TV commercial for Simple Soap

In 1986, my then colleague and I worked together as a creative team at an advertising agency in London. On one particular occasion, we were briefed to come up with a 30 second TV script for Simple Soap - a range of soap, moisurisers and cleansers that contained no perfume or colouring. We were briefed on Friday and at the weekend we both worked on the brief independently. He in Brighton and myself in London. On Monday morning I shared my idea, which I was pretty pleased with. It involved a white lily being sprayed with paint and perfume by robotic arms. My partner couldn't believe it as he had drawn up the identical idea and placed it on the desk in front of me. Needless to say, we were both utterly gobsmacked. The commercial was duly produced and was incredibly successful. Simple was snapped up within the year by Smith & Nephew and the founders of Simple retired early.
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