Ralph and Susan

Originally Ralph was living with a girlfriend who practiced future-seeing. As he was leaving for an afternoon in the Harvard library, she mentioned that something extraordinary would befall him at two-o'clock. While there he fell while carrying a lot of books down a staircase, and pretty Susan, who was walking up, helped him gather the books and regain his composure. He noticed then that it was two-o'clock. He invited Susan for coffee, and while there he reached across in a sudden impulse, took her hand, and said "Will you marry me?" After some months of happy marriage the two were exchanging stories of their earlier days, and Susan mentioned that five years before she had hiked the Appalachian Trail, going North and carrying her large Japanese musical instrument. Most notable was the time she was accosted by a naked man decorated as a Native American and chanting a Native American hymn as he danced South. Yep. It was Ralph. Susan, he then realized, was the girl he had passed on the Trail who was "carrying a bedpost".
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