My mind must work in a strange way. One Saturday morning I was thinking that because Gautama Buddha developed a philosophy that was truly revolutionary he was probably much smarter than Jesus. Even today, Buddha's empiricism and scepticism seem very modern. An hour or so after thinking this I entered my local post office and picked up a book of lists, and the compiler obviously had the same idea that I had just had because Buddha's IQ was listed as about 160 (from memory) but Jesus' was about 130. It is a coincidence that I had been thinking of this immediately before coming across the book of lists. Also on a Saturday morning I had done some simple arithmetic and decided that on average a given child would be abducted only once every 200,000 years (probably a longer duration than the existence of modern humans). That morning I entered a local supermarket and read in The Australian newspaper that a child would on average be abducted only once in 200,000 years. Again, it is a coincidence that I had worked out the same result just before I went to the supermarket. But it's possible that child abductions had been in the news, so perhaps it is not so strange.
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