Dead Great-Great-Grandmothers Connect Descendants

I had been researching my public family tree on ancestry for over 7 years. Days before leaving for my first trip to rural Ireland, I received a message from a person on ancestry saying our great great grandmothers were sisters. She went on to say that she was going to Ireland in a few days. I immediately called her and found out we would both be staying a half mile away from each other in Kerry that weekend. I could actually see her B&B from my B&B. We made plans to meet for dinner that Saturday night in Portmagee. We had both been on ancestry for several years but only happened to match up just before this trip. She had grown up in The Bronx, NY and I had grown up in Queens, NY. We are third cousins. We went back to Kerry twice since then. We are hoping to go again this summer. I’m not religious or superstitious however this feels like two deceased sisters were smiling in heaven when their great-great-grandchildren met each other.
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