Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Cooking class run-in

I was in a cooking class in Barcelona, a small 12 person meet-up type class. Towards the end of the class I was chatting with one of the girls while doing dishes. We got to talking and found out that she went to school in Texas and was studying veterinary medicine. We then found out that she was studying in the same program as my sister and it turns out their assigned seats in class were right next to each other. I was making dinner with a girl who had sat by my sister all year in class. Small world.

Is this 3155 Main Street, Apt. 2?

I met my boyfriend at the bar next door, a few months after moving to New York - he was a bartender there and had been for 5 years. The first time he came over to my apartment, it was late at night and he slept over. In the morning as he was getting ready to leave, he gathered up the courage to ask, "Is this 3155 Main Street, Apartment 2?" "Yes...why?" I said, thinking he was just trying to figure out where he was in relation to where he had to get. "OK please don't think this is creepy or weird, but I used to live here, 12 years ago.

Car help/Lost Dog/instant kharma

I was coming home from work on a snowy day in January, 2011. The drive was miserable due to poor weather conditions, and when going up the hill to get into my community, I became hopelessly stuck and could not move my vehicle an inch in any direction. A pair of strangers happened by, a man and a woman. The three of us were able to rock my car and push it into a safe space to park it. I was very thankful and remember saying and meaning, "If there is anything I can do to help..." The man produces a 'Lost Dog' flier with a picture, name and number.

long lost cousin on a plane

My last name is unusual. I'd say there are maybe 3 or 4 dozen people in the country with it, based on some googling. It's not even a very common name in the region my family came from. One day I was on a flight back from a conference on an airline with open seating. It was a two leg flight, both on the same plane. Between legs, the flight attendants take a head count to make sure they have the right number of through passengers before letting the new ones on. The count that day was off, so they needed to check names against the manifest.

Triple birthday coincidence

In the late 1980s, I worked behind the front desk at a small boutique hotel in Toronto. In total, there were 6 of us on staff who manned the front desk at various times, no more than 2 at a time. It came up in conversation during a shift that it was my birthday, and my co-worker said, "no way, it's my birthday too!" She showed me her driver's license to prove it because that seemed like a big coincidence.

Housing Chemistry

I attended high school in small-town New Hampshire and graduated in '89. I eventually settled in Boulder, CO. I recently sold my house in Boulder and the purchaser turned out to be my high school chemistry teacher from New Hampshire who I had not seen in 26 years. I recognized him the instant I walked into the closing. It brought back a flood of bad memories...I was a horrible chemistry student.

Las Amarillas Calandrias

I drew this self-portrait to give to my friend Daniel the last day I saw him, to remember me by, when I graduated from university. I had drawn myself releasing yellow birds from a cage and flying to him and singing along with his guitar-playing, as he sat inside the moon, above a desert night scene. I was purposely doing the picture of myself in the style of Frida Kahlo's magical realist self-portraits.

An Irish-American in Paris

I am American and have worked in Paris for several years in real estate. I just started working at a new agency and was assigned certain neighborhoods to work on. I recently came into contact with a very good client,"Mrs. Cooper", a French woman who was married to an American, and had already sold property with our agency before I arrived. She now had another fabulous apartment to sell, an inheritance, that happened to be on one of my assigned streets. Before going to meet her for the estimation, I dug up her old file from the sale of her first apartment : property titles, etc.

Fancy Meeting You!

On a flight from Florida to Heathrow (UK), I told the pleasant stranger seated next to me that I was from the Isle of Wight, whereupon she said that her best friend lived there.

The Gas Cap

After graduating college, I took a long road trip with my best friend (very long - the Alaskan Highway). We took his car, and traded turns buying gas. At one gas station somewhere in a remote stretch of British Columbia or the Yukon Territory, it was his turn to buy gas, and he discovered upon opening the tank door that the gas cap was missing. There was only one real explanation and it was clear who to blame. We hadn't stopped since our last refueling a few hundred miles before, so I must have failed to replace the gas cap on his car at the last station.