The white owl

I have experienced many coincidences in life and have always found them to be quite remarkable. One morning, while driving to work, I decided to take note of any coincidence that might occur. Nothing strange happened at work but while driving home I decided to listen to some music. I was talking earlier that day with a coworker about concerts that I’d been to while going through a heavy metal phase. The last one that I’d gone to featured the deftones. I decided to see what they were up to and searched for some new music by the group. The album diamond eyes popped up on the screen and its cover was the picture of a white owl. It made an impression on me, I remembered my coincidence project and suspected that it was worth noting. When I got home I picked up a book that’d been sitting on an end table for a few months, basically as decoration. I bought it at a used book store and pretty much just left it there. It was of particular interest to me on that day because of my search for meaningful coincidences. The book was Nausea by Sartre. In the book, the first dated page of the narrator’s diary happened to be Monday, January 29 1932. The day that I was reading it, for the first time, was Monday, January 29, 2018. I was shocked. I continued reading. A few pages later, in the next diary entry, the narrator bends over to pick up a muddy piece of paper that was obviously ripped from a school note book and reads on the paper “Dictation: The White Owl”.
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