Old coin showed up at my house in Utah and my parent's house in Texas

My grandfather collected coins. Seven years after he died, I bought a house in Salt Lake and had little more than a sleeping bag and a couple pieces of furniture to move into my place. On the third or fourth day in my home, there was nickel in the center of my living room dated 1918--the year my grandfather was born. I thought this was a strange coincidence, so I called my parents in San Antonio, Texas and was excited to tell them about this weird thing that had happened. When my parents answered the phone, I said, "I have a very strange story to tell you." My mother and father immediately cut me off and said, "No, we were just about to call you, we have a very strange story to tell you." We argued over who should go first, with me thinking, "Let me hear about a discount you found at Costco, and then I'll tell you my awesome story." Their story: That morning they were going to go for their morning walk around the neighborhood, and when they raised the garage door to leave, on the inside of their door was a 1918 Silver Dollar. "Can you believe it?!" they said, "Grandpa Dell left us a silver dollar in our garage....what's your story?" "Well," I said, "Grandpa Dell loved you more than me--he only left me a nickel." Then I told them my story of the 1918 nickel and all we could say was, "Wow."
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