Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Purse returned in rush hour underground

In the school summer holidays (late July /August) 1962 I was asked one moring to meet a french speaking creole ( that was how she was described to me) off the boat train at Victoria Station, show the woman London and take her to the Convent in Slough that evening. I met the woman easily but as he she had two enormous suitcases we went by tube to Waterloo station to put them in left luggage before site-seeing. At The Left Luggage department I realised that I had lost my purse with return ticket and money. The woman had some money so we set off to "do " London.

Birthday coincidence

I phoned avios to book a hotel and was giving my children's details to the lady on the phone. I told her my 6 year old was called Luke and she said, 'I've got a Luke too, but he's 8'. I then had to give his date of birth, when I did, she gasped and told me that her son was born on the same date, (but 2 years earlier). Sarah

Old Friend

My husband and I met Tony & Fred (Winifred) on a plane whilst migrating to Australia in 1964 (£10 pommies)- we were both very young and just married. We stayed in Australia and kept in touch, even sharing a house together at one time. On the day we heard my mother-in-law had died we heard that Tony's dad was dying of cancer so made arrangements to come back to England together, this was in 1966. We both had families and kept in touch over the years, tailing off in the years up to 1985 when I had sent them a Christmas card with a note telling them all of our news.

First day of school

On my first day at junior school, aged 4, I became best friends with a boy called Kevin. Over the course of the next few days, we discovered we shared the same birthday. A little later it turned out our mothers also shared the same birthday and further investigation revealed that our fathers and older brothers (both six years older than us) both had birthdays ten days apart from each other. We were inseperable for the next seven years.


When I was 2 years old, it was discovered that my heart was on the right instead of the left. I have a condition called dextrocardia and situs inversus. There was no family history of this. Aged 34 I had my first child, at 8 months he needed a chest x-ray and it was discovered that he had the same condition. Apart from this reversal of all internal organs we have no adverse effects from it.

Genealogy searching

Coincidences One of the incredible number of co-incidences which happened to me on my second trip to Slovakia was this one: I'm in my little blue Czecho hire car, taking a last possible photograph of our great-grandmother's building - stolen time as I should already have been on the road back to Prague. I'm there because the previous evening when I was in Prejta I met people who told me where the house was and invited me in to their house and by the time I came out it was too dark to take a picture..

Credit Card

On a trip to Shanghia last year, my colleague withdrew some cash from a cash machine in our hotel one evening. We had a late night out and went to work the next day with hangovers. During the day, my colleague realised he no longer had his credit card. On return to our hotel in the evening, he asked if it had been handed in and was advised yes, a credit card for Mr Paul Tuck had been handed in the night before. When he asked for it, it as a master card - his was a visa card - and it was another Paul Tuck who had lost a credit card in the same hotel in Shanghai. Coincidence or what?

Visiting Wantage

Visiting our Daughter and family in Australia where they live, my wife and I took a trip up country. Needing refreshments on the trip at lunchtime we followed a signpost to a small community of bungalows and a Bowls Club. The latter said open to all so in we went and ordered sandwiches and cold drinks. We, obviously, attracted a deal of attention and a large elderly lady approached and, after the usual "G'day" asked where we were from. On hearing we were from the UK she asked where a bouts and we said "near Oxford" and she said "where near Oxford".

Old Acquaintance

Yesterday I was due to visit Gravesend where I was born and spent the first 8 years of my life (I'm now 39 years old). Having not been there for some years I entered the address I was to visit into Google Maps. I then decided to have a look on street view at the road and house I lived in, out of pure curiosity. I had spent the morning in the office and set off to Gravesend.


In the 22 years I had been working in schools, I had never a met a child or a member of staff with the same birthday as myself. I then went to work in a new school where there were not 1 but 5 pupils with the same birthday as myself. Over the years they left one by one until the last one was due to leave that July. I was sad to see her go, as it had been fun to share the birthday assemblies with those children. Then I had an application for a child from another authority who also shared my birthday. Against the odds, he was finally accepted into the school and he left as I retired.