Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

5 Year Gap

While travelling around Europe in1975 with my boyfriend, we stopped for food at a well known travelers cafe, in Istanbul, Turkey, called The Pudding Shop. We sat talking to an older American man, Bill, who was travelling alone, and sending back reports of his trip by fax, to his friends who ran a Holiday Inn back in America. 5 Years later, now married to said boyfriend, we were visiting the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt. Having lunch in the Holiday Inn next to the pyramids, my husband spotted this man sitting in the corner.

Chance meeting

My wife and I had traveled from Suffolk to York to visit our son for a few days. The day we returned home we knew that our friends from down the road were themselves traveling to Yorkshire to visit her parents so at some point we would pass each other on the A1. We stopped at Blyth Services for a cuppa and to our surprise and theirs met them in the toilets. They had only stopped for a few moments to use the toilets and couldn't believe it was us standing there!

Three siblings share same birthday

My husband is the eldest of seven children. Two of his sisters and one brother were born on 4 th February. They are the second,fourth and sixth children. Their mother is still alive at 92!


When on holiday in West Australia, we went to a place called Kalbarrie where we went into a gift shop. There was only one other couple and the store keeper in the shop, on speaking to shop keeper he said "I know you come from UK, where about" so we told him and he said before he emigrated he lived 2 miles away from us, what a coincidence, we thought, until the other couple who live in Port Headland, WA said we used to live in the next road from ours. So that was 5 people in a little seaside town, miles from anywhere that all lived within 2 miles of each other.

college classmate

There was this girl in my freshman business math class about 5 years ago. My ex girlfriend disliked her because she would come and study at my apartments sometimes. I completely lost touch with the girl in my business class.... I found my self on the highway that I would take to get to college. While on this route I randomly began to think about this girl.....About two weeks later I was in Austin, TX for training for a new job. On the very last day of training we went to visit a property of only 5 employees. One of the employees was the girl that was in my business math class!

We are related!

I was working with with a lady who happened to say she was off to visit relations in Stoke on trent I replied I have relations in Stoke on Trent after we swapped names the lady went off and mentioned our conversation to her aunt, it eventually transpired we were related the lady at work has now been part of our family for over 27yrs and as she had no family of her own our friendship over the years has been a real blessing...............

Showtime coincidence

My name is Christine and my husband and I had booked to see the show 'Celtic Woman' last September (2011) at a venue in Birmingham as part of my 60th birthday celebrations so we were dissappointed when the show was cancelled a couple of weeks before we were due to see it. We had also booked a long weekend in Paris to celebrate and a few days before we went I looked on the 'Celtic Woman' website and to my surprise saw that they were appearing in Paris for one night only which happened to be the night we arrived in Paris!

South African Experiences

In 1969 my family were living in Waterlooville Hampshire and we left there to emigrate to South Africa. We lived in a small town called Pinelands, just outside Cape Town. My children went to the local school there. Coincidence 1 We read in the local paper that an ice rink was due to open in Cape Town, so my wife decided to take the children to try it out.

Country Cottage

For a few months in 1978 we rented a run-down thatched cottage, located in a sparsely populated area of Essex. Several years later, after buying a flat in London, we befriended a young man who lived next door to us. We subsequently lost regular contact with this person but met up again for a meal many years later. He described a cottage that he had recently purchased and renovated, and it became clear that it was the same one that we had rented many years before.

Budgie friends

When visiting her friend in a neighbouring flat, my mother used to take her budgie ( caged ) with her. Her friend also had a budgie. Some months later we moved flats a couple of blocks away. After about 2 weeks, my mother's friend rang to say her budgie had just escaped. At that moment my mother looked-out onto the balcony of our flat and her friend's budgie was sitting on the rail. She managed to coax the budgie into our flat, shutting all doors and windows thereafter to prevent further escape. The budgie was subsequently re-united with it's owner.