When in Rome

Back in 1971 whilst still an architecture student my friend and I decided to go to Greece. We both had summer jobs and I decided to leave early and hitch hike to Athens. My friend was to fly out later and I would meet him at the airport. I duely hitch hiked to Athens and was there for about a week before his flight was due. Somehow As the plane was due in just after midnight one of us must have got confused about the date and he wasn't on the plane. This was before mobile phones so I assumed he changed his mind. I had a great 8 weeks going all over the Greek Islands and the time came to return. I got the ferry to Brindisi in Italy and started to hitch hike up Italy. I eventually arrived at Rome and went to the Youth Hostel. Who should be checking out at the exactly the same time I arrived but the friend I should have met at Athens airport 10 weeks earlier
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