Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Argentinian encountered

I'll try to do this as briefly as possible. Two years ago a friend and I took a trip to a beach in Mexico (we're both Mexicans but we live in the city) where among the people we met was the hostel's night watcher, a young argentinian man. We went on with our lives and a couple months back we decided to go out for some beers near my place in Mexico city.

Branches of the family

Some years ago, I was staying with my parents in Swanage Youth Hostel during a half-term weekend away from our home in Hertfordshire. We were self-catering, so had a box of food labelled with our - rather unusual - surname (Heydecker).. While my mother was making dinner, two couples who knew each other came into the kitchen, and - seeing the label - one commented that they knew some Heydeckers and the others replied that so did they.

Double Win

My friend invited me to his golf club Pro-Am. There were prizes for good play and one drawn from a hat with 250 names. My name came out. 4 weeks later, I invited the same friend to the Pro-Am at my club. Same deal: prizes for good play and one drawn from a hat. Yes, you guessed it: his name came out of the hat with 120 entrants. The prize: a week's golf in Mauritius! It would be nice to know e odds?

Same birthday as dad!

I was born May 15th 1982.y dad was born May 15th 1962. Which of course is exactly 20 years apart. We both weighed exactly 6 lbs. 10 oz and both of us was exactly 19 and 3/4 in. Long. He always said I was the best gift ever. We have the same likes and dislikes as well as personality.

My friend and I have matching house keys

I had known my friend for several years. She lived about a mile from me and during that time we had frequently swapped keys so we could feed one another's pets or water the plants. For a couple of years I even had a spare key for her which I kept in a dish in my hall. It was attached to a key fob which had a photograph of her daughter on it, and this meant I could always identify it as my friend's key rather than one of ours. One day I noticed my husband, who was unable to find his own key, had used this spare key to lock our front door!


My daughters birthday is 4/6/2007 i often get receipts with the price of $4.67 when i was a cashier my box code 467 thats a strange event in my life

A-level class revisited,15 years on

I called a school friend out of the blue, who I hadn't seen in a few months. He said that he was busy and going to a workshop that afternoon. So was I so I asked and it happened to be the same one. When we arrived, another person arrived and sat next to us. She had briefly taken the same A-level class at sixth form and sat next to us then. What seemed odd was that this was at the House of Commons in a group of about 15.

Thousands of miles reduced to yards.

I and my partner were on holiday in South Africa for the Christmas of 1999. We were B&B-ing at a place in Constantia. One day we decided to visit Cape Town by train rather than the hire car. Returning to the B&B in the afternoon we came across a Ristorante, which looked good enough for a visit that evening, so we did. The woman running the Ristorante, of Italian stock, took it upon herself to speak to all customers. So she obviously recognised us as Brits rather than Locals.

Family Connections!!

A number of my ancestors have been placed in the cemetery at Blackford in Perthshire. A few years ago when I was visiting the cemetery whilst trying extend my family tree I came across two specific gravestones of a number relating to my family. These headstones were for two different people of different families, one male and one female, aged 21 and 82 respectively. According to the headstones they had died on the same day i.e. same day, same month, same year. Perhaps nothing too exceptional about that, but one surname was Hally the other was Hardie, both families local to Perthshire.

I can't breath

In the 2007 animated feature voiced by Jerry Seinfeld. there is a brief scene showing an old lady being arrested by the police. she is restrained by having her head pushed down on to a street cafe table. Her words whilst this is going on are "I can't breath". Bringing to mind the recent news story (2014) regarding the death of a man during an arrest in America.