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It was around April 2011, I went to Xiamen, China with some classmates to join a summer immersion program that would help us enhance our Mandarin and Chinese knowledge. I come all the way from the Philippines and I was an incoming junior student at that time. While we had all sorts of subjects to help us learn non/academically, we would have more relaxing days. Like one afternoon, April 16th to be exact, our Lao Shi (teacher) finished 2 hours before dismissal and she urged us to do something else but leave class. One colleague suggested we watch a movie, to which LaoShi agreed. Afterall, she brought her USB which contained a few movies to choose from. As a class, the majority voted for the movie “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, a Thai romcom that broke internet at that time. I was a passive one since I was outdated with anything web-related. The movie played and everyone just focused and laughed their hearts out. Watching it for the first time, I could never forget that moment I randomly whispered to my seatmate, he (Mario Maurer, lead actor) certainly looks similar with our own local actor AJ Perez. Oh how that thought lingered for a few moments, not that I felt anything else but because I realized he was kinda away from the limelight for some time. He didn’t have any recent movies or TV shows I knew of that moment. He was a young brilliant actor and he was cute and we young girls couldn’t deny he was crush material, I was hoping I’d see more of him in TV soon. So I basically just made observations and returned to enjoying the movie. The next morning, while waiting for our WuShu laoShi to arrive, I can’t help but notice several girls distraught, murmurs everywhere. I asked what on earth was happening. One classmate responded, that last night, AJ Perez together with his family met a terrible car accident and only AJ didn’t survived. I was dumbfounded. First thought in mind, “You were thinking of him just yesterday!”. It was a big deal for me as a teen that to this day, I am still in awe when a certain someone crosses my mind (not that I know what happens from there) and I see or hear from them a few moments after. But none has been so similar as this.
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