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Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Similarity in our sons' lives

Two years ago I was in the hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, having knee replacement surgery. The other patient in the room was about my age and having shoulder surgery, We both were sociable people and ended up talking a good deal, telling the head nurse that our stay was turning out to be fun. And as mothers will do, we talked about our children. I told her my youngest son was teaching English in Korea, and she said, "Oh, my son is also teaching English in Asia, but he is in China." That wasn't too surprising as lots of young Canadians teach English for a couple of years in Asia. Then I went on to say he had married a Korean woman and was living there long term. Well, her son also had married a Korean woman; they just happened to currently be working in China. Then I said something about going to visit Ross, and that's when the coincidence became extraordinary because her son was also named Ross. We smiled at the string of coincidences, expecting them to end there, but then one of us thought to ask for the full name of the other's son. They were both Ross Andrew!
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Date submitted:Thu, 20 Aug 2020 00:24:35 +0000Coincidence ID:10516

Eye Test

I was in my front garden when two elderly gentleman struck up a conversation. One said he was overdue an eye test which he had put off due to Covid etc. That reminded me that I should arrange a routine eye test myself. One hour later a letter arrived from Boots asking me to make contact regarding an eye test.
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Date submitted:Wed, 19 Aug 2020 17:34:40 +0000Coincidence ID:10515

Randomly meeting people

I did an MA in Belgium where I met a French colleague. After the MA I went to Italy for a symposium where I met a Brazilian colleague. When I added the Brazilian on Facebook, she told me she knew the French one because they were flatmates in South Africa. We are all social scientists with an international bent, but from different fields.
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Date submitted:Tue, 18 Aug 2020 11:33:12 +0000Coincidence ID:10514

Musical Destiny

I belong to a fraternity in NJ, I had heard of a brother of a friend(John)of mine being on his death bed. Fast foward about 4 to 5 weeks, I don't hear anything, so as I left work one Friday, I said I'm going to call a mutual friend (Daryl) and inquire of the health of Johns brother. Within 5 minutes my own brother calls me and I never make the call to Daryl,. I get home, wife is making dinner, as I often do I try to expose her to the music I listened to while growing up. As I sat down a kitchen table, and asked Alexa to play 1st Stepponwolf, and then Ten Years After, at the moment 'I would love to change the world 'plays, I get a call from Daryl (total 20 minutes from my thought to call him) I look at my wife and say, I have to take this, I solomnly answered the call, and Daryl says 'Tell me your sitting at home on a Friday, with nothing to do'. Being thankful it wasn't bad news of Johns brother , I said sure what do you need. He proceeds to tell me he needs help as he brings in a new member. I said ok, I'll be there by 7:30, call ends, I return to dinner and resume the song I was listening to (Ten Years After ) then I get ready, suit and all and drive about an hour. While the event is taking place I hear the president say 'Mr Lee, please state your name.' The candidate then says 'I , Alvin Lee ...."mind blown, though not the same person as the founder of Ten Years After. The coincidences that happened to me in the space if 90 minutes was astounding, Gene
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Date submitted:Tue, 18 Aug 2020 01:27:28 +0000Coincidence ID:10513

Across a train platform

Southern England: I'd walked everyday from school to train station with my friend "S" and then we would split to different platforms, to go in different directions. For about 2/3 years S would stand & chat with "L" , a girl younger than us that I didn't know and she only spoke to on the train trip. I could see them across the tracks everyday but sound didn't carry so I never once spoke to L Skip forward nine years I'm backpacking in Australia and have just taken a ferry to Devonport Tasmania. Randomly got chatting to a lady in the backparker hostel I was staying at. Towards the afternoon, the conversation came round to where we had grown up, and found out she was in a younger year group in the same school. Her name was slightly uncommon so I asked if she knew S and could she be the L I had seen for 2/3 years and never spoken to. Yes, a decade later and on the other side of the world, I finally spoke to her!! I'd love to know the chances of this happening - I guess stats on likelihood of backpacking in Australia was not so remote given our ages, the number of locations in Aus each of us visited, the factor of Devonport being a travel interchange, the limited of cheap accomodation in the city. And I always wondered if when we initially started our conversation in the hostel whether either us subconsciously recognised the other but our brains never told our conscious minds!
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Date submitted:Thu, 13 Aug 2020 08:29:11 +0000Coincidence ID:10511

Bollywood, Depression and Suicide

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a college buddy of mine who lives in New Jersey ( I live in Pennsylvania). We were talking about Indian politics which at times is more colorful and entertaining than Bollywood cinema. Out of the blue one of the names that popped up was Sushant Singh Rajput, an up and coming Bollywood star who was having a decent run despite not being "connected" with the clannish Bollywood networks. I did not really know who he was (my Bollywood and Cricket clock stopped in 2005 when i moved to the States). My buddy then explained a little bit about the guy although he also did not have more than a passing knowledge of the guy. Lo and Behold....the very next day the big headline was that this emerging Star had committed suicide. Now what are the odds of that happening!!!!!!
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Date submitted:Tue, 11 Aug 2020 17:39:38 +0000Coincidence ID:10510


I saved this page long back in Mozilla Firefox Pocket. I forgot even when. I had a relook at my own pocket searching history after a long while and found the glowing red number inscribed in this very page exactly at 12:34 a.m. my local time. It's maybe just a coincident.
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Date submitted:Sat, 01 Aug 2020 19:25:51 +0000Coincidence ID:10507


I have a former friend. Let's call her "Harley." I remember having a dream and she was the main thing in this dream. It felt like a reconciliation type of dream. But the way it ended, you would think it was love. I digress. When I woke up from this dream, I turn on my phone to see what time it was. And sure enough, there was a random memory that has "Harley" all over it. It just struck me odd.
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Date submitted:Sun, 26 Jul 2020 16:13:36 +0000Coincidence ID:10506


My wife and I attended a friends wedding last year and at the dinner table after the ceremony she spoke to the man next to her. She was going to attend a music summer school in Rutland at Oakham School a few weeks later. It turned out that the man taught at Oakham School and lived a few minutes walk away. When she attended the summer school she was able to walk to his house and enjoy afternoon tea. There were about 150 people at the wedding dinner and she just happened to sit next to that man. The family had no idea about her plans when the layout was arranged.
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Date submitted:Fri, 24 Jul 2020 21:55:15 +0000Coincidence ID:10505

London crime coincidence

I was looking at this gang on YouTube that is based in wood green in north London. I then go on Wikipedia and look at crime in London and the first picture I see is an anti knife crime protest or something at wood green
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Date submitted:Wed, 22 Jul 2020 13:18:29 +0000Coincidence ID:10503