Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Found months later

Walking (not ambling) in a public park with my sister one late afternoon (sun going down), I lost a bead off my silver hair stick, I had lost the other hair stick of the pair months earlier, I don't know where. I said we should look for the bead when we loop back around the track. Well, I forgot to look and after we had passed the area where I thought I had lost it, I said as much. Within moments, I looked down and noticed a silver stick on the gravel walkway. It was the silver hair stick I had lost months earlier. I felt like I had just emerged from some kind of time/worm hole.

Peter Pan Superman

I want to relate a couple of things that happened the last time my brother called over.These are very similar instances that I have related before - synchronous instances of the TV with conversation. The first case involved a remark Mel Gibson made about the tendency of modern mixed race families to result in what he termed 'blended' offspring.

Almost twins?

Driving one evening for dinner on our first date, I told this beautiful young woman that we could celebrate my birthday at dinner. She replied that we could celebrate hers too. "Wow, what a coincidence", I said. "And where were you born?" "Boston", she replied. "Wow, me too." "At what hospital?" I asked. "The US Naval Hospital," she replied.

Wha-hey Wilson

I was just reading the online METRO newspaper whilst watching London's Burning on TV. I read one story about anglers that mistook a basket-ball covered in barnacles as a human head. I posted this on facebook suggesting that maybe they'd found Tom Hanks's WILSON from his CASTAWAY film. At that moment the TV referred to 'Mr Wilson' as one character Mike Wilson was on trial on a car crash charge.

Strawberry Birthmark

I’m a writer. When I was about 7 months pregnant with my son I wrote a story about a boy with a strawberry birthmark on his forehead. I have no idea where I got that detail, it just came to me as I was writing. Two months later I gave birth to my son, and he had a red birthmark right in the middle of his forehead, much like I described in my story.

I hate coincidences.

Yesterday evening, I was thinking deeply about a past relationship. I decided I would drive by my former 'somewhat significant others' apartment. They live nearby, so it wasn't inconvenient, but I do typically avoid the area. As i'm nervously praying, stomach in knots, I see him. Walking his dog. I drive by. Checking in my rear-view mirrors to see if I can catch a last glance. Things ended on bad terms, so I was not inclined to stop for a chat. I get home and do some crying...more thinking...I decide to add him on snapchat, just out of curiosity. I'm blocked.

No wallet, no problem.

I wanted to impress a beautiful young woman whom I had met at a dance in Augusta, GA. We were 17 and lived 20 miles apart. I took her (in my powder blue 1959 MGA roadster) to a new, fine dining, hilltop restaurant in North Augusta, GA. on a beautiful summer evening. The only other diners were three elderly folks two tables away. I'm 70 now. They were probably in their early 60's. As we looked over the menu, I was amazed at the prices-way higher than I had ever seen in any restaurant.

Sauza Tequila incident

The Place on Paces was a great bar in the 70's in Buckhead (ATL). One full-moon Friday night after Thanksgiving, with college kids home from school, a fight broke out in the hallway to the "ladies" restroom. The hallway wall was common with the back bar wall. As the combatants repetedly bumped against the common wall, bottles of liquor on wood shelves were disturbed. I was at my station, mixing drinks for the enthusiastic folks two and three deep at the bar. I noticed something flying throught the air by my right shoulder. There was an explosion, much like a shotgun blast.

Meeting in the Disney World parking lot

I sold a very used Chevy Van to a stranger in Roswell, GA, USA. I explained to the buyer that they tires were bald and the rear end made noise. I suggested that he repair both because they were unsafe. He assured me that he could do both and drove off. I immediately found my wife in our home and waved the $800 in front of he face, saying "We're going to Disney World!! Grab clothes and stuff" for our two boys. Within an hour we were on the road in her new Honda for the 475 mile trip. We stopped for the night in Valdosta, GA.

atm malfunction at just the right moment

In May of 2015 I was in Pokara, Nepal using a roadside ATM machine. The maximum amount I could take with one withdrawal was $100 so I took a $100, then the machine returned my card and I put the card back in the machine and got this message: "sorry you have insufficient funds. Please check your bank for further information." I knew this wasn't true, I had plenty of money in my account.