I know when people will die but at the same time i dont its weird

so lets start with my grandma on my dads side so basically i rarely visited her but i started thinking about her dying for a week straight and i had no idea why i mean i had dreams and visions everything and then this one day on the morning of school i had this dream she passed away and when i got home my stepmother said she had passed and we sat at the top of the stairs crying and my stepmom was like why are you crying im surprised you care about her that much and i just stared at her i couldn't tell her that i was crying because I knew my grandma was gonna die because i had these visions she would have thought i was crazy. so a couple years pass and i visit my Cousin Rob on my dads side and it was his 30th bday and he had diabetes and i never knew he didn't take care of it or anything but anyways a month passes and im home ofc. and the day before he died i had a dream about him it was about me and him and him going to heaven and it was so beautiful and the next day my dad said he died and i cried even harder than i did for my grandma then about a 2 or 3 years later 2020 my Uncle Charles had cancer for a while like over 10 years and I texted my aunt Jeanne (his wife) and wrote them long messages hoping he was okay and a day or two before he passed i randomly broke down crying in my room at like 2 or 3am and praying to god he didn't leave yet and i didn't hear that he died until a couple days later and i counted back and i had cried and thought of him the day before he died and my aunt texted me a beautiful message saying she read him all my messages to him and it made him smile and that he was supposed to come back home but his illness had other plans and caught them all by surprise. Then forward to the most recent ab 2 days ago i was laying in my room when i randomly started thinking about my dead dog Bitts who was a chihuahua and i had her old little sweater she used to wear all the time and i was holding it tight in my arms sobbing really unexpectedly and randomly and i was praying she was i heaven and she would come back then i started thinking about her brother kibbles that my uncle Buck and Aunt Jess have and i started crying and saying I hope they will see each other when they die and kibbles loves her and then now today forward two days later i hear my stepmom over saying Kibbles passed away last night I have no idea what to think about this if its happening to anyone else please reply or something if you can because this has been happening since i was very little and it makes me so depressed.
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