Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Eerily bizarre unlikely place meet... twice !

I am from a small town in a small country in Central America, which many people get surprised and often tell me you are the first one for you country Ive ever met ! So imagine me running to catch a metro in Barcelona, Spain when suddenly I saw a friend with his family in the same metro station!!

Starbucks Run In - ESP?

I looking to return to the workforce after a very long "maternity leave". Today was the first day in some time that I was able to find a babysitter so that I could get out of the house to prep for an interview. I usually go to the Starbucks down the street from my house to work, but I decided last minute to stop into a consignment shop that was a few doors down from a Starbucks further away. While waiting for my coffee, I had this strange feeling that I was going to bump into my former colleague in that very Starbucks. I knew who he'd be there with.

Godwin's Spongebob

Whilst discussing 2 threads on Facebook,one concerning animal rights and the incidence of Godwin's law (the potential to mention Hitler, I happened upon a mickey take of the ' Don't tell him,Pike' sketch from dad's Army - and posted this to my thread,as it mentioned 'Hitler is a twerp'. At the exact same moment,the remoaner who was on the other thread said 'Are we going to do this dance again?' and posted Spongebob dancing. Perhaps there should be a new law of the potential to use Spongebob Squarepants.

Time to Shine

Just home from shopping, I decided to play the track 'SHINE' on Amazon's Alexa. Part way through the song the advert for Wrigley's chewing gum came on which uses the tag line 'Time to Shine'. I know we're in the age of targeted marketing -but that is ridiculous!

meeting in a Marrakesh suburb

While on holiday in Marrakesh, I got a little lost and ended up in a nondescript area north of the centre. I sat down at a cafe and spied a work colleague (around 100 of us). We couldn't quite believe it. When this happens at Euston Station, it's not a coincidence; but if it happens in the Moroccan equivalent of Kilburn, I think it's quite a good one.

Words come together

While riding in the car, I turned my head to the right and saw a sign which read, “Wildfire,” at the exact instance that a radio news correspondent said the word, “wildfire.”

I should listen to my boyfriend

Years ago, I fell in love with a long instrumental harp and shakuhachi flute track playing on the radio, and called the station to find out more. It was called "Heavensent" by Japanese composer Osamu Kitajima from his CD "The Source." I went to my nearest music store in Iowa to find it, and the clerk told me it was out of print. I couldn't go on eBay or Amazon: these were the dark ages before they existed. But I searched in retail and used CD stores for at least a year with no luck.

Shirty golfer

Some years ago I acquired a shirt from a discount shop when I bulk-bought a load of summer shirts. I have never worn it. A few days ago, we were packing for a trip away and I thought it would suit the weather. Within the trip, I specifically decided to wear that shirt today. Having put the shirt on, I sat to catch up with my Facebook feed. A local organisation had posted an link to video item that was broadcast on ITV yesterday. It was a celebration of a local tourist golfing attraction, Brown’s in Sandown on the Isle of Wight.

Same name, same street

When I was in primary school I went to a French, English bilingual school. Having a French father meant that I had been given the name Aurélia and the ability to speak French despite having lived in New Zealand for my whole life. In my whole lifetime, I have only ever met one other person name Aurélia, and she just so happened to go to the same school as me. We were in the same class, and after getting to know her I discovered that she lived in the same street as me. Quelle surprise!

Coincidence or Coincidence?

Coincidence or Coincidence??? • When I met him he was dating a girl named Christine, whom he called by the nickname Chris. • He dumped Chris to be with me. By the way, my nickname is Jenny and his name is Daniel. • Daniel’s mum’s name was also Jenny, whose husband was married to a woman named Christine before they got together. Daniel's grandmother was Jenny and her grandad was Frederick. My brother's name is Frederick. • Anyway, Daniel and I got together but 11 years later got separated because he hooked up with another woman named Kris, whose nickname is K.