Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

The Compton-Fermi incident

A few months ago (2003) I was at work. My mind was on my work when 'thought words' occurred into my mind: Arthur C. Compton. The name: "Arthur C. Compton" spontaneously emerged into my thought, for no reason. Immediately I stopped what I was doing then entered the name into the Search window. I did a search on the Internet for 'Arthur C. Compton' and got a link to a web document! It was a letter written in 1942. The document was labeled "Letter: Arthur C.

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Scrabble Coincidence (No I in TEAM!)

There was an all company meeting at work recently and as I sat down for the talk noticed that a scrabble set had been left out on one of the tables where somebody had been playing previously. I took 7 letters out and as I laid them on the green holder they spelt out TEAMI. I stopped at that point to tell everyone about this bizarre coincidence. There were two letters left over, but I hadn't got as far as putting them down, before showing everyone this!

Choosing a password

Choosing a password: This happened several years ago. I was changing my password at work a couple of weeks ago and got perturbed because I've run out of easy to remember passwords. I simply could not think of a new password. My mind wasn’t a blank though. Somehow my mind swarmed with ideas that were mostly connected to a book I had just finished reading Occult Symbolism in Alchemy and the Arts by Herbert Silberer. It was a remarkable book, although it is a description of certain kinds of experiences that wouldn’t mean anything to anyone that hadn’t had them.

Beethoven, Einstein and Mark Twain

In the late 1980's I was waiting for my bus, near a T-shirt imprint shop near the Pike Plade Market in Seattle when I noticed a large image of Einstein's head on one model. I'd begun to read some quantum physics authors (Paul Davies, David Bohn...) and had read 1,2,3, Infinity by George Gamow when I was in my mid twenties (1957) after my husband put it aside. But I had another reason for pausing to think about the 'head' of Einstein, so I decided to buy the T-shirt.

Late for Dr. Phil

Here's another one just for fun: This happened a few years ago: I was working then, on my way home, wanting to see the second part of a Dr. Phil program. but I was stuck in traffic. I glanced at my clock which read 3:14 at the moment. That's not unusual it happens so frequently. that I feel very odd that it just happens to be 3:14 when I glance at a clock. "Oh, well, I'm not going to make it." I thought, resigned but grateful that the show repeats later in the evening. Traffic moves ahead a bit and the auto next to me pulls ahead. his license tab is: 314 TOO.

When the world seems to know where you are, where you've been, where you are going, what you are thinking or have thought at some definite point in Time in your past.

When I was in my late 40's I was driving home from a basket ball game, late at night when a DEAD END sign ahead caused me to turn so that I drove onto a railroad exchange, totaling my car. My head was slammed against the top, all my inner soft content thrust upwards, against my throat, I couldn't breathe for a few minutes.

Parallel Lives

Started working with someone by chance and there was this immediate connection. Unknown to each other at first, we both brushed it off and then the coincidences shot off the chart. Now that we are actively sharing all of this information it's becoming mind numbing how wide and deep these coincidences have developed. This is what prompted me to start to research if there are others out there and i found this page. The only major differences right now are that I am male, she is female. Our birthdates are only days apart, yet 18 years separate us.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." ?

I have been living in G. for 20 years, but very often go back to H. I am often there, yearly 3 or 4 times... A year ago I went back - again; and there are some tensions in me, and some of these tensions surely originate from - have to do with - H. So i go back and would live there in a small flat. I feel very tense, I try meditation for about 20 or 30 minutes, it does not help at all and i decide: "you take a walk!" It is 1o o´clock in the evening, it is a small flat and I go out and decide to take a walk (what usually helps ).

Wish come true

Strange but true ------------- Twenty years ago I was in my house getting ready to leave for an important meeting which started promptly at 5pm. But since my car was in the garage for a few days I would have to walk. But as I left the house I noticed that it was already nearly 5pm, and it would take me at least 7 minutes to walk to the meeting -by which time the doors would be locked. Undaunted, I thought to myself: "If Nature wants me to get to this meeting (which was a group meditation session), then Nature will provide the means to get me there on time".