Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Strange happenings

Coincidences occur frequently for me so here are a few; </p> <p>Some years back, my husband and I decided to change our front door and chose a fairly intricate design of stained glass with a matching side panel. Later that year we visited my sister in America and when we arrived at her house she had also changed her front door and it was exactly the same, even down to the colour of the stained glass.

judge this

About fifteen years ago I lived in Tollesbury, Essex, and worked in an office in South Hanningfield, Essex. One of my office colleagues lived in Canvey Island, Essex, and was called for jury service on a case at Southend, Essex. After his first day the case was deferred and he returned to the office for a day. unable of course to disclose any details of the case. I was friendly with an elderly lady in Tollesbury with whom I played scrabble once a week. On the evening of the above court case my friend asked whether I would mind us playing with another friend of hers.

Fragrant Love Story

When I was sixteen I met a guy named Graham at our local youth club. We fell in love, thinking nothing about surnames for the future. We eventually married - my married name becoming Rosemary Sage. I was also born on the 13th, live at number 13, married on Hallowe'en, and our bank account ends in 666.

Jack Gladas

Having just started secondary school at aged 11, I went to Australia and my family decided to visit Sydney Harbour Aquarium. In front of us in the queue to get in was a friend of mine from primary school who I hadn't seen for almost a year!

my husband in hoapital

my husband haden"t seen his sister for more than four years they bumped into each other in Arrowpark hospital,they were in the same ward. having the same opration for reducing the flow of calcium. my husbands name is George Yates his sister is Beryl Murphy !!

The car

Several years ago in the days of car log books my husband andI were in the cotswolds on holiday a town called Broadway I visited the ladies and my husband waited for me on a bench He was joined by another gentleman waiting for his wife and the conversation went like this Hello said my husband and so they got chatting The gentleman said he came from north wales and my husband said he came from Co Durham( not many people would know the small town of Bishop Auckland) Oh said the gentleman Do you know a town called Bishop Auckland yes said my husband that is where I actual

A voice from the past

When my children were very small, I took them, (from our home in Norfolk), to stay with my son's godparents, at RAF Cranwell, where they were stationed. This would have been in about 1969. While we were there, my hostess organised a shopping trip into Sleaford with some of her friends. One of these was the mother of a three year old girl, who was due to be brought back from playgroup at three in the afternoon. Our shopping trip overran a little, and we were a few minutes late back.

my co-worker

we have the same birthday-but differing years our youngest children are both called Henry and chose careers in the food industry our daughters both have Rosie in their name and for differing reasons struggle with maintaining their weight we re-met through this job after training together some years ago we have both come from working with children to working with adults we both became grandmas early both our eldest sons-were involved in severe accidents with transportation -sadly only my son survived the awful experience


Many years ago while holidaying in North Devon we bumped into a work colleague of my husband's. We were invited to join him and is wife at their holiday home that evening. We had a lot of difficulty finding the house and very nearly gave up but in the end found them. Also with them was the wife's elderly mother who during the evening was on the point of going to bed when the Thames was mentioned.

Chance meeting in Jersey

I lived at home with my parents in Beckenham My girlfriend lived in Islington, london. Two of my teanage friends while I lived at home were Robert and Jill. In their twenties they married and moved away. I didn't see them after that. My girlfriend and I married and moved to Clapham, London. Two years after we married we went to Jersey for a holiday. One day in St Helier my wife and i were walking around the shops. Then across the road were Robert & Jill. We couldn't believe it. Alan.