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Professor David Spiegelhalter of Cambridge University wants to know about your coincidences!

Birth Coincidence & Number Re-Ocurring

My Eldest son Peter was born on the 07/09/1987, he shares this date with 2 ancestors, one was the birth and one was the death. Mabel Victoria Baldry Born - 07/09/1897 Harriet Hoggart - Death 07/09/1920 there is also another cousin born on 07/09/90 all 3 are female, but this is on the Paternal side of my family. And also seem to have the number 7 in many area's of my life. my children's birthdate's are 7th September 1987; 14 December 1989; 21st March 1991 house number is - 52, 5+2=7; there are so many instance's of where the number 7 shows up, that i know its not my imagination. !
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Date submitted:Sun, 13 Dec 2020 04:49:54 +0000Coincidence ID:10580

Times 3

Ok so I have 3 that are related. In high school I dated this guy. Then I got married to someone else, then divorced. 22 years after I graduated, I was at church. When the service was over and we got up, he was in the seat behind me. A year later we were married. His birthday also happened to be the birthday of my oldest child’s boyfriend and the adoption date of my youngest 2 children. Less than 3 years later, my husband was killed in a motor vehicle accident. My husband hit a tractor and was killed instantly. The date that he died was the 32nd anniversary of the death of a close friend of mine. When I was 11 my friend, also 11, ran his dirt bike into the side of another vehicle.
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Date submitted:Tue, 08 Dec 2020 19:54:25 +0000Coincidence ID:10579

Notebook index coincides with life index

I number my notebooks. Prominently and quite artistically on the front cover. The day I turned 50, I started notebook No. 50. I filled no. 49 to the last line, but, honestly, I did not cheat this.
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Date submitted:Tue, 08 Dec 2020 17:52:01 +0000Coincidence ID:10578


There is this guy...after meeting we discovered that our lives have many parallels. He’s a IV like Sr Jr III Then IV. My father is III and my brother is a IV. My grandfather is a Sr...and my cousin is an IV. We live in the same city and we both moved here 10 years ago but a month apart. Him from Buffalo and I’m from Philadelphia. I lived in Buffalo before my family moved to Philadelphia. I currently live on Buffalo Dr. and moved there 2 months before meeting him. We are both the youngest of 3 children. There are a lot more parallels between us but they are very personal so I won’t share them. But the craziest one is we met 2 years ago but 5 years ago my manager actually hired his daughters mother to be my work partner/counterpart. As she used to work in the same field as me but she didn’t take the job.
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Date submitted:Mon, 07 Dec 2020 06:57:01 +0000Coincidence ID:10577

Hear/read same word.

I have had the seeing/hearing words at the same time for about 20 years. Twice I have written them down. Initially it averaged about 3x's a week. Currently, it is averaging more than once a day. 309 times in the last 273 days. An example that I use to explain to others; I was typing the name of the color paint to the builder of our house, corral fence. On tv, a story of penguins. Evidently a group of penguins is called a corral. ( While I was just now typing this, it froze up on the word house (hous). I started watching tv and the word house was used. I looked down at my phone and it was
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Date submitted:Sun, 06 Dec 2020 02:53:35 +0000Coincidence ID:10576

Once in a lifetime and not a good thing

My boyfriend has a habit of lying. And he isnt very good at it. My job is to investigate fraud so I am adept at spotting cues. I found out by accident he took viagra. He buys 2 packs of 4. They last approx 2 months. Last month he stopped buying 2 packs and seemingly only had 1 pack of 4. I thought this was unusual and suspected he was keeping a pack out of the house. I suspected recently he might be cheating. But dont have any real evidence just my instinct and my cues. And the changes in his behaviour regarding the viagra. Then he brought home 2 different brand packs each with 4 tablets. They do not contain the boxes. He disposes of them before he comes into the house. One was his old brand and another was a new one. Odd i thought. But dismissed it. On the same day he bought them he bought his bottle of whiskey from a shop near the house. A few days later i needed to post some parcels from this shop. I dont usually go to this shop. There are 3 ways to get to this shop. I chose the way i wouldnt think of going. In doing so i walked past parked cars. Then there was a gap. There by the side of the road was an empty box of the same brand viagra. The new one. With a price tag from a pharmacy he went to buy the viagra from. I found a receipt for that amount in his trouser pocket as i washed them. This packet was for 8 tablets. Call it a coincidence synchronicity call it what you will. But this is one hell of a coincidence. 1 in a trillion. Totally unexpected. I know it was his packet. From his pharmacy. Where are the other 4 tablets? Hidden from me. Like the previous month. What were the chances of me finding this information...... I don't believe in coincidence but how did i know to do this. What chain of events led me to that point. And now i stand at a crossroads. Not knowing what to do with this information.
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Date submitted:Wed, 02 Dec 2020 22:16:39 +0000Coincidence ID:10574

My dream came true!

