On my way towards work, when I saw a stray dog lying beside the road, I was comparing availablity of first-aid between humans and other animals in my mind.Thought of paramedics came up. The name of Jyoti Singh,the victim of heinous Delhi gang rape came up, as she was a paramedical student. The same day in the evening , I went to a nearby internet cafe to download some official documents. The operator was opening a tab of government website for another customer. On the computer screen a notification of Paramedical test result came up. Surprised was I!<br /> A couple of days later a friend of mine said that the tree in my WhatsApp status resembles with the tree portrayed in the film Shawshank's Redemption.The next night a friend was narrating the activities he has done for that day. He said he saw a film with a common friend of us. The name of the film being : Shawshank's Redemption. He shared his experience. He was reading an article about Tokiyo online. In the mean time an 60's Hindi film song that bears the word Tokiyo was playing.<br /> Since then I am a bit intrigued about coincidence. My friend and I discussed , there are many words we read , listen to, speak of for several times a day. Why does our brains neccessary gets alert by these specific words ? Do our brains give us signs of events to look out for in the future? </p> <p>
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