Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Coincidental Time of Day

So I’m reading a murder mystery, and one character says, “It’s 8:30.” I glance at the clock; it’s EXACTLY 8:30

2’s and arrows

My friend an I were fishing at my farm that’s part of an Indian burial ground along Wea Creek. Told him when I was very young I remember finding a arrow heads with my dad which was over 20 years ago. Told me “yeah you’re full of shit”. Laughing about it, I told him no really and I’ll never forget it and the very next second he says bro look what I just found.. two arrow heads. Since then I’ve been seeing the number 2 in my dreams and everywhere I go. The next day I’m watching TV and realized I haven’t checked my phone in awhile. I check it and it says August 22, 2021. Time was 2:22 and my background is Derek Jeter looking into the crowd. Number 2 on the back of his jersey. Took a screenshot of it as proof. The wallpaper has been there since August 5th, double checked in my gallery. That night I had a dream of me trying to save this little girl from drowning in the ocean, when she sunk to the point I could barely see her, she was holding up 2 fingers. I woke up with 2 missed and 2 text messages at 2am. Two nights ago I had a dream of this women dancing with someone and she was smiling at me, holding up 2 fingers. And I did the same thing like we both knew it had some meaning to it.


I copied down one of Simon Armitage Haiku from his guest theatre director the grden's a stage Spotlit by high white roses Enter the Raven I had to do it quickly before meeting my next client he had red roselike emblem like Yorkshire rose emblem as a poppy on his tattooed arm and I said to myself you're always looking for coincidences that's a poppy not a Yorkshire rose under a poppy message lest we forget and then I saw his wallet which had Yorkshire rose written on it and a white Yorkshire rose printed on it I realise it's a a common prophetic emblem

same photograph two days running

Yesterday I downloaded a guide to Junior ISAs. It featured a photograph of children eating. Today the i newspaper is using the exact same photograph to tag a story about how we love kitchens.

Broken arms

My daughter recently fractured her right wrist, age 10 whilst rollerskating around the outside of our house in SW London. Once we got her treated and she was fine, I thought it was a strange coincidence that I also fractured my right wrist, age 10 whilst rollerskating around the outside of my friend's house in Cornwall. How likely was this?

Article on Coincidence

I'm a junior in high school planning to study biology with a focus on genetics. I've been considering applying to University of Michigan next summer. I've been thinking about coincidence lately and found an Atlantic article (which led me to this website). The article says this "I went to a summer program at Michigan State University, a nerd camp where you take classes like genetics for fun". I know they're different schools but I think the proximity of words in an article about coincidence is to on the nose to ignore.


I've worked at an ice cream shop all summer. A few weeks ago my sister went on vacation to Virginia Beach for five days. While she was on trip we got a new flavor: peach sorbet. My sister like peaches, sure, but not more than the next person and it's especially not something I would usually think to get her. However, when I saw it I thought "my sister would really like this flavor, I should get her some". On the day she was coming back I went into work and grabbed her a pint. We were sitting in the kitchen eating the sorbet and told me how on Saturday (when we had gotten the flavor) she had been craving peaches. We hadn't talked since she got back from the trip.

Grandparents have almost identical phone numbers

Growing up, my Mother's parents' had the same phone number for many, many years, before I was ever born. It was 964-4376. When I turned age 9, my Fathers' parents moved into a new house, and they called to tell us their new phone number was 964-4367. Just amazing!


I was looking at an display of teapots in a museum while on holiday in the UK and there was one from the early 1800s that had my full name painted on it.

Co-worker and I have i cats with identical appearance and both named the same

Co-worker posted a photo of their cat, i saw it and thought it was my cat since she looks identical to mine. I asked what the name of her cat was, it's the same unusual name that I gave my cat. Both of our cats are called "Turtle".