Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Birth Date/Death coincidence

My aunt died today August 7th 2015 at 95 years old on the 15th birth day of my son today 8/07/2015. This is mind boggling to me. There has to be a meaning to it. Since my aunt has been on her death bed for days. Every one thought She was not going to make it the next day. or the next, or the next. She hang on and expired on my son's birth day. I just wish l can understanding this coincidence?

Colin MacDonald

I first worked overseas at the ripe old age of 32, spending a week on a drilling rig offshore from the Danish city of Esbjerg. 3 months later my twin brother also worked overseas for the first time, planting trees outside Esbjerg. We both live in northern Scotland which has no particular links to Denmark, especially a fairly minor town of 70,000 people. Neither of were looking for work in Denmark at the time, we were sent there by our respective employers.

Birth/Death Date Coincidences

Over the years I have often thought, hmmm, isn't that weird: so and so was born the same day so and so died. It wasn't until I started documenting the actual dates, that I realized how many in my family there are.

Photo of home town York appears on karaoke machine in Arctic Circle when friend sings Finnish song!

My girlfriend & I are currently on holiday in Finland visiting her parents (my girlfriend is Finnish). Over the weekend we took a 1500KM round trip North to visit a friend in Rovaniemi (the "official home of Santa" & boarder of the Arctic Circle). Last night we went to a karaoke bar in the city.

Birthday coincidence

I am in a sketch comedy group with four other people that has been active for several years, and throughout that time we have joked about titling one of our shows "A Death in the Family" due to the streak of tragedies in our lives: my mother's suicide, another's father's murder, the accidental slaying of a third's close friend, the childhood loss of yet a fourth's brothed, and a pair of difficult prognoses that will hopefully be disproven but bode ill for the parents of the last. Here's the kicker: I have the same birthday as the brother; the last has


In 2012 I was in The Cavern in Liverpool and met a 2 young Mexican couples who were travelling Europe. A week later I was saw them again at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Repeating Series of Numbers

For the past couple of years, two number sequences having been appearing quite frequently: 911 and 917 on my clocks and watch. The former is obvious, the latter is the month and day of my birth. I don't know enough about numerology to accept its answers, but my first response would be it's not credible. The situation clearly does not seem to be a coincidence, so what is it?

Cheap sneakers

I was just commenting on Facebook upon a story about a girl who got beat up for 'wearing the wrong trainers' and remarked that I was once laughed at for wearing trainers that were not one of the top brands by my neighbour. Mine were cheaper and outlasted his. Then Billy Joel came on TV and sang 'You get more milelage from a cheap pair of sneakers'.....!

It happens often and there a loads I can tell you.

someone looking at a book with over 3,000 films - I asked the person if he had seen the Limey - he was reading about it when I asked. I was across the room and could not see what he was reading. Said something and it appears on the TV - this can happen several times a week and then it won't happen again for months. There are a lot more.

Recurring name

As a journalist who writes about business and cars, I was at my office in a downtown Dallas high rise surfing the Internet about 10 a.m. when I came across an article in a British newspaper that seemed particularly well written (I think it was about the Iraq War). Scrolling up to find the byline, I looked at the name: "Jonathan Steele." At that EXACT moment, the phone rang and I picked it up. The caller introduced himself as "Jonathan Steele" and said he was calling to see if I was interested in using for ad listings.