Word of God!

Last night I was listening to an internet radio show that a friend makes. He had technical problems so instead of his usual mix of chat and tracks from multiple genres he put on a playlist of ska and reggae. One track was ‘Let your yeah be yeah’ performed by The Pioneers. The title is a biblical reference. I asked my wife, whether it was a reference to Ecclesiastes like The Byrds’ song ‘Turn, turn, turn’ which is an almost direct quote from the opening lines of Ecclesiastes 3. Actually it is not, the phrase is New Testament, but it had prompted comparison with Ecclesiastes. About 15 minutes later I was reading the last section of my current book, an account of the physics of time ‘The Order of Time’ by Carlo Rovelli. On page 171 it says, “We for whom, as Ecclesiastes has it, there is a time to be born and a time to die.” directly quoting Ecclesiastes 3.2. I recently posted another coincidence https://understandinguncertainty.org/user-submitted-coincidences/shirty-golfer But is that really a coincidence?
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