Wrong number was for me

In the Summer of 1975, I was shopping in Sutton, Surrey around noon and had parked my motorcycle in a bay in Throwley Way. There was a telephone box on the pavement and on my return the phone was ringing. I thought I would answer it and tell the caller that they must have a wrong number as it was a call box, otherwise they would think the call had gone unanswered. When I answered the call, a voice said “Hello Andrew, can I speak to your mum”. I thought this a coincidence of names and said you must have mis-dialed because this was a phone box in Sutton high street. The caller said “Don’t mess about, I am at Victoria Station and have just arrived from Ireland and only have one more 10p coin, just put your mum on the phone, it’s your cousin Maria come to visit”. I looked around, thinking she must be playing a joke on me, perhaps she had seen me arrive and had called the phone box when I got back to my bike but Throwley Way is wide, there were no houses or other phone box nearby. I said “where are you” and she said “Victoria!”. I said I was in a phone box and held the door open hoping she could hear cars pass by but the traffic was light. I now believed she was in Victoria and after trying to explain I gave up. I said I was going to hang up and she will have to call my house again. She was not amused but later, when I got home, my mother said Maria had called and said she was annoyed with me but my mother confirmed to her I was not at home and had gone to Sutton. My phone number at the time was outside the 01 area and the phone box was inside. I did see that the box had the same last four digits as my home phone but a different dialing code. The phone box is still there, I keep meaning to stop to see if the number is still the same.
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