Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Dinosaur film nosebleed

Several years ago when I was about 10 years old (c.1976) I was watching the film When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, alone, when during one particularly violent fight between a T-Rex and Triceratops, my nose suddenly began to bleed quite badly. Several years later, I was watching the same film with my father, and when we got to the exact same dinosaur fight scene, I proceeded to tell my father what had happened the last time I watched the scene. He looked over to me and said "What? Like its' bleeding now?" My nose had once again spontaneously and badly bled.

A family root explored

This is a second coincidence that I've posted - for some reason I know many - my family, who enjoy my stories as a mild distraction think that the reason I have them is that I'm just plain nosey and ask, say, a further 2 or 3 questions that then establish some link. So here's my second story: My father is from the west of Ireland, ear to the border with Roscommon and when my children were young we began visiting. Eventually we bought a small cottage - but a good 40 miles further west, by the sea in a place called Roonagh Quay. We didn't know the area well.

Transposition of Numbers.

Some years ago my family moved house. We stayed in the same area though and retained the same dialling code for our phone number. My daughter was at uni. in Leeds but was back for the summer vac. when we moved. She had given friends in Leeds her new home phone number prior to coming home for the move.<br /> After the last load had been taken to the new house, we took our helpers to a local hostelry for a "thank you " meal. As we walked into the pub the phone was ringing.


My Father was a very funny man, alays playing jokes on us, three Daughters and one Son. Unfortunately our Mother passed away on 8th October 1984, but dad was a strong man and carried on helping his friends out with gardening and shopping etc. but then he was very ill with cancer, and my Sister and l looked after him. My Sister's husband built and extra room on their cottage and put a hospital bed in there, and l would do the morning shift and Jackie the afternoon, even then he was still playing jokes etc.

Dental Records

I am a 56 year old dentist who sold my practice in 2009, all my patients continue to see me at the practice where I work as an associate about a mile away from the old practice. The old practice is an unoccupied unit on the first floor of a busy shopping centre. After all the equipment was moved out there was an electrical problem with the fuse blowing at the local sub-station.

Russian Roulette ?

At school in England in the fifties a swear word never crossed our lips- we were well brought up young ladies. However, one day in class I made an error and expleted "Oh Vladivostok ! " . This became an expression of frustration for evermore amongst my classmates. I had no knowledge of Vladivostok at all and I picked this out of a whole world of possible names. I could not have possibly have forseen that one day a beautiful little girl would be born there and that she would become my daughter -in law. Gloria Gillott

Psychic Phone Call to Mum Coincidence??

Around 5 years ago my husband, Steve, randomly decided to phone his mum Joan, for a catch-up chat. He picked up the receiver and was about to start dialing, only to discover his mum was already on the line. Turns out she'd had the same idea at exactly the same time. She told us that she had dialed our number which had connected, but hadn't yet started to ring.

Chance meeting

I was invited to a wedding of an acquaintance and, because I knew no one else there, I was sat with a table of strangers. I was chatting to a couple who told me that they had had a tiring day house hunting. It transpired that they had looked at a house that I was born in and had lived some 30 years previously. The wedding was in Hertfordshire, I was living in London and the couple were from Buckinghamshire I think. I had never met them before and have never seen them since.

same PIN number

a few weeks ago i asked my hubby to go to the cash machine for me, i passed him my card and reminded him of my PIN , to which my brother exclaimed - thats my pin number too!, we have our accounts with different banks and have both kept the pin the bank gave us

Open Church day at Mettingham suffolk

About two years ago - Mettingham Parish church ( Waveney Valley - nr. Beccles, Suffolk) held an open day with old village photographs and other miscellaneous old artefacts on display. I attended as did many other good folk on the open day. We were invited to sign the visitors book - which I did upon leaving the church. As I was leaving the porch - there was a chorus of shouting behind me - they were calling out my name ( Robin Richardson ). The man who was in the queue behind me - to also sign the visitors book was also a Robin Richardson.