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After my marriage broke up, I was living back with my parents until I sold my house and started again. The trouble with that was, I now lived in an area where I had not previously socialised so knew no-one locally. There are, as I found out, loads of internet dating sites and after Google came to my rescue, and a few false starts, I started a relationship with a lovely lady who lived 6miles east of my location. I also needed an income to continue paying my way and took a post as a nurse in a rural nursing home 20 miles west of where my parents house is. As my love life improved I moved in with my new lady and found that the house we live in is a former chuch house in King's Lynn. One day in conversation with one of the female residents in the home where I worked, it turned out that her sister also lived in King's Lynn and not only did she know the family of my lady friend, she was the previous occupant of the house where I now live and had sold the house to my lady 14 years before.
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