I have many of the same dates, In my family, of births and deaths that are oddily coinciding with other family members. I was born on my mothers birthday. My mothers mother recieved a phone call in the morning on May 27, 1989 telling her that her mother had died. Several hours later on that same day, my mother’s father received a phone call that his own mother had died as well. So both of my moms grandmas died on the same day, just hours a part in different states. My dads mother and her father died on the same day but she died many years after her father. My moms father died on feb 6. So did my dog. My mom died on feb 22nd, so did my other dog. My father died July 19th- my nephews grandmother, on his moms side, died that day as well. My moms grandmas birthday was dec6, so is my sons birthday and my brothers daughters birthday, as well.
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