Once in a lifetime and not a good thing

My boyfriend has a habit of lying. And he isnt very good at it. My job is to investigate fraud so I am adept at spotting cues. I found out by accident he took viagra. He buys 2 packs of 4. They last approx 2 months. Last month he stopped buying 2 packs and seemingly only had 1 pack of 4. I thought this was unusual and suspected he was keeping a pack out of the house. I suspected recently he might be cheating. But dont have any real evidence just my instinct and my cues. And the changes in his behaviour regarding the viagra. Then he brought home 2 different brand packs each with 4 tablets. They do not contain the boxes. He disposes of them before he comes into the house. One was his old brand and another was a new one. Odd i thought. But dismissed it. On the same day he bought them he bought his bottle of whiskey from a shop near the house. A few days later i needed to post some parcels from this shop. I dont usually go to this shop. There are 3 ways to get to this shop. I chose the way i wouldnt think of going. In doing so i walked past parked cars. Then there was a gap. There by the side of the road was an empty box of the same brand viagra. The new one. With a price tag from a pharmacy he went to buy the viagra from. I found a receipt for that amount in his trouser pocket as i washed them. This packet was for 8 tablets. Call it a coincidence synchronicity call it what you will. But this is one hell of a coincidence. 1 in a trillion. Totally unexpected. I know it was his packet. From his pharmacy. Where are the other 4 tablets? Hidden from me. Like the previous month. What were the chances of me finding this information...... I don't believe in coincidence but how did i know to do this. What chain of events led me to that point. And now i stand at a crossroads. Not knowing what to do with this information.
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