Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Finding our rejected car!

When we bought our new, car and it was delivered, we found that the factory had installed the wrong colour interior. We therefore rejected it and asked for the correct car. Around 6 months after getting the correct car we took a holiday to France, and, in a campsite in Brittany, we found that we were staying in the caravan opposite the caravan being stayed in by the family that had bought our rejected car! We found it amazing, the two cars are identical in every way except the colour of the interior.

Russians Reunited

It was about 1990, the Cold War was winding down, and I was working at a research institute near the University of Oregon. A young woman from the Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) State University won a research grant and came for a months-long visit to our institute. It was her first trip outside of Europe. Unfortunately, she struggled with English and quickly became homesick. One of my colleagues introduced us to each other because she correctly suspected that the two of us might become friends. We were about the same age, we both loved animals - and I had horses.

Predictive tea leaves

We were just discussing tea leaves and brewing up,in our FB gardening group and the wives tail of them being used to determine the future when Chris Tarrant asked the player on 'Who wants to be a millionaire' the question 'who took the kettle off when Polly put it on'. Worse still,that was the 3rd coincidence today of that type. The previous two being the diamonds coincidence and the other millionaire/property coincidence.

Diamonds are for coincidences

A friend posted an item on Facebook about how deBeers had made diamonds seem rare and desirable by suggesting their worth and subsequently selling them in rings. At that moment I happened to be watching a 'Take me out' repeat which had gone into the outcome of a couple who had selected on the show. The female participant suggested a description for her selected partner just as I was reading the FB posting : she said ' He is a diamond in the rough' !

Hire car coincidence

I hired a car in South Africa - it had the same registration number as my own car in the UK.

How to make a million

Having watched some atrocious ignorance on 'who wants to be a millionaire' I took to Facebook to remark that if this was the level of knowledge required,making a million should be a cinch. One of my friends who is an architect remarked that property in London could lead to making a mint. I happened to be watching 'beyond belief' as I replied that someone that morning had suggested ending up in a redesignated postcode could seriously affect property prices. Just as I wrote my reply, the 3rd segment of the tv programme came on which was about people moving to a new prope

Good Karma

When I was a child, probably around eight or nine, my school had a raffle of various toys and games that had been donated. The prizes were all in display in one of the classrooms and I was particularly taken with a Cluedo boardgame. It became the focus of my attention for a few days and ultimately, being eight or nine, it became the focus of my entire existence. I had to have it and was even prepared to try and steal it, if necessary. Or so I thought, as the opportunity presented itself the day before the raffle and I just couldn't bring myself to do something I knew was wrong.

Meeting a friend's girlfriend.

I was on my way from Cardiff to Leeds to visit a friend from Uni, when my train broke down a couple of stops from its destination. Taxis were provided for everyone to complete the journey and I was allocated one with a young woman I'd never met but who appeared familiar to me. As we chatted about our weekend plans it soon became apparent that she was my friend's girlfriend. She hadn't been on the train but was waiting for one to take her in to Leeds and had decided to join the queue for the taxis, rather than waiting for the next train.


My name is Sandra Crossan, and one day I was bored-so I googled my name. And the Crossandra Flower came up!! I thought, wow-that's super cool!


Shortly following the 'worms' coincidence with Warner Hotel's advert and McDonalds,the RSPB advertised and their ad features a little boy lifting a worm out of the ground!