Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Same job, same London flat

At work there were just two other people with the same job title as me in a large organisation. Talking to one of them, who was at least 10 years younger than me, about areas of London we'd lived in, we found out that we'd lived in exactly the same flat about 10 years apart. It wasn't close to the place of work and each of us had moved in only because we had known someone else living there (not a mutual acquaintance).

Birthday Coincidence

Last year I went to dinner with a friend for her birthday. She had invited 3 other women, none of whom I had ever met. Since it was a birthday dinner we were talking about our birthdays, and we found that 3 out of the 4 of us invited shared the same birthday. Not year, only month and day, February 1st, but it was still very coincidental! Angie


I was born on the 27th of the 7th 1942.My housenumber was 7.On the 7th of the 7th 1987 I survived a head on collision in which I broke my neck, and according to my doctor very lucky to have survived.Unbeknown to me my present partner watched me being wheeled into A&E.She was in the hospital waiting for a bed for her husband. He died a few hours later.We met a few years later and were both astonished at the coincidences of sevens.I had divororced and moved into a house numbered 107 and my partner lived in No 7. We now live in No 62

Beyond mere coincidence

I moved across the US 3,000 miles away from a small obscure town in California to a small obscure town in Maryland. On my very first day I went to a local supermarket two miles from the house and as I was walking in the store a man walked out who I recognized. He was a former co-worker who I had last seen two years prior in that small town in California. We were completely floored to see each other.

Places I lived.

1. I was waiting in line at hardware store in Houston when a long plank someone had leaned against the counter slid down and bonked me on the head. I had to sit down for a minute, stunned. After a few minutes, the cashier said he had taken the name and address off the check of the customer whose plank it was (in case i wanted to pursue it, although it should be store responsible, not the customer). I did not want to, but I took a glance at it-- the address was an apartment building I had previously lived at, including the same apartment number. 2. I met a girl in a bar and we were chatting.


I was driving along and stop just before the lights which was red, I was playing a particular song on my CD then out of the blue a individual walked in front of my car and came to my window which was open at the time and dropped an album inside at first i thought it was something dodgy, i looked to see where the person was but he had disappeared when i picked up the album it was the person i was listening to on my CD.


i had the same 3 images used in a text love affair some 10 years ago, as my wife used in a recent on-line love affair recently, not just similar but the exact same items


Whilst researching Carl G Jung and synchronicity for my dissertation, my husband turned the TV on and the program mimicked the exact same words As I read them in perfect synchronisation....the contexts of my reading and the TV program were entirely unrelated...but the string of words were exact....very odd! I took it as a good omen with regards to my writing.

The number 69

I had my horse freeze marked, I had no choice in the numbers they are totally random - the only two numbers amongst the letters were 69 I bought an old Landrover, I didn't notice until I had it that the number plate said 69 (no other numbers) I moved house, when we got the paperwork I noticed the house number is 69 I started a new job, got my payslip and my payroll number is 69! What are the chances of that?

Family connections

I will have to shorten this story quite a bit! - I originate from Hertfordshire and moved to Norfolk 14 years' ago. Some time ago I was investigating my family tree and friended my mother's 2nd cousin on facebook. A little while ago I noticed a picture of him in my local pub, when I asked him what he was doing there he told me he lived down the road (in the village my son went to school) - quite a coincidence being as this side of my family were from West Susses.