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Well I Never!

Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Mutual friend identified

My brother-in-law was on a very small commuter plane in Maine when the young woman next to him said (in a Southern US accent) that she had had a professor in England whose accent was just like his. He responded as follows: 'You are a graduate of Randolph-Macon Woman's College and you spent your junior year in Reading, England where you took a course in British Politics from Alan Alexander'. He responded to her look of astonishment by telling her he was psychic! She was on her way to start her first job on a newspaper in Bar Harbor and neither of them had ever travelled on that air route before.
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Date submitted:Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:35:36 +0000Coincidence ID:3457

Dancing Match

We were having dinner on a cruise boat in Amsterdam with a Danish colleague. The band played ballroom music and our friend told us he was a former ballroom dance world champion. Our ballroom teachers were also former champions and we discovered that they knew each other from their touring days.
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Date submitted:Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:35:30 +0000Coincidence ID:3456

Shared phone numbers

1 The phone number (excluding area codes applied over time) of my parents in Australia in the '70s was the same as that of my wife's parents in the UK at the same time. 2 I went into a barber's in my old home town in Australia (Castelmaine, Victoria) about 10 years ago for a haircut. We got talking about where I live in the UK (Bristol) and it transpired that his brother ran a local barbers just down the road from my house.
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Date submitted:Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:35:13 +0000Coincidence ID:3455

Bumping into Son

I was driving home on an unusual route (for me) at around 3.45/4pm, listening to a Radio 4 programme about 'Coincidences'. As I drove past a bus stop, someone leapt out of the crowd and it was my son (aged around 15). I asked him what on earth he was doing at that bus stop (which was quite a long way from his school and in the opposite direction from home) and he said that he often went to that bus stop in order to get a seat before it would stop at the 'normal' school stop. Had he not leapt out of the crowd at the precise moment I was driving past, I would not have seen him there. It seemed even more of a coincidence bearing in mind the programme I was listening to at that moment!
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Date submitted:Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:35:08 +0000Coincidence ID:3454

Grandfather and Grandfather in law born same day and date and also my Friend

My daughter's grandfather in law and her grandfather were both born on 31 st August 1922 and I also discovered that a close friend, Brian, was born same day and date as me, 24 th August 1950.
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5 of my friends have their birthday on the 23rd of April including my husband and his best friends first child. The 23rd is also st georges day and Shakespeares bday and the day he died?
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Date submitted:Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:35:02 +0000Coincidence ID:3452

Four people share a birthday

I was born on my mother’s 21st birthday – 12th February 1968. A few years ago I was chatting with the elderly gentleman who lived opposite us (he has since died), and I mentioned that it was my birthday next week. “Oh really,” he said. “Which day?” “On Wednesday the 12th.” “Oh, that’s my birthday too,” he said. “Really?” I said. “What a coincidence! It’s always been a special day in our family, because it’s my Mum’s birthday as well.” “Ah yes,” he said. “Mine too.” He was quite old and a little deaf, so I thought maybe he’d misunderstood me. “No, you see I was born on my mother’s birthday.” “Yes,” he said patiently, “me too!” I had never (before or since) met another person who was born on their mother’s birthday, although I’m sure there must be quite a few around. But what are the chances of meeting someone in the same situation, whose birthday was also 12th February?
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Date submitted:Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:34:30 +0000Coincidence ID:3451

meeting former colleague

In 1980 (age 15) I took a holiday job in newport - a tiny town in west wales (I'm from Cardiff). One of the locals who worked in the same cafe was called Topsy (similar age) (an unusual name). At the end of the holiday I returned to Cardiff and embarked on education and a career which took me all over the country. In 1998 I attended a theological college in Durham and found myself sharing a study with Chris (I'd never met him before); he was married to the same Topsy.
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Mother and wife birthday

My wife and my mother were both born on August 13th, albeit in different years. I tend not to forget to got either of them a present.
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Date submitted:Sat, 14 Jan 2012 08:34:18 +0000Coincidence ID:3449

Birthday coincidence

I was born on the 20th July 1979 (which, I have heard, was 10 years to the day after the first moon landing). My half-sister (same Dad, different mums) died of cancer on the 20th July 1988, and then my half-brother had his first daughter on the 20th July 1993.
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