Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

The Lido Shuffle

On Saturday, Sept. 21st, 2013, my wife and I were heading to the "The Moose" restaurant here in town. On the way, “The Moose” FM radio station was playing Boz Scaggs’, “Lido Shuffle”. No coincidence there. I commented that this song reminded me of an old public school teacher that we once had, (who liked to dance to this song with his wife at local social functions back in the 70's). He sadly passed away a couple of years ago here in North Bay.

multiple encounters

I'd gone to the theatre in Rome on the 15th of September 2012 - 'As You Like It' by Shakespeare was playing. A play about hidden identities, feigning and love, of course. After the play my father had bumped into someone he had worked with, a young postgraduate named Matthew. We were introduced and he looked strangely at me. I went back home and thought about this man I'd met. I liked him, but I left it at that. A couple of days later he adds me on facebook. I do not accept the request but send a message asking if he'd tell me, in complete honesty, why he added me.

Shared aquaintance

So, I am at this year's Boomtown Festival, 35000 attending. I have foolishly lost my tent, and all my belongings, and become separated from my friend. For 12 hours, no money, no phone, no keys. I ask a few people if I can borrow their smartphone, so I can get onto my webmail contacts lists, to find the mobile number of my friend. But fail due to drained batteries and no mobile signal. Having all but given up hope, I randomly ask a lass if I might borrow her smartphone, same reason. Fortunately, she has battery and signal.

Friday the 13th

I do apologize for posting this not in all respects frenetic story again, but the one posted yesterday - on the 13th, Friday - remained full of mistakes . (It can be considered as my personal disaster on such a gloomy day. ) ... This is the second time within less than 2 years that I traveled on a Friday on the 13th. There is absolutely nothing "mystical" about this. These were cheap flights and because lots of people are superstitious they are reluctant to choose such a day.

A convenient flat rental.

In the late 90s I worked as a doctor in Queensland for a couple of years. I'd let my flat in Gosport but with several months to run the tenants gave notice to move out. I wasn't going to let the flat again, preferring to leave it empty as I would be returning in a few months. Then someone told me that an Australian doctor (whom I'd met a few times) at the local hospital was going to England in the near future for a few months, and might be looking for somewhere to live, so I called him and let him know I had a flat that would be available shortly.

school and canal boats

In 1992 my husband & I commissioned a narrowboat from the Calcut Marina, nr Napton Warwickshire. After it was fiited out we arranged a mooring at the marina next to an old narrowboat and found the owner (ian) had attended the same school (William Morris Technical School) as we had in Walthamstow, London. Ian was some years older than us and had been there in late 1930s. My husband had left in 1949 and me in 1956, so none of our paths had never crossed. We lived in Hampshire and Ian (now deceased) lived in Sussex. Ian & his wife eventually sold their boat and it was moved away.

birthday coincidence

My two sons share the same birthday, 5 years apart, 12th October. My older brother was also born on the same date and last year his son, my nephew, became the father of a son on 12 October.

Lucy Loves Music

About seven years ago I made a friend with a woman named 'Lucy' on Myspace. I was attracted to her profile because of the lovely painting she used for her profile picture. 'Lucy' was a music teacher from San Francisco, and although I used to live near there, this was not the basis of our coincidence. We emailed each other for several months about Thanksgiving, recipes, San Francisco and families. One day we were instant messaging and I happened to mention that my then-husband was Welsh.

Surprising Repetitions

While shopping in the town centre in Cardiff I went into St John's church to light a few candles and have a snack and a hot drink in the little café there. I started talking to a lady . It was the first time that we had met. We both had lived in the same area of Cardiff at different times and she still attended a social club there for senior citizens. I mentioned my aunty June who I knew as being a very active member at the club. We had lost touch and I had not seen her for many years. She knew her and I asked her to please remember me to her.

Bart Gets Hit by a Car

We go out in Brighton with my friend Grant, jumping from empty bar to empty bar, and end up in one with an arcade machine that has a game called Hex on it, one of my favourite games. We play a couple of times, and one of the categories at one point is Simpsons Episodes, which we of course choose. I get the answer, it is "Bart Gets Hit by a Car". The following morning we go to have breakfast, we find a place round the corner from the hotel and sit by the window.