naples in 1943 when he happened to meet Jack Cross (Navy) who lived at ?? Heathcote Road. While the were chatting along came Frank Pointon (Army) - the three different services - who lived at ?? Heathcote Road. A photograph was taken and it it is a treasured memory of the amazing coincidence - the three houses are less than 25 yards from each another! I have the photograph that was taken if you wish to see it. Dennis Dale.

Chance Meeting in Australia

When I left school in 1956 I worked for a firm on the outskirts of Bristol and used to call from time to time in the lunch hours at a nearby family run confectionary shop. The family had 2 daughters who sometimes served in the shop after school and during holidays. These I got to know quite well. On a visit to Australia in 2005 I was on a coach trip from Sydney to the Blue Mountains. All on the trip except one couple were non native to Australia.

All adds up to 30.

My birthday is 23rd July , July is 7th month total of month and year is 30. My wifes birthday 28th february. 2 +28 =30 My sons birthday 21st September 9 +21 +30 My daughter's expected birth date was 24th June we though it was amazing, but she was late in arriving and was born 4th July 1981. I wasnt until several years later i realised when adding all the digits of her borthday 4 7 1 9 8 1 they add up to 30.

Jung another book turns up(3)

If you read the Koestler/ Priestley/ Dunne stuff (1) and (2) above or somewhere I'll conclude my contribution to the uncertainty profile. By now I was, I suppose, searching and I went to a bookshop close to where I worked. I found Dunne's book with an intro' by Priestley which seemed to round the whole episode off, except it was next to a book titled Synchroncity(?) by C Jung. Someone made the link?

Shopping surprise

HI David While living in Wiltshire, in 1993, my wife & I went to Hong Kong & China to celebrate our 30th anniversary. On a 3 day trip to Canton (as it was then) we met with a number of British people in our party of about eight. Among these were a newly wed couple from Sussex. Having moved to Cheshire, in 20ii we made a shopping trip to the Cheshire Oaks Outlet Village at Ellesmere Port and while in Marks a lady came up to us with a pushchair and said, 'Hong Kong 1993'. The same half of the newly weds from 1993 and they had moved to the Wirral.

Car coincidence

Some years ago my wife and I went on holiday to the USA. We had no definite travel plans, except to fly into San Francisco, pick up a hire car and then tour around staying in hotels and motels. The only other plan was that we had booked a flight back from Los Angeles 18 days later, where we would drop off the car. We travelled around covering hundreds of miles, including several days in Las Vegas, and worked our way back towards LA. Two days before our flight home, we decided to stop in a hotel in Ventura.

She walked in

I was looking round a new and very attractive shop in Cambridge with a friend and she remarked, "Jane (her daughter in law) would love it in here, they've got just the sort of things she likes." Even before she finished speaking, Jane walked into the shop and began looking round.


As a child growing up in Eastbourne I went with my older sister to the beach one Summer's day. As we approached the beach I remarked that it was very windy there and my sister replied with something like "did you say Wendy's here?" I said no and mentioned the wind again but, moments later, when we arrived at our chosen beach, there was her friend Wendy, along with her boyfriend. Only a small coincidence but one I've remembered for almost 60 years.

Sharing birthdays

My wife and I had a daughter on the 13th August which coincidentally is the same as my mothers birthday. One year later my brother also had a baby (this time a boy) on the 13th August. Neither baby were due on this date. My daughter was late and my nephew early. As well as my daughter sharing my mothers birthday, she was also given the same name as a baby girl my mother lost 20 years previous during pregnancy, the name of which she had never disclosed.

Martin Bright

My father in law, Charles Becket had not seen his older brother, from North London for over 30 years. Charles moved to Bracknell, Berkshire & had no knowledge of his brother's whereabouts. Charles had a heart attack & was hospitalised in Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot in about 1970. The nurse remarked to him. "what a coincidence, there's a mister Becket in the bed next to you" Needless to say it was the brother who he had not contacted since about 1938. He too had suffered heart failure.