Across a train platform

Southern England: I'd walked everyday from school to train station with my friend "S" and then we would split to different platforms, to go in different directions. For about 2/3 years S would stand & chat with "L" , a girl younger than us that I didn't know and she only spoke to on the train trip. I could see them across the tracks everyday but sound didn't carry so I never once spoke to L Skip forward nine years I'm backpacking in Australia and have just taken a ferry to Devonport Tasmania. Randomly got chatting to a lady in the backparker hostel I was staying at. Towards the afternoon, the conversation came round to where we had grown up, and found out she was in a younger year group in the same school. Her name was slightly uncommon so I asked if she knew S and could she be the L I had seen for 2/3 years and never spoken to. Yes, a decade later and on the other side of the world, I finally spoke to her!! I'd love to know the chances of this happening - I guess stats on likelihood of backpacking in Australia was not so remote given our ages, the number of locations in Aus each of us visited, the factor of Devonport being a travel interchange, the limited of cheap accomodation in the city. And I always wondered if when we initially started our conversation in the hostel whether either us subconsciously recognised the other but our brains never told our conscious minds!
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