Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!


I started talking to a guy on a dating site called OkCupid in December 2020. I immediately felt he was different than any other guy I’d ever talked to online or in real life, and that’s saying something considering in December 2020 I was 28 and had spent the last 12 years dating and never finding one solid long-term relationship. Turns out we went to the same college and were in the same major except he was a grad student and I was an undergrad. I asked this guy if he wanted to meet in person and he said not until the vaccine came out (it wasn’t known when the vaccine would come out to the public at that time). I continued talking to him until early January when I got fed up with him waiting for the vaccine that might be far off for the public for all I knew at that point. In late January 2021 the spring 2021 semester began online and I logged onto my Wednesday class to see none other than this guy as one of the students (it was a class that both grad and undergrad students could take). I thought this was a sign that I should get back in contact with him, so I texted him saying it was cool we happened to have a class together.

How I found this website and other coincidences

I was in a boat, then I saw a camera on the beach. I then looked at the pictures and the last one was a picture of a bridge. Then, we found another camera, and my friend said to me: “My initials are O.I.N.”. So, my friend looked at me and took a picture, but the film went into the sea. Then, we found two dens (caves), and then a sign said that it was a site. Then, I found a box that was the first to be delivered, and then two people looked at us and said “We are looking at this cave first”. Then 5 boxes appeared, and then my friend got the first box. It meant: Cam bridge C O.I.N. sea dens site W E B before (site), which means Cambridge Coincidence Website. When I got home, I went to Google and typed that, and found this website. Then, a box arrived at the door, and it said 548. Today I searched page 548 and found a Pokémon coincidence. Another box arrived at the door, and it said 1917. That was the year my wife’s grandpa was born. Then, box 548 fell down, and it said 1217! On December 17, 1917, my wife’s grandpa was born. Then Anna touched the box and flipped it and it said “Anna”, her name! It was delivered to the wrong place!

It's a Smaller World Than You Think

In 2013 my daughter befriended a young man who lived in her apartment building near a large public university in California. They were both students. They soon began dating and "friended " each other on Facebook. Her new boyfriend grew up twenty minutes from us and has an older half brother who lives elsewhere in the state. One weekend my daughter came home to visit and told me about her boyfriend's family. His mother and I are both teachers. His father is an engineer who once worked for the same company in the same building as my husband. But the coincidences don't stop there. I asked about the half brother and she showed me his Facebook page. On his home page off to the left some of his "friends" were identified. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Front and center among his friends was my 1st cousin's daughter. The cousin lives 3000 miles away and I had never met the daughter but recognized the name. Turns out my cousin's daughter is best friends with the brother's girlfriend. What are the odds in a state the size of California? Crazy.

what are the odds

In 1958 my Dad passed away on Dec 11th , in 2020 my 4 yr younger sister than me passed on Dec 11th , then on 2021 my oldest Daughter passed on no other than Dec 11 th what are the odds of this

So many parallels??

So I've got this childhood friend who has the same birthdate as me, just that she is a year older. Her sister and my brother also share the same birthday and our dads both have the same first name. In addition we both had a doll named Lina when we were younger (independently from each other) and we both belong to the LGBTQIA+ Community. Can someone explain?

Meeting acquaintances while on a boat on the sea

So my mother and I were visiting Spain in my summer holidays to meet up with my grandpa who was currently on a sailing trip there. So we stayed on his boat for about a week and one evening we were sailing into a small bay and anchored to spend the night there. My mum and I were bored so we put the small rubber boat into the water and paddled around a bit. Eventually we saw two kids and their father in a rowboat a few meters away from us. As we got closer we realised that we knew them because the kids visited the same kindergarden and elemantary school as me. When they also recognized us we met to talk a bit. We all could not believe this had happened. They told us tehy were staying in a hotel in the bay and they hired the boat just for an hour. That's how we randomly met acquaintances somewhere on the sea in Spain.


Reading through the collection of coincidences here it's clear that most are frivolous and trite, but it's only when a coincidence leads to something sinister and evil do they gain gravitas and when these coincidences happen they result in terrible consequences For example, Hitler was a very fortunate individual who was a habitual risk taker and escaped death on numerous occasions in WW1 as a ''trench runner/'message carrier'' ; so much so that he was awarded a number of medals, including the Iron Cross, First Class, that was very unusual for an enlisted man Even after the war in his rise in politics he was very fortunate indeed, such as during the Beer hall Putsch in Munich, November 1923, when he was shot at by German police and a comrade next to him was shot dead .

What in the World Wide Web is Going On?

I'll try and keep this short. I live in Mississippi. I have a PC and often watch Youtube videos. Years ago, I fell in love with a Christian Theologian by the name of Boyd. Boyd has a church in Minnesota and they record the services each sunday; you can download them from the website. I did not know about the church website at first but found a person who was posting these sermons onto his youtube channel. This person's name is Chris. Over the course of a year or so of watching these sermons, Chris and I would get into discussions about them. I never told him where I lived or gave him any info about myself other than my first name. So we were distant friends of sorts, having the common interest in Dr. Boyd's messages. At some point along the way he tells me that he met and fell in love with a girl in his town, which turns out to be in Idaho. They get married. Chris is still posting the sermons and we continue to discuss them. Now comes the thrilling part. He and his new wife, both living in Idaho, are taking a trip to her hometown to visit and let Chris meet her parents. Guess where she is from?

Reminders of an old friendship.

In 1997 I moved to Durham, around two hundred miles away from Norfolk. In 1998 I remember walking seeing Darren’s old red Cavalier car in a side street as I walked by. We used to travel together in this car in Norfolk perhaps about five years earlier. In 2018 I starting to see a customer in Durham through work who revealed to me that her son worked with Darren in their place of employment. It was quite uncanny!

Weird relationship coincidence

I met my boyfriend on holiday in fuerteventura. He is from Germany and I am from the UK and we met in august 2017. We discovered a year later that my sixth form college in the UK and his high school in Germany had a partnership and he was invited to go and study and work in my hometown (Preston) in England for a month. Neither of us knew anything about this when we met and we wonder whether we would have met anyway, just a year later in my hometown?!