Seeing lots of yellow everywhere is a sign that I need to be mindful of my thoughts because something good about to happen. After my fiancé died we became homeless and living in a new state. We were driving and The song “yellow” by Coldplay was was playing I looked up his name was on a yellow sign. All the arrows were yellow on the street lights and a yellow bumper sticker on the car next to me. A few blocks up only yellow flowers filled the green grass in businesses. A woman with a yellow jogging suit and then a few yellow semi trucks. About an hour later My daughter was getting sick. I had to pull over and let her throw up. COVID crossed my mind but I had to remain positive and not allow fear to take over my day. I kept remembering the vitamins she took in the morning before we ate. I stayed positive, my dreams were manifesting and if I allowed fear to take over… the house I was manifesting might not have come through a couple hours later. She drank some tea that evening and was better. I was thrilled to find out that I would be getting housed in less than a month. 3 years of free rent while we get out life back together. Yellow is Gods way of saying “Yellow! Are there? Listen your about to face a challenge but remain mindful right now.” Yellow is a color that lets me know a test is being presented and presence is required. Yellow reminds me to stay Golden.
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