Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Date of Birth

I have now met 2 people who share the same date of birth as me. Same day, month and year. One was born in the same hospital as me and I met him at the age of 35. The other I met in South Korea whilst teaching out there. I have contact with both people and earlier this year I was working here in the UK with one twin and teaching online in Korea for the other twin. What are the odds of this situation happening?

Living on the same street 20000km from our home town

Hi, I have migrated from Eastern Europe to Australia in the 90s after graduating from Uni. A few years after i settled in Sydney my Mum came to visit me for a few months stay. She told me about a lovely family she met on the train while visiting a neighboring country before coming to Sydney in order to obtain her Australian Tourist visa. The family were getting their permanent residence visa to migrate to Australia. During my Mother's visit I met by chance my new neighbors from the same background living one block away from my place.

Ongoing, Frequent, Coincidental Occurances

These occur so often I have begun documenting~mostly a thought or image of a word, a person, an event and within hours, usually, that experience reappears in some form. Only this morning, I glanced at the phone, had a sense it would ring and who was calling and I was exact. Oddly, I was speaking of a missing hubcap to our camp trailer to someone....that night, someone had lost one, and it was in my front lawn the following morning. Same color as the missing one. On another evening, I was commenting to a family member how grateful I was she had found my missing black pair of pants.

3 Different Cities, Same Street Names

I just realized that I have lived at 3 different homes with nearly the same street names as an adult. 122 E Park Place 123 Parkway Drive 224 E Park Avenue It just seems a little too unusual to me. I kept wanting to call my current home on Park Ave. Park Place but didn't remember that I had actually lived on Park Place 25 years ago until just recently.

Ex- spouses dying in different states on the exact day

My husband had been estranged from his father for 17 yrs. Every year, I would check secretly to see if he was still around.This last saturday, I found on the computer that he had passed on may 15, 2013, in CA. My husband was upset and remorseful and mad. He had spent summers with his dad's then new wife and his dad when he was a teen. They divorced at some point. He asked me to try to find the ex-wife so he could see if she knew what had happened. Only to find that she died on the exact same day and year in MT. They were ten yrs apart and both died of heart attacks.

cousins hiking in Wyoming

My brother Jay and wife are in their 60's and vacationing in Alaska earlier this month and then headed south into western US for hiking....There was a family reunion in NY 7/4th weekend with my cousins....including cousin Marti and her family.......They headed west after that weekend....My brother Jay and my cousin Marti had no idea they were both headed to western US.....A couple of days ago Jay and Laura were walking down a trail in Wyoming and said to a young man "go Steelers" since he had a Steelers shirt on....That family of 5 was going up the mountain trail....As they pass

An immediate answer.

I was making coffee this afternoon when I decided to open and vote the mail-in ballot that's been laying on the counter about 10 days. I marked my choices but when I tried to put the ballot into the envelope, it was sealed. I wondered aloud what I was supposed do so my ballot wouldn't be disqualified or mailed back. Then I heard the television report a news bit that a different glue had been used on the mail in ballots and that it was ok to open the envelope, insert the ballot and tape the envelope.

Two coincidences while holidaying in Hawaii

While on our way from New Zealand to Flagstaff Arizona to attend the 9th International Conference On Teaching Statistics (ICOTS9), my wife and I had several days' holiday in Hawaii staying at the quiet end of Waikiki Beach near the Honolulu Aquarium. While swimming on the beach we got talking to another tourist who told us that he lived in Winslow Arizona, just 60 miles away from Flagstaff, and that his surname was Winslow.

777 7. 7.

In reference to "Birthday plain crash" ( posted 18. July ) I would like to mention that last year´s "San Francisco Boeing 777 Crash" occurr ed on the 7th of 7th .

My one and single pen friend

I have had only ONE pen friend in my life. (By "pen friend" I define a single partner in a continuous communication whom I have never met personally. ) I was reading "coincidence stories" in a web portal and HER story had the strongest appeal to me... We exchanged several emails and lots of coincidences occurred, some of them I would qualify "extraordinary"..., but it is only recently that I caught sight of her birthday on her Facebook: exactly the same es mine.