I suddenly dreamed about a friend I hadn't spoken to in about 6 months. I honestly don't think I've ever dreamed about him before or after. When I woke up I saw a message from him on my phone. What a coincidence!
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Date submitted:Wed, 02 Dec 2020 11:04:35 +0000Coincidence ID:10573

Dec 10th

Dec 10, 2015 is the date that my husband of 30 years passed away. My younger sister had cancer and passed Dec 10, 2019. Tomorrow is Dec 1st and my mother is saying she is near the end. Her skin was pale and thin like paper today. Bruising on her thin hands. Will she pass on Dec 10th? I will write more if this happens. Giving me the shivers. I am getting anxiety over this. My old blind dog has got me through all this. Will he be there for me when my mother passes? LB
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Date submitted:Tue, 01 Dec 2020 05:29:37 +0000Coincidence ID:10572

Birthday coincidence

My father’s birthday is Aug 9. His youngest brother’s birthday is also Aug 9. My father’s oldest granddaughter’s birthday is 4/18. His youngest brother’s, oldest granddaughter’s birthday is also 4/18.
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Date submitted:Sun, 29 Nov 2020 17:53:33 +0000Coincidence ID:10571

Strange Timing, again

Thanksgiving day can be emotional for me. I have lost three important men in my life all within a week of thanksgiving. This year we lost our dog on nearly 17 years the week before. I’d been in good control of emotions most of the day and felt ok with the world. We watch tv a lot in the evenings but always try to be in bed by 10, we are rarely, if ever, up later than 10. Thanksgiving this year, 2020, our daughter left after dinner so my husband and I settled in to watch a couple episodes of new series. It was early enough and we wanted to squeeze in 3, but after 3 it was just after 9 so a third episode would put us around 10 for bed which was ok since we were off tomorrow. We started watching the third episode and about 10-15 minutes in decided I wanted a snack, a Klondike bar, my husband had just been thinking about getting an apple then changed his mind cause my idea was totally better. We pause the show and I get up and open the freezer to get the bars then out of nowhere a grief outburst hit me like a train and I sobbed uncontrollably for at least a half hour. I just could not regain my composure no matter what I tried. My husband sat with me, he held me and comforted me while I sobbed hysterically while trying to eat my ice cream bar. Gross I know, that’s just how outta control and non-swank also it was. I finally regrouped and regained control and we had to decide if we wanted to resume the show which seems totally stupid we are both beyond exhausted and yet we were both also hyped due to my meltdown, so now we’re like whatever, why not we were both off Friday off anyhow. We finished the show at 10:45 and my husband took the dog out and saw that our neighbors across the road’s home was in fire, one side in full flames. He was on the phone to 911 immediately and thank god the house was empty, but it’s weird to think that that if I hadn’t have lost it emotionally like some nutter we’d have been long asleep and that 911 call would not have gone out as soon as it did. It ended up a total loss, regardless, but we were able to get emergency services there and their son earlier to make sure the older couple was out of the other nearby house, it’s an old farmstead that had two homes on it. Additionally, three or four years ago they lost their barn and half their heard of dairy cows in a fire after we’d just moved here. We slept though the whole thing that night, windows shut, air on and our room is in the other side of the house. Didn’t hear a thing til the following morning we woke to see all the lights and devastation. I carried tremendous guilt over that for a quite awhile as I am a huge animal lover. I kept thinking if only we’d have stayed up later that night maybe we could have seen something and called it in earlier and saved some of them. Anyhow, because I started bawling like a baby over an apple vs a I’ve cream bar we were awake this thanksgiving night to be the ones to call the fire in and get the son who lives nearby.
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Date submitted:Sat, 28 Nov 2020 19:45:57 +0000Coincidence ID:10570