Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Eeerie Coincidence

I was visiting my son's family in Massachusetts and presented my daughter-in-law with a string of pearls that belonged to my mom. My daughter-in-law never met my mom. I proceeded to tell her about my mom saying that to fully appreciate how wonderful my mom was you have to hear just one story. When I was 22 and going skiing the next day and had no hat she ran to a store to find wool that matched my ski sweater and then stayed up all night knitting me a hat. My husband and myself left a bit later to head back to our home in New York which is about a 2 hour drive.

Another eerie coincidence

My brother went to Cornell University and lived for awhile in his fraternity house Tau Delta Phi. Unfortunately, my brother died young in 1968. My son decided to attend Cornell University and lived for awhile at his fraternity house Theta Chi. When I went to visit my son, I thought the house he was living in looked so familiar. As it turned out, it was the same house my brother lived in 40 years before. There are 34 fraternities at Cornell University.

Triple Link

The person who used to live next to my best friend's apartment 16 years ago is my boyfriend's best friend(I met my boyfriend in 2016) and then I discovered he's also my colleague's brother. He lives abroad and the rest of the connections were/are all in different cities.

Twice same remote holiday locations

Dear Professor David Spiegelhalter, in 2000 I made a tour in Peru and one night in a small disco/pub of a remote Andes village I saw a lady whose face was not new to me. I approached her asking if by hazard she had studies at my same Sicilian university but she replied this was not the case, Further investigations made me discovered she (a total foreigner to me) had been in holiday in the same Sicilian sea resort as me in the previous summer. Two foreigners had chosen the same two remote holiday destinations for two consecutive years. Aldo

Another van story

I had just been thinking that my number plate coincidence below was the first I had experienced for quite some time, and now another one happens the following day... I was driving in to work this morning in Edinburgh and Radio 4 were airing a programme called "The Matter of the North" about the north of England and one King was mentioned a few times: King Canute. Exactly five minutes after the programme I am approaching a queue of traffic and there, a few cars ahead of me, is a big yellow lorry with the company name...Canute Distribution.

Number plate

I was thinking at the weekend about my first car, that I had in the late 1980s, for some reason. It had a slightly unusaul number plate. For a car registered in 1978 the format should have been 3 letters, 3 numbers then ending with an S. My car's plate was XED 5 S with just the single number. I looked in to selling the plate at the time but was only offered £200 and the DVLA wanted a fee for the privilege of trasferring the plate to another car. I ended up selling the car for £250 complete with the original plate.

Meeting someone in unlikely place

I went to live in Dublin from Cheshire England and was in a pub one night and a group of girls blocked my way whilst going up some steps .one girl talked to me and it turned out she was my mums next door neighbour in Cheshire , England , she knew me but I didn't recognise her and she told me she had seen my mum that morning before she left to go to Dublin . One of many that happen almost daily to me .

cannot possibly be random I described 3 in a row that happened in one afternoon in my daily blog

Get it on

Whilst looking up Gary Numan on youtube I found there was a series of videos called 'What's in my bag?' where celebrities indicate what music has influenced them. Gary was in the midst of explaining how he had been influenced by Marc Bolan's T-rex,whereupon 'Get it on' was played on the video. At the very same moment, the TV was advertising '' featuring James Cordern, the background track to the ad was 'Get it on' by T-rex!

A friend's neighbour I just met

I met a woman who was my friend's neighbour for many years but whom she rarely spoke to. This woman was born 7 years before me - a Cancerian, born 9 days before my birthday. Her family is from the same city in Poland, spent the war years in the same city in Uzbekistan which is an Asian Republic and returned back to Poland and the same time as my parents. The two families have the German name (although as far as we know are not related). Her family left Poland again this time 4 years before my family.