Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Should be dead!

When I was 7 years old I was hit by a car going at a high rate of speed over 60mph. I was thrown about 60 feet into a brick wall exactly on the corner of Fillmore ave. And Gerritsen ave. Brooklyn N. Y. The people at the light who saw me laying there. They're eyes I remember was a look of horror. One of them asked where I lived. I told them, brought me home. Ambulance came went to hospital, was released, and couldn't walk for about 2 weeks, had to crawl around. Buy didn't break one bone.

Help Me

Ever since I came back from college a few weeks ago and re-united with my friends from home, weird things have been happening. The more I think about it- everything that happened in the first two weeks I was back was a complete blur, except for the fatal incident where my cousin Zach had gone out on a run and fell off a cliff to his death. These past couple weeks had just vanished from my mind- as if they never even happened. But then the other day a 17 year old girl got in a horrible car accident in Altamont and died- Alyssa Gelfand- who happens to be Alex Gelfand’s cousin.

Oliva Spain

we own a house in Oliva a small working spanish town in the provence of Valencia it is not a typical English holiday destination although because of its charm it is starting to get more popular with brits. My wife Amanda Sparkes was posting about Oliva on facebook and had a message from a guy saying ...who are you ?....and he went on to explain that his wife was also Amanda Sparkes and that they also owned a house in Oliva. The two Amanda's got talking and found out that there middle names are also the same.... Jane !!

Old Crush

Seven years ago I went to a summer music camp. While there, I developed a crush on a guy. We became friends on Facebook and had a few conversations post-camp. However, those conversations fizzled out by two months later, and at some point during the last seven years we became not friends on Facebook. Up until recently I had completely forgotten he existed. Then a few months ago I started working with some high schoolers at my alma mater on chorus music for a festival they were going to be a part of.

Uncanny Repetition of Same Events

A few years back my father's promotion got suspended due to the mistake of his colleague. It was a big disappointment as it came and I was cursing our fate and the colleague who did that. Later on the same day I came to know that a close neighbor of mine had died due to liver failure. That was that.

Ill at the same time every year requiring some type of surgery since 2011

Today while extremely ill I realized almost every year since 2011 I get sick two weeks exactly before Memorial Day. I have actually had emergency surgery in 2011 for a burst appendix on Memorial Day. I am sick now and contemplating reaching out to my doctor. I remembered suddenly when I looked at the date that I took leave same day last year for an unusual medical issue not related, surgery followed, same in 2014- gallbladder, same time in 2012 blocked intestine/hernia.

Midas Touch

Last night I was watching Forensic Detectives,which is an Australian Police series which follows real cases. For some reason the song 'Midas Touch' came into my head,which I began to sing. On the TV programme,the police detective explained that the name given to the series of investigations they were doing was 'Operation Midas'! Either it was a bizarre coincidence,or I had just found the reason why the song came into my head!

Book coincidence

I was reading a book in which one of the characters lived in Toronto. A month later I was going to work, stopped at a crossroad, and saw a bicycle – a Toronto model. Later that day I read an article, whose author was a professor at the University of Toronto, among others. At first, this coincidence intrigued me because I was thinking a lot about that character and his role in the book. If I haven’t noticed the bicycle on the crossroad, I wouldn’t probably notice where the author of the article worked. So, I guess, it is us who give a meaning to coincidence we experience.

Greek chance

In the summer of 1980 my brother and his girlfriend flew to the Greek Islands for a 2 week holiday. Several days after they left for Greece, I rang a travel agent looking for a last minute holiday to anywhere on the Continent .He rang back to say he had a last minute offer of a flight only to Corfu and I took I took the offer. Several days after arriving in Corfu, I flew to Athens and several days later took a ferry to the the island of Ios in the Aegean.

Baby switch

There's a family in my village whose baby was switched with another baby at the hospital. They only found out this when the child had a heart condition and they were not compatible with her (this was when she was around 7 years old). Although they decided not to tell her anything, two decades later they were contacted by the other family. Their daughter was also diagnosed with a heart condition and they decided to find their biological daughter. They contacted the hospital and managed to meet with the family from my village. Both daughters stayed with the family that raised them.