Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

meeting someone I have not met in years

I met my friend ami in a store and I have not seen her in 3 years

Simultaneous call

My brother and I call each other at most once a year. A few years ago, I decided to give him a ring. It wasn't either of our birthdays or anything like that, I just thought he might appreciate the effort. When I picked up the telephone, as I listened to make sure I had a dial tone, I heard his voice on the line. He had just called but the phone had not had a chance to ring before I had picked it up.

met again

We were travelling to a suburb of London in my father's vintage car and stopped at motorway services. Someone stopped and complimenting my father on the car, chatted a little with him. We continued on our journey went to several places when we arrived, and several hours later we need to find a particular road. We slowed to ask a pedestrian if they knew where this road was. He was the same person who had admired the car earlier in the day. (He recognised the car, my father didn't initially recognise him.) The purpose of his journey had been to visit his brother for lunch.

Birthday Coincidence

I was reading this site for the first time yesterday. I am fascinated with a few coincidences that have left an impression on me, and therefore left me interested in coincidences in general. I am hoping to post them here, but while all that was fresh in my mind, one occurred yesterday on my birthday. OK, so 1 in 365 people have their birthday the day after Christmas, no big deal. I went to the pharmacy, "Birth date please...", I answered "12/26/66" and the technician proceeded to fetch my order.


My wife was born on 22/1, got married 22/9, first child born 22/6, second 22/1 and third 22/5! What are the odds of that?!

passing cars

A narrow winding country lane with a few passing places and 2 cars randomly driving in opposing directions. The frequency of coinciding at or near the passing place seems higher than the frequency of one car needing to reverse a considerable distance. The passing places often look well worn. I was explaining it to a friend who was driving. It happened. "Your case in point, right there" he said. I was unsurprised yet am still intreagued as to the possible mechanism. I've tried to rule out 'forgetting the times one has to reverse' for I know they are relatively few.

Living down the street from myself.

I've lived in a small town in Alabama for 20 years. It wasn't till my last birthday, April 13th 2013, that a friend of mine came to me to tell me she almost got in a fight with a girl she works with over me. Not understanding I asked how. She said, that after she attended my birthday party she posted it on Facebook. The next day a co-worker started asking why she was attending a party she wasn't even at. My friend replied that she in fact did and showed her the pictures. The co-worker stepped back and said that's not possible. She asked why.

A spy or a crossword puzzle maker?

Sixty years ago today, a four-letter word appeared as a solution in The Daily Telegraph's crossword that was to have repercussions that have reverberated down the years to today. The four-letter word was Utah, innocent enough you might think, but in May 1944 a word pregnant with meaning. Utah was the codename for the D-Day beach assigned to the 4th US Assault Division.

Gingerbread House

20:17 - the same evening as the Ginger Bread Man coincidence and the TV runs George Clarke's Amazing Small Spaces is on and guess where he visits - a 'Gingerbread House'..........I am beginning to think I maybe Hansel....

Godwin's Law

Following on from 'The Gingerbread Man' - my channel surfing other half switched channels to find THE BUNKER was on.