A Winter Coincidence

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Earlier this year I was staying at an isolated roadside guesthouse, the Ospizio La Veduta, near the top of the Julier Pass in south-eastern Switzerland. At the pass itself is an odd-looking, roughly cylindrical (but actually quite angular close up) wooden structure around four stories high. It is, it turns out, a cultural centre and performance space. Returning home early on Sunday evening I was flicking through TV channels and came across a performance of Schubert's 'Die Winterreise', and tuned in. I was astonished to find that this performance had been recorded in that very cultural centre on the Julier Pass, and the surrounding snowy landscapes (including a brief glimpse of the Ospizio). Now, seeing a cultural performance from a cultural venue one has visited is obviously not very surprising, so I suppose it is simply the proximity in time of finding this building, of whose existence I was previously unaware, and then arriving home to unexpectedly see it again on my TV screen the very next day.
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