Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Birthday coincidence

In light of the familiar birthday problem I often share a wonderful coincidence of birthdays in my family. My sisters were born on the same day of the year seven years apart. My wife also has siblings, not twins, who share a birthday--the same as my sisters'.

Small world San Jose

I was traveling for business to Monterey, CA from my office near Las Cruces, NM with flight in/out of San Jose, CA. While refueling the rental auto at a gas station very close to San Jose Airport, I looked on the other side of the pump and there was one of my co-workers from NM -- also refueling his rental auto. However, he was not on business, he was about half way through his two-week vacation driving through various wine-making regions of CA. We just happened to pick the same pump, same gas station, same town and same time.


Today I was thinking of making website that would collect people's coincidences.

simultaneous events

I was reading something and someone else in the room say the same word exactly when i read it in my mind. On another day I was talking to someone and my brother was reading something, he said "what did you say?" and he showed me a word I said that was in something he was reading. This was a long time ago and I don't remember what the words were but they were not the same word. Two words on two different occasions. Two people phone each other at the same time.. that happened to me too.

what are the chances?

Fringe Festival season in Edinburgh. My friend A emails me to say a mutual friend, R, has had his house in central Edinburgh struck by lightning. His email title is "What are the chances?" So after sending a sympathetic email to R, I ponder on the improbability of lightning striking a medium height building in the middle of a city. I sleep a peaceful night and wake to iplayer on my iphone. Tune to Brian Cox's "Infinite Monkey Cage" but having already heard the latest episode I dozily click at random on an early episode.


Hi, I have always had feelings or instincts that tell me what is about to happen. I do not always feel this every single time, however when i do my feeling is always right. For example, i am a rower, and sometimes before a race, i will get this feeling that im going to win or lose this particular race. Or ill get a feeling that ill get an A in an exam. These instincts will always be right. I understand these could just be coincidences, but every single time they are right; this seems strange to me. Thanks for reading, Georgia

In reference to "Date of Birth"

The Odds to meet one with the same date of birth (day, month, year ) I would figure appr. 1:30000, but it differs according to which month one was born . In the Continental sphere significantly more people are born in July, Aug., Sept. than in the winter months...

Date of Birth

I have now met 2 people who share the same date of birth as me. Same day, month and year. One was born in the same hospital as me and I met him at the age of 35. The other I met in South Korea whilst teaching out there. I have contact with both people and earlier this year I was working here in the UK with one twin and teaching online in Korea for the other twin. What are the odds of this situation happening?

Living on the same street 20000km from our home town

Hi, I have migrated from Eastern Europe to Australia in the 90s after graduating from Uni. A few years after i settled in Sydney my Mum came to visit me for a few months stay. She told me about a lovely family she met on the train while visiting a neighboring country before coming to Sydney in order to obtain her Australian Tourist visa. The family were getting their permanent residence visa to migrate to Australia. During my Mother's visit I met by chance my new neighbors from the same background living one block away from my place.