Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Significant Other Simultaneous Notifications

My name is Marcus and I live in California. My significant other lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Needless to say we text and call each other a lot in order to communicate and keep the relationship strong. However during the 6 months that we have dated there have been several odd occurrences where we have either texted or called each other at literally the exact same moment. These simultaneous occurrences have happened at all times of the day and continue to happen.


In 1954, my Dad attended an advanced military course. Also open to NATO forces, he shared a table with an Italian officer. Comparing notes on their activities during WWII, they noted that they had been at the same Italian village. With the American advance, Dad led his infantry platoon into the village where they became pinned down by small arms fire. The Italian officer told him that he was providing the small arms fire to cover for his unit that was trying to escape the village. So, Dad had now met a man that had shot at him.


In December 2012, we called a local church (we had never attended) to make a contribution, and were told a member would come to our house to pick up. When he arrived, we thought his name was familiar and found that my wife and I met at his 50 miles distant grandparents house 50 years ago. Further, his uncle was best man at our wedding in 1964. Gary


In 1964, my wife and I were married in Alexandria, VA and traveled across the US to a new life in Sacramento, CA. As new members of a local church, we were asked to speak as half of the program for the evening. When we got to the church, we found the other half of the program was another new couple... recently arrived from Alexandria, VA. My wife had been their baby sitter in Alexandria. Gary


In October 2013, watching TV, my son was surfing and stopped on a showing of North and South. The scene had an actress which I recalled but couldn't remember her name. I departed into the bedroom to pick up a Carl Hiaasen novel to read and on the second page it referred to a Morgan Fairchild Look Alike Contest. Although not relevant to anything else in the book, it was the actress whom I couldn't identify. Gary

Family Connection

In about 1952, when I was 10 years old, my family planned a trip to the Los Angeles area from Sacramento to visit my mother's aunt, who lived in Alhambra. My father's mother reminded him that he also had an aunt in the Los Angeles area well and that he should consider visiting her as well. He told her that he didn't know where she lived but that he would call her when we got down there. When we got to mom's aunt's house, she wasn't home, so we went into the back yard to wait for her.

Meeting Friends in the Airport

As a child, I lived in Columbia, Maryland for 5 years. We moved to Frankfurt, Gemany when I was 13. About a year and a half after living in Frankfurt, I was with a friend taking his friend to Frankfurt International Airport so he could return to the United States. As we were standing in line at the ticket counter, a girl turned around and we immediately recognized each other- she and her family lived across the street from us when we lived in Columbia, Maryland.

My Wife's Family

When my future wife and I met in 1986 we got to know each other a bit, and then, had about a two year break when we didn't see each other hardly at all (she thought I was too shy and timid). In 1988, we met again through a mutual friend and began dating seriously. We found many similarities in the names in our families: Her mother's name is Della Mae- my grandmother has the same name. She has two nieces- Missy and Mandy. I have two cousins- Misty and Mandy. Her nephew's name is Galen. I have an Uncle Gaylan. Guess it was just meant to be!

Remarkable link to an object over significant distance and time

Travelling from Australia (where my family lives) to Sweden with my Dad (67) to visit his homeland and upon visiting a school friend he had not seen in over 55 years, discovering the friend's wife had bought a cookbook originally belonging to my late grandmother (15 years previous) from a secondhand store (her distinctive name was written inside). The new owner of the book didn't even know of the potential link until our visit and a chance perusal through the book. She kindly gave it to me and it is now a cherished heirloom.

Invisible phone line

My partner and I seem to have some odd connection. We met two years ago. We both have daughters called Rosie in the fashion industry. Our mothers' best friends were both called Nola. Our fathers were both actors (we met on a farm in NZ, not a theatre). There is more of that sort of thing.<br /><br /> But what is most extraordinary is the number of times we call/text each other simultaneously, even after days apart. A couple of weeks ago Eliza was away working, as she often is.