Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Guessing game

One time a new friend was talking about how she tries to write down all of her friends’ birthdays and asked for mine. Joking around, I told her to guess. Lo and behold she guessed it right without any hints. Then she told me I had to guess hers and I also guessed hers right! We had never had conversations about birthdays before and there was no way for her to find out my birthday before this conversation. We didn’t even know each other’s star signs or birth seasons and we both randomly guessed each other’s birthdays right within a minute of each other.


I go to an out-of-state college and, while my hometown has it’s own university, it isn’t well-known and the attendance is very low. Only 2 people from my entire hometown go to the college I attend currently, which has something like 60,000 students. That being said, no one has heard of my hometown unless they’re a professor. At my first college party, I walked up to a random person and started talking to her. She said she had just transferred and I asked from where. It turns out she transferred from my hometown college!

Too many dates, numbers & names! Not Coincidence & want some understanding

me & my daughter both at the same time were dating guys birthdays June 3. one was born in 1962 & the other was 1985. My mothers b-day is April 9,1953 my boyfriends friend which is my enemy, his b-day is April 9th as well. My father died on April 18,1981 a day before easter My daughters dad died April 17, 2017 a day after easter. We became good friends with a guy before my daughters dad died, his name is Sean. My name is Shawn. His sisters name is Donna, So is mine. They both live in the same town. His dad also past away on Easter 2002.


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Axiom of Maria Prophetissa Insight

In the summer of 2018, I was on my morning walk along Dallas Road in Victoria, BC and approaching Cook Street a few blocks up ahead when I see a coin lying on the old dark cement sidewalk. I pick it up. It is a Loonie - a Canadian 1-dollar coin. I continue to walk and almost immediately I come upon another coin - this time it is a Toonie -a Canadian 2-dollar coin. Looking up ahead a little further I see two more coins; another Loonie and another Toonie. 4 coins which sum to 6 Canadian dollars. It stopped me in my tracks.

Chain of Coincidences

Real story: Coming from work one day, I had two errands to do beto the fore finally hpost offeading home. I had to buy one item at a small store and pick up my mail from my P. O. Box. Both sites were on the same road, the and the intersection to my road was between them. So it would have made sense to stop at the store first as it was on the way to the post office. But since the post office closed first I decided to go there first, just in case. While there I saw a student from the college at which I taught.

Summoning a break-in

I was googling for the first time if break-ins happened a lot in my neighborhood and that exact same night I went to bed and heard some footsteps by my window. The next day I looked and clearly, you could see in the snow someone walked from the sidewalk right to my window and tried to open it.

Bumping into people in unlikely places

I’ve just been listening to your programme about luck on Radio 4 and wanted to post some coincidences for you. A few years ago, I was attending a conference in Leicester and, after a meal out with my colleague returned to London that evening by train. We stopped at Wellingborough (on the same line) at about 9.30pm and I glanced out of the window, only to see my son standing exactly adjacent to the window. Bear in mind that the entry points for the two stations are not in the same spot on each station so one of us must have made a conscious decision to be in that location.

Summoning instantly like magic

This happened today 03-14-2019 15 hours we went with my father to the lawyer's buffet, which is 3 km from home to see the union lawyer, in charge of the issue of my dismissal from work. With the wait and attention, we were there 1 hour and a half. Finished everything went to visit my grandmother, where I also left some papers. An hour later I go to my house that is 1 block away. Half an hour later I remember that I must do a paperwork and I need one of the papers left in my grandmother's, so I go back.

Friend Moving

For weeks now I have been upset about my friend moving out of New York to go to Georgia. I was asked to go out on a Saturday night and it happened to be a St. Patty's party with a special Dj. As soon as I walked in they said don't forget to sign up to win a trip to see The Chainsmokers. At this time I had no idea who that was but I was going to be a team player and sign up. While I was on the dance floor I heard my name announced. "Cassandra you won the trip" I was told I would be contacted within a few days.