Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


Colleague Joe F. explained coincidences: lots of things happen. I agree, but coincidences fascinate. Joe himself was driving in suburban Chicago on the way to visit an old acquaintance, when he realized that he had lost the address and telephone number. Eventually he spotted a phone booth, and stopped to see if it had a telephone directory. There was no directory, but he was astounded to find a note addressed to him with the needed number!

We can't carry on meeting like this

A few years ago we were on holiday in the Lake District and met a family of four. We stopped and chatted. We were living in Bristol at the time and they lived in Carlisle. About a year later we took our kids to Bristol Zoo and bumped into them again. Quite a coincidence. Perhaps a year later we went on a family outing to Legoland near Windsor. You've guessed it ... Three random meets in 3 different parts of the country.


I hauled a huge box on a flat-bed cart out into the broiling Costco parking lot. Inside was a porch-set: two chairs, a love-seat, and two glass-topped tables, all intricately packed. I was confident that I could place the pieces here and there in Donna's Camry. Actually, none of the pieces fit, re-packing was impossible, and passers-by couldn't help but laugh as they saw our predicament. After a few minutes the sedan next to us pulled out, and a pickup truck pulled in.

Almost (but not quite) spooky

My wife died last year. I'm now in the very early stages of seeing a woman I've known on and off for 30 years, all going nicely, very low key. So last Saturday, I was out for dinner with some friends in a completely different circle, when the wife of the couple asked me how Christine is. I talked about Christine for a bit, then she explained to my friend's sister, who was at the dinner and is in yet another social circle, that I am in the early stages of going out with this woman, and what she did for a living. The sister then turned out to know her from a yoga group.

Cell Phone Dies

My brother and I were talking last night (he in Calgary, me in Ontario) and my phone went dead (forgot to put in charger). I plugged in, waited for enough charge to call him when he messaged me on FB to apologize because he forgot to put his charger in and his phone died. At the exact same time! What are the chances that. BTW, this brother and I also have a tendency to choose the same obscure passwords. Not twins, I am 4 years older.

My First experience of a coincidence

When I was a kid My Mum said she was taking me out to a kids club/play group I had an instant thought that I was going to see a class fellow from my school there her name was Donushka a Sri Lankan girl, I was right when I got to the venue she was there this was my first experience of a meaningful match. What are the chances bearing in mind could of been any class fellow, or even the fact that a class fellow would be there at all. Throughout my life I've experienced messages in my dreams, But most lately I am experiencing unusual coincidences, I could be reading something, or say somethi

Do you come here often?

Couple years ago, sitting in restaurant in Sedona, AZ -- hear patron and waiter discussing NYC bridges. I chime in, we chat a while. At some point, introductions. Other fellow from Brooklyn -- hey, I'm from Brooklyn. More conversation, where'd you go to high school? Brooklyn Tech, Hey, I went to Tech. What year graduated? 1964. Hey, I'm class of 1964 too! Of course, we didn't know each other -- 1200 graduates, not really surprising. But still, interesting/unlikely coincidence.

Shopping coincidence

My daughter and I went into a supermarket together, she got all her stuff (just a few items) and I carried on shopping, I got lots of things (as much as I could carry) when I got to the car I said I had spent £27 (27.32). She sent me a photo of her receipt this evening, she had spent exactly £27.32 too.

Amazing Holiday Coincidence

Nearly 30 years ago now, when I was mid to late twenties, I went on hokiday with my then husband to Singapore and Bali. I live in the UK, Birmingham to be precise. A few days before we flew, I friend, who I worked with, was on maternity leave and given birth to a baby boy. I went to visit her and took some photos. On arriving at Singapore, I finished off the film in my camera and had them developed. After being in Bali for a couple of nights, we got talking with a couple from New Zealand who were originally from Birmingham.

Danny's Song

Was in the car on a long drive 8 months pregnant with my first child, and hadn't felt him kick all day. I was becoming overcome with fear. I'd gotten this old song stuck in my head earlier in the day - Kenny Loggins, Danny's Song. It had been released several years prior, and was by no means a top 40 hit at that point. The line, "You bring a tear of joy to my eyes, and tell me, everything is going to be alright" had been repeating in my mind. I don't pray, but I was starting to panic, and I thought, "if I just had a sign.