Cambridge Coincidences Collection

Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

old flame

One January I was missing an old flame whom I had not seen in ages. When am I going to see X again I wondered. I picked two cards out of a deck and got a 4 and a 6. Ok so it is the 4th June. I tried a second time and a 4 and a 6came out again. A coincidence Final Result? on the 4thJune I randomly bumped into X at 4.06pm. I was so shocked that I could scarcely speak.

Strange and unlikely connection across continents.

My family lived in Africa for many years and our friends subsequently scattered to many corners of the world. Several years ago, I emailed a former teaching colleague from Gaborone, who had just moved to Northern Territories in Australia. At the time, I told her I only knew 2 families in the whole of Australia; my brother and family friends called Tanner. One of the Tanner family I knew had also recently moved to Northern Teritories and had some sort of connection to education.

Mrs H

I used to work in an office counting the change from Charity Boxes. One day, I saw a coin and thought it looked strange. It was a penny and the colour wasn’t the same as the others. I picked it up and it was a brand-new 1p from 1971, the year I was born. It had no scratches or dints n dings in it, it was as new. I was amazed, so I replaced it with a larger value coin and kept it for luck... Then one day without realising it, I scooped it up with a lot of other coppers and changed it where I worked for a bigger denomination, forgetting the coin was there.

Home town coincidence in remote village in Greece

Whilst working for the UN in Kosovo, I drove with my then wife to the Pelion peninsular in Greece for a long weekend break. It was early November and raining heavily when we crossed the border into Greece. We drove up into the mountains to explore and at lunchtime found a remote taverna in a little mountain village that seemed all but deserted. In the taverna, a log fire was blazing and two other couples were enjoying a meal by the fire. I could just hear them speaking English. I thought they were English but my wife thought they were American.

Call of death

My father passed away 35 years ago, was buried in the local cemetery and the grave number turned out to be 9134 - the same as the last four digits of our telephone number.

Meeting Stranger Twice

On a recent flight I was sitting beside a lady who was on my left hand side. Flight passed fine and I went to the hotel at the destination. Next morning while having breakfast I looked left and there she was at the next table we were flabbergasted.

Our 10 year death date coincidence

My nana died 9 November 1988; my grandad died 9 November 1998; my dad died 18 November 2008 and my brother died 18 December 2018


</p> <p>My "system " was to bet on the reoccurring numbers.<br /> If , say, 7 has just come, I will put (minimal bet ) on it, if it wins (chance 1/37 , alright, I put it again. )<br /> If 7 has not won and the winning number is, say, 10, I put on 7 and 10 in the next game, if one of them wins, I start the game anew with putting on the number which has just won, if none of them has won and the actual winning number was, say, 21 I put may bets on 7, 10, 21 in the next game and so on as long as one of the numbers has won.

Eerie Sequence of Events Three Years Apart

On April 1 2016, I was laid off from my job. Around the same time, I found out the guy I had been dating for 9 months was seeing another woman. A couple of weeks after that, on my way to an appoint at a place we will call RW, I received a call that my father had passed (a few weeks before Father's Day), shortly after a small decorative dish fell off the counter and broke. On April 2, 2019, I was laid off from my job. Around the same time, I found out my ex, who was my best friend and I thought we were getting back together, was seeing another woman.

True Love?

I was 21. There was a concert happening in my local area, and my friend insisted we go to it. I had never actually heard of the band and was unsure if I should go. But she talked me into it and I was excited since they were apparently very popular. After the concert had ended, the drummer (Benji) came up to me and handed me his drumstick and wanted me to have it. It sparked a conversation between us. He then introduced me to his bandmate (Phil), to which I waved hello to and disappeared back onto the bus. When they left, Benji and I kept in touch for 6+ months.