Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Happily married

Not sure if I have already put this on. So, if not, here it goes. I have two children; a daughter named Joanna, and a son named Andrew. In the fullness of time, they grew up and married. Firstly it was Joanna. She married and Andrew. Then it was the turn of my Andrew. He married a Joanna. Ann.

train coincidence

My sister was getting married and I had to catch a train north. It was many years ago in the days when you could catch any train, anyway I got to the station to find a train was leaving soon so I ran and just got into the nearest carriage. There was only one seat empty so I sat down. There was a gentleman sitting next to me and true to the English way no one spoke a word until we got one station away from my destination then the train stopped for no reason. Gradually conversations started up and I came to realise that the gentleman next to me was American. He told me he was from San Fransico I said that I had a relative married to an American and they lived in San Fransico. It turned out that he knew them very well - he was visiting his mother but when he got back home he would go and see them. Meanwhile I was able to tell the rest of the family at the wedding and also got in touch with my relative who was thrilled to hear about my coincidence on a random train ride home.

birthday coincidence

My husband and I bought our boat in 1987, which was called "Solstice" (21st June) He discovered that the distance in time from his birthday to the Solstice day was the same as the distance in time to mine. 30/3 for him, 12/09 for me!! Not only that. As we sailed it from Dartmouth to Guernsey the day after purchase I noticed the sail number was 2905 - it was the 29th May that day!!

holiday meetings

On holiday in Yorkshire we decided to travel on the Settle to Carlisle railway. There was only one other couple on the platform so we passed the time of day with them, noting that they were southerners too. Next day on a country walk we met the same people and the man said that he recognised me as being from the library in our home town and that he worked in the council offices next door to it. We are from Kent and they had never been to Yorkshire before. On holiday in Malta we met another couple who had arrived on the same day. They were our age and exchanging details we found that we lived three miles apart, had married on the same day, both the husbands had been in the RAF and we both had 2 children born in the same years.....for both couples it was our first visit to the island; we are still friends.

Cranes - a series of coincidences

In May 2009 I saw my daughter just after she had returned from her honeymoon. We talked about a lot of things but she briefly mentioned that a friend, Neil, and his wife had just had a baby girl. Neil was often at our house when the children were growing up but he now lived in Scotland and I had not seen him for about six years. My daughter, Wendy said she was going to buy the baby a mobile for above his cot. Two days later, I left for a city break in Copenhagen and filled three days with visits to Elsinore, Roskilde and the city. On the final day, I had an hour to kill before leaving and, on a whim, went to the Danish Design Museum shop in the centre. The shop had a whole wall devoted to mobiles of every imaginable type and subject - did the Danes invent the mobile? - and I decided to buy one for Wendy to send to the baby. I chose one of cranes - the bird - because a Chinese friend of mine once told me that they were a sign of long life. When I got home, I told my daughter but she said that, unable to find a mobile herself, she had sent something else. "Why don't you send it to Neil?" she said and gave me his address. I duly sent it.

Seeing and hearing the same word

Reading the word "sibling" in a novel and hearing the same word on the radio. Without being frequent, this sort of verbal coincidence happens often enough, with different words, for me to have noted it. Trevor

Best friends

I was looking through photos with an old friend (L) and she suddenly recognised my brother's wife (S). L had been good friends with S at school in Liverpool while I knew her (L) from Essex University. My brother and I had grown up in London but he met S in Seville and later married her. What are the chances of my brother marrying someone who was good friends at school with the person who became my best friend at university?

happy birthday

I was working alone at a playgroup, digging a hole on an outdoor project. I was 22 and still recovering from depression at the time, after my mother had died of leukemia 5 months ealier. It was my birthday and I was worried about being pregnant because I felt I was in no fit state to bring up a child. I was listening to a portable radio. My mum's favourite musician was Stevie Wonder. I played his songs at her funeral. I was religious at this time and on hearing the DJ say he was going to give a special request for any birthdays, I started praying for some sort of sign that my mum was watching me. The DJ played "happy birthday to ya "by Stevie wonder. This event contributed to the choice to keep my baby. Many years later, in 2010, I had another huge episode of reactive depression and needed hospitalisation. My psychotic thoughts responsible for my erratic behaviour all revolved around an abortion I had had prior to my 1st child (above). I had worked for the Glastonbury Festival for 18 years and was hospitalised on a locked ward throughout the festival and the solstice period so could not work that year or attend the event.

Encounter in Rwanda

I was working on a project in Ruhengeri in northern Rwanda, but had to go to the capital at the week-end because of dental trouble. I’d just got back to the hotel after a visit to the dentist, and was having a lunchtime drink in the bar when an old gentleman walked past, looking for a seat. I greeted him “Mwirirwe neza, Mzee.” (Good afternoon, elder.) and he sat down at my table. We started chatting in French, and he said he was from Ruhengeri, and he used to work at the university here. Where was I from? England. “Oh, I have a daughter who lives in Scotland. She has 2 sons, and they are at present here in Kigali.” So I asked him, “Is her name, by any chance, C****** M****?” He was amazed, and asked, “How can this be?” 2 years earlier when I was on my way home, I met a Rwandese lady in the Kenya Airways lounge at Nairobi airport. She had 2 boys with her, aged about 6 and 2. We got talking – there was a 6 hour delay before my flight to Amsterdam – and it turned out that she was going on the same flight to Amsterdam, then on to Glenrothes in Fife.

Spirit Contact or coincidence?

Following my father-in-law's death in 1971 I bought his well loved 1956 Morris Minor as our family car. At the time I was in the RAF and stationed near Bedford.On our first trip down to Bristol we reached the arboretum at Westonbirt when the engine suddenly died. The car ran on for a couple of hundred yards and then started again without any intervention from myself and we continued on without further incident. When we later discussed the incident we were reminded that my wife's father had died at the Westonbirt golf course right next to where the engine failed. The car never repeated this failure. To this day we still believe it was Bert giving us a wave.