Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Hole in one, twice.

I play regularly on a small country golf course on the Coromandel in New Zealand. On a regular golfing Saturday, about two years ago I stood up on the 7th, a short par three and in front of my three playing partners I hit the ball straight in the hole for my first ever "hole in one". The following Saturday on the same hole, with three new playing partners and with a certain amount of banter, "show us how you did it Al etc" I took my stance, and talked them through it.

Probably being saved from serious car accident

I had a Volvo V50. Although it's by far the most common volvo model in my country, you don't see one very often. I owned it for 3 years and always took great care of it. However, few month prior to selling it, I did not pay much attention to the maintenance anymore. One day a weird sound started coming from the front right wheel. I was somewhat busy at the time so I did not pay attention to it thinking that I simply care too much about everything all the time. I thought the tire did it, it happens.

Thoughts into Actions

I coach gymnastics and we had a competition coming up that weekend. it was in a city that started with an “A”. There were two cities that i kept getting mixed up thinking it was in one then the other and i had to keep checking where it was. I thought “what if i go to the wrong place and the right one is a half hour away.” the night before i look up the location to make sure it’s all set. the next morning i confidently put it in the GPS and go. when i get there it was the wrong place and i put in the wrong town. when i put in the right town the GPS said “28 minutes”....

Barcelona market

My son bumped into my sister in law in a market in Barcelona (and they recognised each other!). Neither had any idea the other was visiting.

POCO SYNCHRO PROFUNDO- Some Coincidences Worthy of Immortalization- Entry #1: 10/7/2017 By: Michael Wolfson

POCO SYNCHRO PROFUNDO- Some Coincidences Worthy of Immortalization- Entry #1: 10/7/2017 By: Michael Wolfson I must admit that I am no stranger to coincidence, although my intended co-author remains an inspirational skeptic. I would guess that even Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln, whose life was saved by assassin John Wilkes Booth’s brother on a train platform and who went on to be present at three presidential assassinations (and one for a lesser political figure to boot) would be impressed by certain of the bizarre event couplings I have endured.

HURRICANE EYE DEE and the EMERGENT SYNCH HOLE- Some Coincidences Worthy of Immortalization- Entry #2: 10/9/2017

HURRICANE EYE DEE and the EMERGENT SYNCH HOLE- Some Coincidences Worthy of Immortalization- Entry #2: 10/9/2017 By: Michael Wolfson and Eva Gustley Greetings modest, but hopefully growing, readership. I wish now to introduce you to Eva aka Dee now IDed as coauthor for Entry #2. Since she missed Entry #1, and I do suggest you begin there, I thought she might contribute a comment (risky given her perkiness). Here then is rapper, flapper and inspiring whippersnapper Eva Gustley: Eva: Woo Woo, I just got back from the Columbus RR concert and wow, nice one. Entry #1 too.

Hugh Hefner

For a couple of months now, i have been watching the hit TV show, Sex and the City. The shows has six seasons and i was currently in the middle of season 3 (season 3 episode 14 to be exact) when Hugh Hefner made a cameo appearance in the episode, as this particular episode was set at a party at the Playoby mansion. This is the only episode of all 6 seasons where Hugh Hefner makes an appearance and literally while i was watching this episode, i receive a notification from People Magazine that Hugh Hefner had died that very day.

A Coincidence Found Out About 20 Years Later

When I was 8 or 9 (I'm 35 now) my dad had a co-worker with a name I somehow remember to this day... It wasn't that unique, but not "Jones" or "Smith".. we'll call him Bob Peppertable.. Although Bob probably played an insignificant role in my dad's life, I remember him as being one of the 20 or 30 people that you know when you're 7... Bob died when I was maybe 12. I remember my dad going to the funeral. Fast forward to middle school in a different town, a few hundred miles and two states) apart. I had a friend name Jason peppertable.

My complete Name

I was feeling real bad because I had lied to my girlfriend about a place I was going. So I was having a hard time sleeping. I kept waking up so I got my phone a started reading. I was reading a Quora Digest article online about the 10 ten guitarist. The #10 Lenny Breau I had never heard off so I looked him up on ITunes. He has over 20 albums so picked one at random. In the song titles was my full name but the kicker was the the song titled it's a sin to lie. Lenny Breau- Boy wonder 1. I'll see you in my dreams 2. Cannon ball rag 3. John Henry 4.

Came Across and Old Friend in a Different County

Since I left Gavilan View Middle School, I had never seen Fabian Hernandez. We were close friends but because we attended different high schools we drifted apart. We are both from Mexican parents, but had not traveled to Mexico. Years later, after I marry, we visit one of my wife’s uncles in Mexico City. I love going to theme parks, so we decided to go to Six Flags Mexico. When we were waiting in line for a ride, Fabian, who was also waiting in line, recognized me. He was visiting his wife family in Mexico City as well.