Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Coincidences X Three

1) In 1962 I was called up to my National Service and initially I was posted to the Royal Signals Reg. at Catterick Garrison, N.Yorks. After the initial 13 weeks square bashing and aptitude tests I was transferred to the Corp of Royal Military Police, Inkerman Barracks Woking. Seven of us made the transfer by train and underground arriving at the barracks after We were taken to a dormitory and told to pick a bed space, put our Army kit on the bed and go to the cookhouse for something to eat.At this time the bed next to mine was vacant.

total strangers in london 1955

in Oct.1955. a motor cyclist had broken down in Queens Road Peckham london. i stopped to see if i could help.i gave him a spanner he wanted, to cure his fault we got chatting and it turned out he was going into the army the same day as i was and was the same irish regiment (though we had no irish connections) i was going to in N/ireland we were total strangers and had never met before

An Unlikely Reunion

I've come across many coincidences through the years, but this one may be the most startling. While on a solo trek through Nepal back in 1982, I became very ill and bumped into a young German, a medical student named Ranier, who helped me down out of the mountains so I could find medical help.

same name/birthday

one of my best friends sister has the same birthday as me and we have the same middle names in the same order-elizabeth Jessica

Uncanny patterns : phone number and mortgage number match 5 digits

My mortgage number is 12642841 and my phone number is 01nnn 42841n. (My work phone number is 01260 nnnnnn -but I suppose anyone could go through their address book till something matched). I did ask if they utilised the phone number but was assured that mortgage numbers were produced in sequence. Rich

Meeting an acquaintance coincidence

I live in a village in North Oxfordshire with a population of under 2500 people. In the Nineties I was working as a Sales Manager for a Finnish company and was travelling extensively in the UK & Southern Ireland. Around 1994/5 I was on a business trip to Helsinki, Finland. Having checked in, I was walking through the Departure Hall in Terminal 1 when I spotted and waived to, an acquaintance from the village who was in one of the check-in queues with his wife. Having boarded my flight into Business class I was surprised when the same couple boarded into Economy on the same flight.

Chance meeting.

I was in hospital for a knee operation, and during that time I got to know one of the male nurses on the ward. My fiancee also worked at the hospital, on the administration side, and also knew this nurse because of this. About 3 years later my fiancee and I got married, and decided we would go to Australia on the £10 assisted passage. A few years later we were relaxing with some friends, on a little beach south of Sydney. We saw some people walking towards us, and when they got close we saw that one of them was the nurse we had both first met at the hospital.

random song

I was in my room (which me and my brother shared). I randomly began playing a very unpopular 50 cent song in my head "Get in my car". I have not heard this song in about two years. I was about to download the song on my phone when my brother walks into the room singing the lyrics to "Get in my car". I was freaked! I asked him why he was singing this song, he too said he had no idea. It was such a strang coincidence.


My husband booked a surprise holiday to Italy for our silver anniversary and on the relevant day we gave each other cards-brought at home and transported in luggage.They were identical even though brought when we were not together.

5 Year Gap

While travelling around Europe in1975 with my boyfriend, we stopped for food at a well known travelers cafe, in Istanbul, Turkey, called The Pudding Shop. We sat talking to an older American man, Bill, who was travelling alone, and sending back reports of his trip by fax, to his friends who ran a Holiday Inn back in America. 5 Years later, now married to said boyfriend, we were visiting the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt. Having lunch in the Holiday Inn next to the pyramids, my husband spotted this man sitting in the corner.