Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

The Starfish Arrives

Many years ago, I traveled to Egypt with my sister. This was a trip that had many adventures, many highs and many lows. There were also several interesting coincidences. The most coincidental coincidence occurred in Cairo, near the great pyramids and the Sphinx. In a cab on our way to the historical landmark, for some reason we were discussing what animal we could be, if we could be any animal in the world. After I dimly suggested I would be a lion, my sister answered that she would be a starfish. "Why a starfish?" I asked. "I think because they seem so peaceful, as they float through the ocean." Interesting, I thought. A couple days later, we were in a bad spot. I had lost something of value the night before, and I was desperately trying to find it. A cabbie pulled over in the middle of the road, when he saw us frantically arguing about it. He offered to help. The item, though was lost at a bar, and none of the bars were opened.

Birth/Death Family age coincidence

My Grandmother was 45 when my father was born in 1908. When she died in 1953 at the age of 90, my father was 45. My father was 45 when I was born in 1953. When he died in 1998 at the age of 90, I was 45.


I was at school in the early 1960s with Eric and Chris, and we stayed in touch over the years. In our mid-60s we all became grandfathers - in the same month; we all had grandsons - and my grandson and Chris's grandson were born on the same ward of a London hospital.

Same apartment

I planned to move to Sydney from Canberra to pursue a career in magazines. It was very difficult to even get an interview with a Canberra-based home address. My partner, who knew of my magazine career aspirations, had already moved into a nice two bedroom apartment in Wollstonecraft on Sydney's lower north shore. To understand the magazine business and perhaps build contacts, I interviewed three editors for a newspaper feature article. One of them edited Total Girl, a magazine for tween girls. When a job was advertised at Total Girl, I excitedly applied, putting in the address of my partner’s apartment in Wollstonecraft where I would soon join him. At my job interview the editor told me she stopped cold when she saw the address and even rang her husband to check: she and he had lived there, in the same apartment, many years before. Years down the track I became editor of Total Girl and in its history, there haven’t been very many editors. But two of them would live, at different times, in the same Sydney apartment.

Matching names

I always have a “Yusef”, “Yosef”, “Yusuf” in my life, at any given time, however, there’s never more than one in my life at the same time. None of them share the same ethnic background.

Born at exact same time

Both my children were born at 8:08 pm Different dates and year though.

My name in the lottery ticket letters

My fiancé bought me 3.00 lottery tickets price is 3000.00. The winning word for 5.00 was Blink I have not cashed it in because the letters that scratch off have my name pretty much spelled out. My name is BYLLIE JO K the letters on my ticket are “BYLJO K” The letters LIE are MISSING. - LITERALLY A MESSAGE OF “NO LIE” 30,000 for BYLLIEJO K soon. I have the ticket as inspiration that something somewhere will win 30,000.00 for me one day. NO LIE.


Seeing lots of yellow everywhere is a sign that I need to be mindful of my thoughts because something good about to happen. After my fiancé died we became homeless and living in a new state. We were driving and The song “yellow” by Coldplay was was playing I looked up his name was on a yellow sign. All the arrows were yellow on the street lights and a yellow bumper sticker on the car next to me. A few blocks up only yellow flowers filled the green grass in businesses. A woman with a yellow jogging suit and then a few yellow semi trucks. About an hour later My daughter was getting sick. I had to pull over and let her throw up. COVID crossed my mind but I had to remain positive and not allow fear to take over my day. I kept remembering the vitamins she took in the morning before we ate. I stayed positive, my dreams were manifesting and if I allowed fear to take over… the house I was manifesting might not have come through a couple hours later. She drank some tea that evening and was better. I was thrilled to find out that I would be getting housed in less than a month. 3 years of free rent while we get out life back together. Yellow is Gods way of saying “Yellow!

Ralph and Susan

Originally Ralph was living with a girlfriend who practiced future-seeing. As he was leaving for an afternoon in the Harvard library, she mentioned that something extraordinary would befall him at two-o'clock. While there he fell while carrying a lot of books down a staircase, and pretty Susan, who was walking up, helped him gather the books and regain his composure. He noticed then that it was two-o'clock. He invited Susan for coffee, and while there he reached across in a sudden impulse, took her hand, and said "Will you marry me?" After some months of happy marriage the two were exchanging stories of their earlier days, and Susan mentioned that five years before she had hiked the Appalachian Trail, going North and carrying her large Japanese musical instrument. Most notable was the time she was accosted by a naked man decorated as a Native American and chanting a Native American hymn as he danced South. Yep. It was Ralph. Susan, he then realized, was the girl he had passed on the Trail who was "carrying a bedpost".

I remembered another to my series of coincidences

When I was working in Japan, I finally found an apartment one of many I looked at. One day sitting on the loo of the en suite with the door open, I noticed the lock plate, it was stamped "Four Oaks Lock and Key" I grew up in Four Oaks in Sutton Coldfield and know the Four Oaks Lock and Key company, as a small locksmith shop on the high street. Quite how their locks ended up in my apartment in Japan I will never know.