Lightning Never Strikes Twice?

  • Total Global Lightning Flashes per Second - 50 - 100.
  • What proportion of these strike the ground? [More are cloud to cloud - searching for data]
  • Are some geographical locations more prone to lightning strikes? (NASA colour map of flashes per annum per $km^2$)
  • Are some objects more prone to lightning strikes? (Empire State Building 100 times per year - designed to act as a lightening rod - B Franklin?)
  • How likely is someone to be struck?
  • If you are struck what is the likely outcome?
  • Risk in micromorts?
  • Record for Being Struck and Surviving? [ 7 Times - Odds of This ]
  • What activities should be avoided to reduce the risk of being struck? (NASA, Virginia and Torro lists)
  • How has lightning risk changed over time?
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