Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


For many years I have noticed 11:11 on clocks etc and about 15 years ago came across a book about the 11:11 phenomena. In 2008, I went to a summer gathering (festival) in Dorset. I parked in Wareham to get a coffee and noticed my ticket was bought at 11:11 but wasn't too surprised. I then went on to the festival and bumped into someone I hadn't seen for about 10 years (Hilary C). She told me She had just written a book called The 11:11 code. I bought a copy and reached page 10 where she mentioned that she noticed the trip meter on her car was 111. I decided to check mine.

Radio play

Having read several of Mr McCalls books about the no1 ladies detective agency I was delighted to hear a Monday morning announcement on BBC Radio 4 that they would be broadcasting a play based on the books featuring the heroin "Precious Ramotzwe" on the following Friday afternoon.

Deaths of my maternal grandparents

My grandparents both died on January 26th., four years apart.

Dates of deaths

My maternal grandparents both died on January 26th., four years apart.

daughters' ouija board video blacks out

We were watching a video of my daughters years before playing with a Ouija Board. On the tape one of them asked "Is there a spirit here ?" At that exact moment the Television & VCR blacked out. I assumed the whole house or part of the house also had blacked out, but I checked all the electricity and ONLY the television/VCR had lost power.

the poem & the angel (or ghost)

A woman and I planned to go to the Ferris Wheel at Santa Monica pier, so I wrote her a poem in which I said "We would see angels high atop the Ferris Wheel'. The next day on the wheel, directly behind us, all alone in a gondola was a beautiful little blond girl staring straight ahead without emotion. We both said that it seemed very very dangerous for such a little girl to be alone on the wheel. When we got off we both looked at the gondola behind us as it came to the exit to see the girl get off...but NO ONE WAS THERE .

Dead parents house sale

Following the death of my mother-in-law early 2009 her family home was placed on the market. As the months went on the property was a burden, bills to pay, lawns to mow and general security etc. Over 18 months later 9th August 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and given a date for surgery, which would reveal the full extent and whether or not the cancer had spread. On Friday 13th 2010 I had a missed call, on checking the caller's number I was stunned to hear the mechanical voice from 1471 give the number my family had when we were all children and lived at home.

Car Parks

You can park your car in a supermarket, a field at a craft fair, in holiday car parks etc etc and when you return to your car, the person in the adjacent car also returns?? This happens 9/10 times. Why??

The Blind Date.

In the early 1950's I was a teenager living with my parents in Hong Kong, my father was in the R.A.F. working in Kai Tak. Fast forward 30 years I was living in the U.K. a friend asked me to go accompany her on a date, for me a blind date. The evening passed pleasantly and while exchanging life experiences the gentleman I was with mentioned that he had been in the RAF in Hong Kong in the 50's. He had also worked at Kai Tak. After further exchange we discovered that he had been one of my father's lads.

two conincidenrs in one month

In late 1941 travelled in a troopship to Halifax Nova Scotia. There embarked on American transport (They were still neutral). The ship had bcome the USS Wakefield but I had travelled to the USA in 1939 to visit friends when the ship was the USS Manhatten. Later, somewhere in South Atlantic I was having a chat with a young American officer about my own age then 22. I told him about my prewar trip to the USA. He asked where I had been and then the name of the people I stayed with. I told him. They are ny parents best friends he said. We kept in touch for many years after the war.