Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Falling vase

Above my bed i have a shelf and on that shelf i have had, for years, a pottery vase. I tend to change the end of my bed i sleep at every now and again and at the time i was sleeping with my head below the vase. For a couple of months i slept with my head at that same end of the bed but then one night i woke up and for some reason changed the way i was lying in my bed. The next morning i woke up and was feeling really tired when suddenly i was woken by a massive crash as the vase fell off my shelf, shattering exactly where i had been lying when i went to bed that night.

Moon and sun

I'm sure this has been posted before but if not I'm very interested in the probability that 3 celestial bodies (sun, moon and earth) can form apparently near perfect eclipses. Is there a astronomical reason for this and if not what are the chances? What are the chances that you are inundated with seemingly random events after going onto BBC - high. Thanks Mark

Just weird stuff.

I am able to record coincidences in my day. They are extremely frequent and have no reason or purpose yet they happen anyways. A few short ones are I was driving behind a corvette with a DARE license place. He was driving like an asshole so I noticed it because I was paying attention. Later that night I was having a conversation with my friend and he mentioned the DARE program as a joke. Kinda odd. The other night I had a thought to myself about how when I was a child I was really afraid of letting balloons go in the air.

Broken glasses

in our sixth form common room I playfully lobbed a ball at the back of our Head Girl's head. Unfortunately she turned around and the ball knocked off her glasses - breaking them.<br /> About a month later I was entering the Gym for a. PE lesson when I saw a loose rugby ball. I just kicked it and it went about ten yards along the ground before jumping up into the face of our Head Boy - knocking off his glasses and breaking them. Thus in the space of a month I inadvertently broke both the Head Girl and the Head Boys' glasses.

coincidence or deeper meaning??

its funny you should have a picture of a clock at 12:34 as this is my recurring coincidence. for sum time now is seems that when ever i look at my phone clock watch for the time its always at for example 22:22 or 12:34 and so on. whats most bizarre about this to me is the fact that i dont need to know the time when i look its just something that i do, not because i have an appointment or have to be somewhere just because at that moment in time i feel the urge to know the time and almost everytime its as i call it perfect time i.e 12:34,00:00,11:11 and so on.

Finding a J M W Turner artwork

In Sept 2013, my wife and I spent a weekend in Stamford, Lincolnshire. We were following a self-guided tour of the town's Georgian history which stopped right outside the door to our lodgings, an old coaching inn on the High Street. Apparently, Turner himself had visited Stamford in the 1830s and had painted a watercolour of the stage coach arriving at this very inn. I was intrigued and spent the evening trying to find a picture of the artwork on the internet but with no luck. The next day we left for home in Cheshire via a very circuitous and almost random route.

Career Paths

In 1974 there were three engineers working for the Electricity Supply authority in Zambia (Zesco), one in the Commercial department, one was Chief Draughtsman and I was Senior Planning Engineer. Our careers took very different paths but in 1982 the three of us met up again. We were all working in what was then North Yemen and each of us was a Resident Engineer, one in Sana'a, the Capital and the other two of us in the other main towns of Taiz and Hodeidah.

Two Holes in One a month apart, same hole, same course

Last summer, playing golf with three friends on a course several miles away, my game was of normal average quality (I am a 80-year old amateur who has only played since retirement). At tee no. 8 (130 yard hole) I took a 5 iron and made a better than average drive. To general amazement the ball reached the green and disappeared down the hole. The first hole in one that I have ever achieved!

bank pin numbers

After meeting my brother I had not seen for a few years. We went for a drink and both stopped at the cash machine he noticed that our pin numbers were same. Both of us were with the same bank and neither of us had changed the random generated number from the bank. What are the odds of brothers both getting the same number from the same bank with accounts set up in completely different cities?

Same birthday, 4 of us, but all different years

My DOB is 16-04-1953. My brother's DOB is 16-04-1955. In 1960 we moved into a newly built house in Horley, Surrey. A couple of months later a family moved into the house next door, with 2 children, a girl and a boy. We had never heard of or met them before. But it turned out the girl's DOB is 16-04-1954 and her brother's birthday is 16-04-1956. How rare is that?