Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Gossip and meet

Along my google mapped route on my first night in a new city I was starting my postgraduate studies at I saw a young man who looked increasingly familiar, so I did what any uncertain person does, and called out "David" as I walked past. To which he responds and preceded a short reunion between secondary school friends (in another country), who hadn't seen each other since the last day of A-Levels (4 years ago). Months had past and whilst working away at a morning experiment in labs, I was struck with the decision to message David and try and catch up properly over dinner.

Matt Southam.

As a school boy at boarding school in 1966 or 67 a friend of mine bought a single record to school, one amongst a number that his father, a record producer, had given him. It was called Down River by a man called David Ackles. The first time I heard it I thought it brilliant. No one else did. (We shared a record player in a common room) To everyone's annoyance I kept on playing it, saying how I thought it was really good. Eventually, the individual who owned it asked me if I actually liked it or was taking the piss by playing a crap record all the time.

Avon Calling!

Many years ago, in the middle of an afternoon, I was sitting with my wife and my in laws in their den. My father in law and I often talked about investments and the stock market. We were talking about various companies and, somehow, the discussion turned to the merits of Avon Products as a possible investment. Upon hearing that, my mother in law chimed in that they had lived in their house for over 20 years and that, in all that time, no Avon lady had EVER come to their door. At that VERY MOMENT the door bell rang and I got up and walked to the front door.

Wake Up

I was having a sleepover with my friend (who is an earlier riser than I am). So of course she tried waking me up "early". She succeeded in waking me up at exactly 9:08 am. I, however, was still really tired and groggy and so waved her off, going back to sleep. I next woke up at exactly 9:42 am. But here comes the strange part. I later checked my phone for messages and I had a few, but the ones that baffled me were from one particular friend who I just so happen to keep experiencing "coincidences" with.

The Last Tycoon

Browsing in a large library, I started reading a collection of stories about Hollywood. One involved Irving Thalberg, who inspired Fitzgerald's "The Last Tycoon." I decided to check out the Hollywood book. To do so I had to walk to a different part of the library. Sitting at the top of a pile of books on a table behind the librarian was "The Last Tycoon."


This evening I was commenting on a Facebook post that ended up mentioning tigers. Prior to this there had been comments in the newspaper about the closure of Ringlings circus,and in looking up a video of tigers on Youtube I happened to remark on the comments about the fate of zoos and circuses and there treatment of animals. I was responding to a Facebook comment which read 'I don't like tigers' posting the video showing them swimming and reposting a comment which alluded to their capabilities among the big cats. I then looked up the poems 'tyger,tyger' and 'th

Why did not we not meet sooner?

After my first marriage broke up, I tried online dating. I very soon met someone who lived a mile away from me in the same city. When we had our first date it turned out that we had grown up over two decades before, less than ten miles from each other and in a completely different part of the country. She had gone to the girls' grammar school in the town where I went to the boys' grammar school. My future sister law was at the same school as her and her brother went to the same school as me. My most influential teacher at school was a close friend of her parents.

Events happening in tandem husband and wife

So, a couple of weeks ago, my husband called me at work to say his car was leaking coolant, and I needed to pick him up from work (he had car towed). Two days later, MY car was leaking coolant also and I had to be towed to the mechanic as well. Both cars in the shop at the same time. His required a major repair, mine was minor and fixed with no charge. Yesterday, my husband lost his car keys in the Wal Mart parking lot or inside the store and could not find them. AAA had to come out and make a new key.

The N Word

Some time ago I had a facebook conversation about offense and the N-word and in what contexts it be deemed offensive.

new town, old face

I used to live in Margate, kent. I moved to mid wales with my partner at the end of 2016. I left my job of ten years at a well known opticians. Shortly before I left there I dealt with a customer who had moved to Wales (we were currently in the throes of organising our move to wales). She needed her new specs forwarding to her new address. When she gave me the address, it was coincidentally the town in which I had just been for a job interview. In Wales. This was a little coincidental, as its not a large, well known town.