Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


On my way towards work, when I saw a stray dog lying beside the road, I was comparing availablity of first-aid between humans and other animals in my mind.Thought of paramedics came up. The name of Jyoti Singh,the victim of heinous Delhi gang rape came up, as she was a paramedical student. The same day in the evening , I went to a nearby internet cafe to download some official documents. The operator was opening a tab of government website for another customer. On the computer screen a notification of Paramedical test result came up.

life,love,death and birth.

in 1997, i met a woman in London,A few months later, her father, who was living on another continent then died of a stroke after he was in a coma for a few weeks.During his stroke his wife asked him how old he was, he told her he was 28, That was my age at the time, He later died on the same day as my birthday. 9 months later our first son was born on the same day, same time including the time difference of the continents as her youngest brother. i often wondered why these events in our lives were synchronous with dates and times?

I guessed her name

In secondary school about a quarter of the way into year 10, I gained this new English teacher, who became one of my favourite teachers. In the secondary school that i went to we would address our teachers by their surnames and weren't really allowed to know their first names. As i began to get to know her, her personality reminded me of this great youth leader that I once had, called Lauren.


In 1979 I met a guy in college in Los Angeles. We dated and fell in love. He was in NROTC, and 6 months before he was to leave for parts unknown with the Navy, he broke up with me, 1981. I was the right girl at the wrong time. Five years later he married, and I married a year after that. Fast forward to 2001, I discovered online that we both lived in Virginia, about 30 minutes from one another. His wife and I have the same name and are both born in the same month, (9 days apart) although one year apart.

foreshadowing of near-death experience

in 2016 I started to see my birthday, 12/08 everywhere. I'd see it in the time, in other ways too. I remember one time I walked into target with my boyfriend and the time on all the clocks they were selling read 12:08. I always just kind of brushed it off or made jokes about it, but something about it made me feel uneasy. In July of 2016 my bf and I were on our way to a festival in PA.


For the 2017/2018 New Years, I decided to book a 4 day cruise on Carnival Inspiration leaving out of Long Beach, CA. Had a wonderful time and then returned to my home in the Las Vegas area (Henderson, NV) afterwards. About 250 miles away from Long Beach. On 1/6/18, I decided to play table games at the M Resort in Henderson and was playing a Texas Holdem table game. This is against the house and known as a "carnival" game. The dealer was killing us and all the other players had walked off.

Registration coincidence

a few years ago our car was sat in traffic the car in front was a ford fiesta, the same model fiesta as ours. it had the same 3 registration letters and year letter, the 3 digit number was 1 number lower than ours.

The Milton Train Crash in 1955

My grandfather was a GP in a village a few miles away at the time & also did all his own dispensing & had to order drugs himself. He had a patient with terminal cancer & ordered ten ampoules of morphine. When the drugs arrived at his surgery there were one hundred ampoules of morphine & he was furious because it was it was a dangerous (and expensive) error. That afternoon he was summoned to a terrible train crash where many died & over 150 people were injured. Many were trapped in the wreckage. He used every single ampoule of morphine that afternoon.

Last Pay Check

After the thanksgiving weekend of 2016, my entire team at company A was informed that one of two products we were working on would be shelved. I saw this as a bad sign and an inevitable RIF. I decided to change my job. I started working for Company B in Feb 2017. My former coworkers however continued with the previous employer because one out of the two products was still in production.

London is a big city

Some years ago my young niece visited England and I spent four days showing her the tourist sights in London. On the third day we were waiting for the underground at Oxford Circus station and she asked whether I knew anyone in London, and whether I would be surprised if we bumped into someone I knew. As I was answering, a train pulled into the station, the doors open, and the first man to step out was an old friend from Cambridge, who introduced himself with a "Hi Colin - how are you?".