Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

The number 8

As years have passed I am now retired, the number 8 still crops up frequently in my life. As a child we lived at a house with the number 80, round the corner lived my Nana at number 88. At that time it did.nt mean much until my parents moved to a house number 26. It was then that I started to add up any number I could think of that was relevant to us when I moved to house number 44! We owned three cars when I was young, Registration numbers were: HOL 989, SFH 611 and my mums car was KAB 44. All adding to 8 when added and reduced to a single number.

Past address on google maps

When referencing google maps the drop down window asks "would you like to use your current location" Don't allow. Allow. We pressed don't allow and therefore random global location appeared on the screen. Amazingly, the location showed a street in California which had been our home address 1967! What are the odds of this happening?

My Old Car

About 4-5 years ago my wife and I were on a Caribbean cruise. One evening at dinner on a table for 6 with 2 other couples who had all first met on the cruise, where dinner places are set at random, were discussing hobbies. When the conversation got round to me I said that I used to restore vintage cars. In reply to a query 'what cars' I said that the first car I restored was an old French car and I doubted that they would have heard of the name - 'It was a Delage'.

Cricketing Acquaintance

In 2004, I was on holiday in kephalonia (greek island), and I was sat reading a book Michael Atherton's Autobiography (England Cricket captain), I noticed across the other side of the pool another man reading the same book, an hour or so later I wondered across to buy a drink and on the way I stopped to talk to this chap, I asked him what he thought of the book, we had a chat for 5 minutes, as I was about to leave, i said that I noticed he had a strong lancashire accent and asked what part of the county he came from, he said Bury, I said that I used to live in Bolton 30 years ago and I pl


I was adopted and met my birth mother and father who a few years after my birth went on to marry and have a family together. I was in my 30s when I met them.

Watch that name.

I was sitting in a pub, enjoying a pint, when a total stranger stopped and stared down at me. I enquired what was wrong he said 'is that a Breitling Old Navitimer watch you are wearing' I replied 'yes', on that he rolled up his sleeve to reveal the same watch. I said 'that I collected watches' and he said the same. I informed him of several other watches I had and he replied he had them as well. Finally, I said by the way 'my name is John Davies' and he replied 'my name is John Davies'.

Psychic Phone Call to Mum Coincidence??

Around 5 years ago my husband, Steve, randomly decided to phone his mum Joan, for a catch-up chat. He picked up the receiver and was about to start dialing, only to discover his mum was already on the line. Turns out she'd had the same idea at exactly the same time. She told us that she had dialed our number which had connected, but hadn't yet started to ring.

Death and birthdays

My husband and daughter (we live in the suburbs bordering Kent and London), were going to France for a couple of days. Whilst waiting in the queue of cars waiting to drive onto the ferry at portsmouth, my husband was looking into the car next to him in disbelief. His cousin (who lives in Lancashire), was in the car alonsgside my husband with his wife and 2 children. They ended up getting the ferry together and having fun in France until my husbands cousin, continued his journey to Belgium.


In November 2011 my wife and I were in Hawaii on the last leg of our round the world trip. We booked a bus tour of the Island of Ohahu. On board were 10 other couples. The guide said he would read out the passenger names and we each had to say where we were from and add a few details to get to know one another. He read out a few names and then said "Stevenson" Two voices simultaneously said " Yorkshire, England," mine and another man. That's a coincidence I thought. So when we stopped at the first scheduled stop we approached each other.

Dental Records

I am a 56 year old dentist who sold my practice in 2009, all my patients continue to see me at the practice where I work as an associate about a mile away from the old practice. The old practice is an unoccupied unit on the first floor of a busy shopping centre. After all the equipment was moved out there was an electrical problem with the fuse blowing at the local sub-station.