Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

A double

Last Saturday I met my daughter and granddaughter in a very large out-of-town garden centre which had an amazing seasonal display of every and anything you might wasnt to buy for Christmas. As we approached an aisle that was semi-covered over to best display the huge range of Christmas lights, I asked my granddaughter how she got on with her recent eye test. That prompted me to ask if she could see colours ok - as my late father (her Great Grandad) was colour blind.

Coincidence or thought transference?

I'm recovering from a knee injury and although I can now drive and ride a bike I can only walk slowly with a walking stick. I can't bend down to tie my shoe laces and have to put my foot on a step or low wall to tie them up. As I walked towards the station to get the first Sunday train another man appeared and crossed the road to walk about 3 metres ahead of me. We were the only 2 people in the street. Despite my stick, I was walking about the same speed as him.

Glacier Backcountry Run In

I attended the University of Richmond in Virginia for just one semester in spring 2007. In my seminar class there was a girl, Karen D.(from New Jersey), who I became friendly, if not friends, with. Fast forward to fall of 2010 and I am four days into a 10-day backcountry backpacking trip with my boyfriend in Glacier National Park, Montana. We were averaging seeing three groups of people per day so you can imagine my surprise when we approached another young couple and there was Karen with her boyfriend, also several days into their backpacking trip!

Same home

I've just found out that a guy who I became friends with while doing casual shifts in a newsroom at work eight years' ago, actually lived in the house I lived in Gosforth seven years before I did. He lived in the same annex and was there by chance as there was no where else for him to go when he temporarily needed a home. I was there as a trainee journalist in 2004. I've just started working with him in the same department and only found this out.


In 2004 our daughter gave birth to her first child. She and her partner spent a long time choosing names and did not consult us. They did not know the names, nor had they ever met, their great grandmother. Yet they chose her first two names : Grace Emma

2 family members die on the same month and date 5 years apart

My father died November 24th 2006 of cancer My daughter died on November 24th 2010 Of accidental overdose.

All daughters gay

I have 5 daughters ranging from age 35-20 They are all gay,I am not.

Stalked by Max Von Sydow

A few years ago I was channel surfing and happened to notice several different movies on that night all had Max Von Sydow in them. It was so many that it became strange and I began wondering if perhaps he had died . The next day I was telling a friend and asked if he had died and my friend said not that he knew of. That night and for several nights later the same thing kept happening. Even random tv shows I would click on and there would be Max. So I decided to give tv a rest and started reading a book I had special ordered called The Tale Of Crow and Sparrow.

Chance meeting with lady who my Mum saved from drowning many years earlier, when she came back to England from Canada for one last visit

In 1939, my Mum and her family lived at Bindon, near Bindon Mill and Abbey Dorset which is near Wool in Dorset, they used to swim in the river at Bindon Mill, their neighbours and a cousin of their neighbours were at the Mill one day, their cousin, a young yet 'very bossy' 9 year old fell into the water and began struggling, she could not swim my Mum was very athletic and a really good swimmer aged just 5 at the time, Mum jumped in and pulled the girl to safety, aided by her older sister, they both dragged the girl out of the water to dry land, the girl was taken back to her c

People from Past

I just moved to a new city. Since I have moved here I have run into a number of people from my past. This isn't that strange because I grew up in the suburbs and a lot of people from high school still live here. This past weekend I ran into 6 people from my past. 3 live in the city. Two lived in other cities. And one was the second time I had seen this person without speaking to them. This final run in was made even stranger by the fact that I was saying this person's name as they walked by right in front of me.