Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Coincidence 666

just wanted to add that I happened to switch on 'Star Gazing' when they were tasting Ardbeg whisky - the whisky i had bought out of a theme of coincidence. I noted they were saving money or something as they had not got the actual space whisky, marketed as the space whisky, there again this one sold as the space whisky wasn't the drink used in the official space station experiments, anyway?

Lizzy Hill

Further to the coincidences I posted regarding the number 666, I was again drawn back to the place where the coincidence began, when someone said they grew up near there, through a poem on whisky. It mentioned ~Ardbeg which is the name of a whisky distillery and the name of the road where I lived. I heard the poem on whiskies around the same time I was thinking of the place i lived where my connections with the number 666 began due to noting that street on a map on the wall in Marble Arch, ran into the road where the person grew up near.

Identical twins who's partners were each born on same day as our parents died and share same first name initial

YyMy now husband Shane, was born 28th May, the same day my father Steve died...both names start with 'S'. My twin sisters fiance, Paul was born on 26th March, the same day our Mum Pamela died..both names beginning with 'P'. Both Months starting with 'M'... March and May. Mum died day after my dad's birthday on 26th March. Dad was born on 27th March. Mum was born 1st May. Hey...strange... Has anyone else out there got the same crazy coincidence? :)

3 birthdays

I am the father of 3 children and two of them, born 8 years apart, share my birthday. I have read and listened on radio 4 to David discuss the probability that there would be 8 families in the uk with 3 children in a family sharing a birthday; but I wonder - is it any more or less likely for a parent and 2 children?


My dear Mother passed away on the 16th January 2014 the day before my fortieth birthday. In her Eulogy the family had contributed memories and facts about her life, where she lived what she enjoyed particular I recalled how she used to enjoy bingo at he commodore club with her mother when she was alive which was at least 25 years ago. Yesterday a friend at work asked me if I would like to go to the commodore bingo (the very same place friend had no idea the content of the Eulogy or anything about my Mum, I never heard anyone outside my immediate family mention that place).

10th January

My birthday is January 10th 1951. My mother died on 10th January 2011 at approx. 4 am. My father died on January 10th 2014 at 3.30am.

January 10th

My birthday is January 10th 1951. On January 10th 2011 my mother died at approx. 4 o'clock in the morning, and then on January 10th 2014 my father died at approx. 3.30 in the morning.

8 family members born on the same day diffrent years

me and my sister are born the same day exactly a year apart to the day and its our grandmothers birthday along with three cuosion's and my great great aunts birthday and my great great great grand fathers birthday

ALIG8R Number-plate

Taking my four year old Grand-daughter to play group in Auckland today we said, "See you later alligator. In a while crocodile." as we left for the short two min drive. Pulling out onto the main road the car in front had the number-plate ALIG8R! Personalised number-plates are quite common in New Zealand.

Cross-border coincidence

Several years ago I lived and worked in Zambia, having lived in the UK my entire life before that. While I was there I briefly worked on a magazine with a Zambian woman who had never lived or worked in the UK. </p> <p>Three or so years after I returned to the UK I arranged to meet a friend in a cafe in London. I had never been to the cafe before though it was close to my office. While there I realised that I recognised someone. It turned out to be my old colleague and friend from Zambia. She had - unbeknownst to me - moved to the UK to complete her Masters.